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22 Jul 2012

Welcome to my face Dior!

So here's what I have realised about bronzer.

I have demonstrated a tendency to go for colours too dark/orange in the past, in the hope that a heavy dusting would turn me into some kind of suntanned goddess.

No luv.

In most cases it was just a little too strong to look natural.


This dawned on my when I worked my way through YSL's Terre Saharienne in number 3. It's a fine texture and adds "just enough" colour when you apply with a big sweeping brush. I have diligently used it up over the last few weeks and slowly come to the bloody obvious conclusion that this was what bronzer was supposed to be like all along.

Now I should have just repurchased that - I definitely recommend it - but instead I wanted to see if Dior's grass was greener. Welcome to my face Diorskin Nude Tan in Honey.

Yes, this is the lightest one that they offer but there is a concrete reason behind this - essentially, just like YSL, it's impossible to over-apply and I tend to use a lot to effectively set my make up. Slap on as much as you like with no fear of looking over done. All it will do is cast a light bronzed veil over your skin that mattifies your features and seems to last a decent amount of time in hot, sweat-inducing weather.
Other things I like? 

  • The packaging - a not-too-shabby silver compact with a magnetic closure. 
  • The formula - like I said, this is largely matte. FYI there are teeny particles of shimmer suspended in the formula but honestly I only noticed this in the packaging under artificial lights and for what it's worth these didn't appear on my face despite a very close mirror inspection. 
  • The colour - I used this in my most recent Outfit of the Day and you can see that it basically blends into my natural skin but adds the tiniest complexion lift. Perfect. I could definitely afford to go darker in shade perhaps but for now this does the job very nicely.

Bronzers, just like foundation and light pink lipsticks, get me quite excited for some reason. I have tried so many over the years and I think that despite my thumbs up for this one, I will forever be on the look out.

So tell me, do you have a holy grail that you depend on and why? (And thank you to those who recommended the Dior in the first place on my Facebook page :) 

PS. No trip to Sephora is complete without a lipstick purchase of some kind....Chanel Candeur is back in the house (I never want to be without this) and it came with a new friend called Plaisir. 

Nice formula but shame about the weak, pathetic colour. You looked so nice on the back of my hand Plaisir but you were a big fat waste of cash

Now can Chanel please get it sorted and bring back Bikini Peach - that would make my year :) 


  1. That dior bronzer looks so nice! Need to go have a look in my sephora :)

  2. Lovely, I tried this recently it's a fabulous product. Hoola by Benefit is also nice although it might be a tad dark for you. I'm currently using Sable Beige by Chanel and it's amaze.

    1. That's a great true brown bronzer the Hoola - but sadly I have never been able to carry it off :)

  3. Replies
    1. heehee :) you too! See you tomorrow!

  4. hello Laura, these products look so nice, lovely review:) I am big fan of your blog, I will be so happy if you visit my 3 weeks old blog:)
    xx chris

  5. I have a problem finding bronzes light enough for my skin because I'm so pale, perhaps I'll try this one out! I've hear good things about guerlain too, have you tried them?

    And totally agree about bikini peach, AND Genial lipstick please!!!!


  6. Currently in rotation in the bronzer stash : a Dior one that was LE last Summer, a couple of Givenchy ones (love those) and a Burberry one - Burberry makes some very light colors that I can even wear in Winter on my NC15 skin! And Nars Laguna when I don't mind the sparkles, but most of the time I prefer a matte one.

  7. ooooh i just watched HollyYM's lastest video about her fave bronzers and she mentions Dior Nude and now this... NONONOMUSTNOTBUY! naughty Laura!!! x

  8. Last year I bought so many bronzers including Dior's Aurora but I barely use any! Had to let this one slide but it does look gorgeous x

  9. I've only really recently got into bronzers and I am loving Burberry's bronzer in #3 Nude Glow. I'm really pale and it works perfectly and is the smoothest most pigmented bronzer I've ever used.

  10. I recently came to the same conclusion as you regarding our tendency to go too dark/orange with bronzers. I think darker colors seem just more enticing in the pan maybe because they reminds us of exciting vacation plans!

    I completely agree with you regarding bikini peach!

    Take care,


  11. Bobbi Brown matte bronzer in the lightest shade ("natural" I think) has changed my life. I can dust it all over my fair skin and warm it up without looking like a real housewife of any city. I mean, no hate, but that look doesn't work for me personally. The Bobbi Brown bronzer brush is also essential.

  12. Oh I love the Dior compact, I think the colour is really versatile, Im super pale and anything dark at all makes me look totally ridiculous! This looks a perfect colour!



  13. This is the second rave I've heard of this bronzer, it's going on my to-buy list fo sho
    For me, Hoola is my go-to bronzer so far, I feel like I can't over apply it, and if I do it's so easily blended out! xx

  14. I love the look of the bronzer :)!


  15. May invest in the bronzer when my Chanel one runs out!
    Beauty Blog. GIVEAWAY RUNNING.

  16. Bronzer does intimidate me normally but this one (and I'm sure the Dior one too) does seem wonderfuklly flattering and natural enough on paler skins. It irritates me that only high-end bronzers seem to get the right idea. Anyone have any ideas for a high street bronzer?

  17. Ooh, I really want this bronzer but feel I have to make my way through my Mac one even though it's a teeny tiny bit too dark for me - duh!


  18. I love to use the Bourjois Detox powders in 56 and 57 as bronzers. Finely milled, matte, and a dream to blend. They don't make me look orange at all either, just healthy and sun kissed. Personally I find them to be a great dupe for the now discontinued Dior Matte Bronzers and they're very affordable.

  19. Lovely! Did you have a look at Dior's Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder, too? It's their multi-toned bronzer. It's a stunner on! x

  20. I fell in LOVE with Plaisir too--such a lovely color in the tube but lacks so much in pigmentation. I was majorly let down myself. My holy grail bronzer has always been NARS Laguna bronzer but that Dior bronzer is beautiful! I'm going to check it out :)

    Have a great week, Laura!


  21. I've been using Benefit Hoola for a bronzer...and I'm quite pale. (Like, NARS Siberia pale.) Anyway, the trick in regards to application, at least in my view, is using a powder or blush brush. I like using either a MAC 116 or a cheap-and-cheerful e.l.f. Complexion brush (from their Studio collection) to apply it. Works a treat for me.

    @Lauren: Try one of the Bourjois bronzers and use a fairly big powder brush to apply it. Or another thing you can do is use a pressed powder that's two or three shades darker than your skintone.

  22. I'd love to see a post about the YSL powder! :) Thanks for sharing Laura! As far as a holy grail product for me....probably blush, and for that I need Nars.

    xx Veronica


  23. I love my YSL bronzer, I rotate with others but always come back to it. The Dior looks really similar to it, must check it out!

  24. That sounds gorgeous, I've never bought a Dior product in my life for some reason - I might just check that baby out! Pity about the Chanel lipgloss :( x

  25. Dior bronzer looks amazing! I love it.


  26. Love the Chanel lipstick, I need to get some of them once the Rouge Voluptes are out the picture. :) Laura x


  27. I have been totally considering that bronzer! I have far too many bronzers as it is, but it is so pretty :) Shame about the Chanel gloss, pale pink shades can really go either way can't they?

  28. I love matte bronzers, I've been on a bit of a Dior kick lately! It's really not good for my wallet :( Not sure if I can go without that bronze though...

    And the packaging of Chanel glosses and lipsticks always gets me :P Especially the Giorgio Armani ones!


  29. Try Guerlain 4 seasons bronzer for brunettes.


  30. Chantecaille's bronzers are great and have a subtly pink undertone that's super flattering. Try St. Barth's a light bronze and Capri a more pinky-peach bronze. They are my absolute Holy Grails! :)

  31. I've been looking for a luxury bronzer for SO long - this one looks lovely. Guerlain is meant to be amazing but im not paying fifty squid!!!xxx

    Samantha's Secret

  32. Loving the lipstick! x

  33. I passed on the Dior Nude bronzer and got the YSL Bronzer! I've never used a YSL bronzer but I like the shade and the slim packaging.

    I wish Chanel made Bikini Peach permanent and Sweet Beige too.

  34. Ohhh i must get this bronzer! LOVE the lipstick! :) x


  35. I keep going back to my Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess or My Everyday Minerals bronzers

  36. I'm a shimmery bronzer kinda gal. Because I am aware of this propensity to shiny objects on the make-up counters, I tend to skip highlighting (gasp!) and just use the bronzer on my cheeks in the summertime. My go-to at the moment is the Urban Decay Gilded and, if I successfully resist the urge to pile on the pretty glitter things in my collection, I don't end up looking like a Christmas ornament. That being said, I'm itching to get my hands on some Chanel Tan de Soleil (or whatever it's called). Itching. Like a crack fiend with chicken pox. Have you ever tried it out? Would love to hear your take on it before I run out and pick it up!

  37. I love Terracotta by Guerlain! Have you tried that Laura?

  38. You are seriously such an enabler! IN LOVE with the bronzer...! Hannah xx


  39. I've just done a post on my new M.A.C. bronzer which I love to bits and is a steal at £19 :)


    Would be amazing if you could have a peek! My blog needs some love!


  40. looks so nice, jealous!


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