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3 Jun 2012

Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Mask = happy skin

I like Rodial, I really do. Their products are generally good - although the hefty price tag doesn't always have me repurchasing - and they come across as quite innovative with their use of ingredients.

Having said that they are also a brand that labels their products in a gimmicky way and markets them hard. Each line has a more sensationalist name than the last. When I heard about the Dragon's Blood release then I quietly rolled my eyes and never gave it a look in. Until my Space NK makeover...

Air-conditioning, flying and probably not enough water = dehydrated skin and the Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic mask was recommended to me.

I bought it because:

a) Hyaluronic acid is supposed to be a super hydrator. I think it binds moisture particles together or something....can you tell science wasn't my best subject at school - I scraped that B in my GCSE!

b) Dragon's Blood sounds sensational but it's actually just the sap from the Sangre de Drago tree in the Amazon. (No, I didn't know that off the top of my head - Google is the answer) This supposedly reduces sagging and gives you a smoother skin texture.

c) It also smells very nice and fruity.

It's not the cheapest skin treatment around (£35) but you know what? It's really quite amazing.

You can slap it on in one of two ways:

1) Spread a thin amount over your face as a 10 minute treatment mask; or

2) Leave it on overnight for a deep injection of moisture.

I have done the latter and let me tell you that you will literally wake up with a different face. It is transformed - plumper, smoother, lusher. I love it so much that in the two weeks since I bought it I have used approximately half the tube.

Oops! Steady on there!

I don't look years younger - sadly - but the little bit of dryness of my forehead is gone, the texture is even and my skin feels...well happy!

I would hand-on-heart recommend this to anyone who feels currently "blah" when it comes to their skin. Sometimes you need a little boost and this is one product that will give it a helpful jolt.

You can buy Rodial here - Link!

PS. Purchased with own money etc etc etc...


  1. I may have to try this as my skin hasn't been great lately! Thanks for sharing :)

    Tanesha x

  2. This sounds great, I'm definitely in need of something like this. I've never heard of Rodial will have to check out if we have it here in Australia.

  3. Sounds good, it reminds me of the bee sting facial by Deborah Mitchell.

    I'm actually of shopping now to invest in some skin care so I'll keep my eye out. Watch out bank balance.

    Still loving your blog! :)

    Verni Noir


  4. My skin has been all over the place recently, so could use a boost! Never used Rodial before, may have to give it a whirl :)

  5. I always love reading your reviews, they are so useful for deciding what to invest in. Though I m not sure it will work on my oily skin, but definitely will consider it as a gift for my mum :)

  6. I'm not usually one to believe in things that claim they can visibly make a difference to skin but this sounds like it could be worth a try. I'd love to wake up with a different face! haha!

    I have heard a lot of really good things about Hyaluronic acid. Does this help reduces wrinkles at all through the plumping? How long do you think you can see the effects of it?

    My friend used Hyaluronic acid and said it was great as long as you were continuously using it but sadly whenever she stopped she could instantly notice her skin looking poorer again :(

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at Ducklingtoswan.com! :)

  7. Great post, it needs to be purchased for the bragging rights of Dragon Blood. :) Laura x


  8. Very interesting!
    I got a bit scared of hyaluronic acid because I was told that it does lock in moisture but if you're in a dry environment, it will suck the moisture out of your skin since it can't find it elsewhere! Which we don't want!!
    Now if you tell me this works, I feel safer trying it. (and with all the rain currently pouring down, the air is humid enough anyway)

  9. I'm a sucker for masks that promise plumper and more hydrated skin, so I might give it a whirl once I am back in the UK and Rodial is more readily available. Currently I am using Origins Drink up (I think that's the name) and it works really well.
    Thanks for the post Laura!

  10. This looks really good. I have such dry skin and I use the Origins Drink Up mask which really helps :) I'd love to try this though!

  11. This sounds like exactly what my skin needs right now - if only it was a bit more affordable. I can't really afford to fall in love with something else in that price range!

  12. first time i hear about this cosmetic. thanks for reveiw!


  13. I love beautyreviews and I've only heard from Rodial from their ridiculously expensive Brazilian tan. Looks worthy, this mask

    *yet another* giveaway: Bensimon ne☼n green clutch

  14. great post!



  15. Ahhh I've been waiting to hear about this from you. I've been on the hunt for a hydrating mask since my last one ran out (wasn't impressed by it to repurchase)...so this Rodial one is sounding very promising to me. Anything 'hyaluronic' and I'm all over it.

    Have you heard of the Hado Labo toner? It's supposed to be this 'miracle water' and is incredibly hyped in Japan. It's called Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid lotion. They call it a lotion but it acts more like a toner to be used after cleansing. Anyway, I finally bit the bullet and ordered it from Sasa.com. I can't wait to get it!!

  16. Great post, this product sounds amazing! :)

    xx Veronica

  17. Sounds great! I have just hyalur. acid serum and it really works on my skin!!! So, I want this mask!!:D Great post!

  18. Oh wow I was literally looking at this earlier this afternoon. I'm interested to know that it's great - I was a little skeptical at the ridiculous name!! I love a good moisture mask.xx
    Samantha's Secret

  19. This sounds great, thank you for your honest review. This sounds like something that would help me!

  20. I have been looking at a lot of rodial products and have been very tempted to buy 'em despite the hefty price tag! However I wasn't sure if I was lured in because of their beautiful packaging or that I believed in the scientific jargon!! Might have to arrange a space NK makeover ;)

  21. It's just transitioned into Winter where I am & my skin isn't too 'fresh' right now :(! I MUST try this. Can I get this Australia?! I hope so!

  22. Sounds just like what I need, I may have to take a stroll to space nk :) xxx

  23. I have been looking at the dragons blood collection for a while and this has inspired me to go buy!


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  25. Its a great information. this type of product are good for skin.
    thanks for this sharing

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  26. Hi Laura,
    I had an email from beautyexpert.co.uk today, they're offering 20% off Rodial for 48 hours! :-)

  27. The name alone makes me want to try it.

  28. Lovely post, my skin is v dull lately, I think I've spent too much time at work! May well give this a go after pay day x

  29. very interesting! :) i want glowy skin :) xxxx

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  31. Rodial dragns blood Hyaluronic mask is shown here. Have a look at it

  32. It works amazingly well...I happened to bump into this product because it was on sale on sale 50% the already discounted price. It was in a xmas gift set. The Eye creme, The Moisturizer & Dragons Blood mask all for $65 final price. Honestly can't get a mediocre product for that cheap. So I purchased it & was WOWED. Yup just 1 use. I am sleep deprived I drink way too much coffee & am dehydrated. My skin was radiant...1 use...so I went out and bought the last 2 sets the store had available....<3 <3 <3 it!


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