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14 Aug 2012

Rose Gold: Still not over it

Okay here's the thing with this: I adore rose gold. It's metals made pretty. Anything with a hint of it gives me a little burst of joy. I know its incredibly overdone and it's popularity does annoy me but I have a reserved seat on the trend bandwagon - and I am not getting off. Just looking at my latest accessory purchases you can see that rose gold is the one underlying theme that underpins all of them. It's sort of amazing/pathetic so humour me and let me run you through the items...

1) The Alexander Wang Pochette

I am not a clutch person. They feel too girly and/or I never know how to hold them. I am awkward. But at the same time I appreciate that they are handy. When I go out at night I don't always want to take my caravan of a handbag with me.

Enter the Pochette!

I saw this in Barney's Seattle and did a double take. For me this is perfect. The tough grainy leather with rose gold hardware creates the perfect balance between practicality and femininity.

I almost didn't buy it because I was about 5 minutes into my holiday and not that keen to spend serious cash but....I am so glad that I bought it. I have used it every day since. It carries my phone, keys, money, cards, passport (you never know!) and the odd pink lipstick with lots of room to spare.  For reference, in terms of size it's about the same size as an iPad.

I tried to find it online in this colour combination but could only find black and silver hardware still that's quite pretty too :) If you are anti-clutch (typically) or looking for a handy wristlet to carry your stuff/travel documents in then this is perfect.


2) The iPhone case

I love the occasional novelty phone case - bunny ears anyone? - but I can't get away with that kind of thing for work. I mean I could but I would feel stupid in front of clients...

This phone case is pretty dull in comparison to the major blinged out novelty themed ones on the market but I actually think I like it the most out of all the ones I have ever had. It's a metallic rose - they call it red copper - is super reflective (and therefore can also double as a mirror - in the picture above you see some crazy reflection of a fence :) and has a detachable bottom which is perfect as I charge my phone via a dock and don't have to therefore remove the entire case every day. I don't know what the coating is on this but it also seems to be scratch-resistant...which is good because I chuck it into my swamp of a handbag.

Yeah, it's not super duper exciting but it does the job - it's pretty and practical.


3) The ring trio

I got this little battered metal set in American Eagle for about $10 and was very happy with it.

Sure, my fingers might turn green but until they do this looks pretty stacked or spread out over three fingers. Can't beat the occasional bit of costume jewellery!


Pssss: Lots of high street stores have versions of this - a kind reader told me that River Island also have a similar set...and it's cheaper!

4) The nail polish

This was my only nail polish purchase made whilst on holiday. I honestly shouldn't have even bought this as I am quite Gelish loyal and so polish feels pointless. However, just LOOK at it! It's of course Essie's A Cut Above. I need to work this into my life in some way....sparkle rose gold talons feel like a good thing to do.

NB: Photo also features a hair tie accessory from H&M....I got this a couple of weeks ago and I wish my ponytail was fat enough to do it justice! Instead it rests limply on my head :(

5) The birthday gift

...and so we come to the last item...ooh what could it be? ;P

I will do a proper outfit of the day featuring this soon (hopefully tomorrow) but all I can say is WOW! There is a slightly boring back story about this that I will no doubt share with you as well... :)

So that's the accessory round-up...rose gold. Still not over it! Are you? 

PS. Have so many posts planned - lets hope I can create some sort of schedule and stick to it.

Hope you are all well!


  1. Love the iPhone Case and the essie Polish! x

  2. I love those heart rings!
    - Keyta x

  3. ahhhh i need that rococo bag in my life! x

  4. Heart rings are gorgeous, and I love the clutch xxx

  5. All I can say is WOW too...I think I need me something Wang soon! Happy Belated bday btw x

  6. *sigh* My heart does a little skip when I see rose gold, so now I'm having palpitations!

    Have you got Essie "Penny Talk?" I've been looking for a "proper" rose gold nail polish for eternity. I've tried mixing my own (disastrous) and bought several polishes masquerading as rose gold but Penny Talk is the closest I've come so far (The hunt continues. I will not give up)!

    I also have the H&M pony tail contraption thingy, in rose gold obviously. I just can't get it to look right :/ xx

  7. Eeek love the handbag, can't wait to see an outfit with it! I have yet to jump on the rose gold bandwagon, reckon I should grab a seat soon :)

  8. I feel exactly the same way, hence why I did a whole blogpost about it too!

    Check it out here : http://www.elle-yeah.com/2012/04/its-like-rose-gold-dust.html

    Penny talk really is like dipping your nails in liquid rose gold!

    -Elodie x

  9. Your pouch is gorgeous and the Wang rocco is also going to be mine one day i'm sure! Happy belated Birthday!

    Luxx Mint

  10. Love the pochette! I have the Michael Kors watch in rose gold and absolutely love it.



  11. I'm such a huge rose good fan - I've always loved it, even before it got trendy. I'm happy that it's popular now as I'm able to stock up on everything rose gold :-) my favorite rg items so far are my Michael kors watch and my Sydney Evans disc necklace.

    Loved your new clutch and can't wait for your birthday reveal - belated happy birthday!

  12. Yes, rose gold is gorgeous! I have a rose gold phone case too and love it. The essie polish that you got is the same as one by The Face Shop that they sell out here in korea for the equivalent of about two pounds! Such a score when I found it, I bought my first one about a year ago and I'm still in love with it!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at Ducklingtoswan.com! :)

  13. I love the phone case! Rose gold is gorgeous :) x

  14. I love every single thing in this post! I did a rose gold post a few weeks ago - www.styleandthecityuk.blogspot.com/2012/06/rose-gold-buys.html - and think I need to add the iPhone case and nail polish to my collection as soon as possible!

  15. I love everything that you showed here. Have you tried Essie Penny Talk as that is a Coppery Rose Gold!! x

  16. everythings gorgeous! especially the nail polish!<3



  17. Ooh, so many things I would like to purchase in this post. I will be looking for the River Island ring dupe. I recently brought the rose gold michael kors copy from there and it is the best looking watch I've ever had!
    Can't wait to read all your planned posts esp, the rocco one and isn't there one with a vlog due soon?! :)

  18. I love everything rose gold! Ive been looking for a rose gold ring so I'm going to go n check out ae for those rings! Great post! :)

  19. Okay that pochette is seriously beautiful! So sleek!

  20. Mmmmm I absolutely love rose gold too. I am not a gold fan at all, so I like that I can incorporate gold is some format in to my life haha.
    Love the pochette, just gorgeous :)



  21. Woww that iPhone case is beaut!!



  22. I am SO not over rose gold! I wasn't a huge fan of gold to begin with but when I saw the rose gold I was instantly a fan!

  23. I still love rose gold, I wear my Marc Jacobs rose gold watch every day! Love the clutch, it's amazing, beyond words.


  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Sorry had to get rid of my other comment as there was a major grammar error - it's my number one pet peeve! Anyway all I was saying was that I love rose gold, and that it is indeed metal made pretty.

    Love your blog Laura!

    June x

  26. Looove this iPhone case :))

  27. Ooh looove the purse, and the phone cover!!!


  28. I love your rose gold pieces, so pleased you've gone for classy & not the H&M type rose gold...tacky!!!!
    Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo
    Vote intotheblonde BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2012

  29. I need that prisma pouch !! so beautiful xx

  30. I'm still on the rose gold bandwagon, still wanting a MK watch! xo


  31. As much as I love my Game Boy silicone case, I have been thinking it's time to graduate to a more grown up style. This one would be perfect. Thanks for showing it. I've always had good luck with cheap jewelry from AE. Wearing one of their stretch bracelets right now! :)

  32. That phone case is beautiful! Something I never thought I'd say about a phone case ha. I'm also super jealous of your Wang! Can't wait to see it in an outfit of the day.


  33. I'm so in love with that clutch bag!! It's just perfect!!!

    Gem x

  34. I LOVE rose gold. Might do a 'collection' of my rose gold stuff soon if you don't mind :) And I really like the things you have, would love to shop with you haha. The AW pochette is gorgeous.

  35. Very nice accessories indeed :) As for the H&M one - it is quite heavy and even for my super tick, long hair feels weird and I easily get a headache from wearing it. However, H&M have another, friendlier version also available in gold/rose gold color with only one thin metal plate on the top of the elastic, bended just right for a cute ponytail. It is about 100 kg lighter as well and fits perfectly mid length fine, but plenty hair.

  36. Rose gold is gorgeous, it's my favourite metal detailing xx


  37. Congrats on your new bag!!!! It's gorgeous :)

  38. Lol I can see your obsession with rose gold! I really love rose gold too! It's my favorite! :)

  39. I am completely with you on the rose gold - I took the plunge and got a Kors watch in it recently. It's not a trend I'm willing to give up on. LOVE the nail varnish - I'll be buying that immediately! xx

    South Molton St Style

  40. Cool! Check out my blog :)http://thebeautyblog2.blogspot.com/

  41. I also have a rose gold obsession :o

  42. Amazing purchases! So jealous of the Alexander Wang clutch xo

  43. I love rose gold! I recently got a Michael Kors rose gold watch, it's beautiful. I love your phone case & rings :) xx


  44. Very nice post ! Love rose gold !!


  45. Oooh, can't wait to see a post with your new Rocco! Love all of these things... and I have that H&M hair ring too :)

    xo, alison*elle

  46. I think everyones still obsessed with the rose gold! :D Lovely post! Love the iPhone case!

    CAT xo

  47. I have a gorgeous Mulberry rose gold bracelet that I unfortunately scratched to bits one night when i was a little 'delicate' ... It's one of my favourite pieces based on how unusual the rose gold colour is. Love your iphone cover and the Wang pochette :)

  48. aaah the Rocco bag :) love it with the rosé gold hardware

  49. Oh no, not good I am now in Love with the pochette. I am in need of a new tote, must stay on that shopping mission first. Any suggestions? Xx

  50. Happy Birthday Laura! Hope u had a lovely day with all of yours.
    Last item could be Alexander Wang rocco bag?
    Love all the items and I love you!! xoxo

  51. Hi Laura! You made out quite well! Can't wait to see what the "studded surprise" could be! ;)

  52. Hi Laura! If you're a fan of rose gold you need to try Essie Penny talk! I know you prefer Gelish but you need to try it! It's liquid rose gold for the nails!

  53. Just found your blog, love it! I am following you on Bloglovin, looking forward to more :-)

  54. Great find on clutch, so sleek and stylish! I've also been trying to get away from using my massive tote all the time, especially for evenings. Haven't found 'the one' yet though! Lovely post :)

  55. I recently started carrying a clutch out to dinner and I find the ones with a thin chain are the easiest. If I just have a 'hold on to it' clutch, I feel a bit odd and not put together.

  56. Rose gold is so beautiful!! I love posts like this, thanks for sharing Laura! :)

    xx Veronica

  57. Here's another rose gold nail varnish for you - Orly's "Rage". Per-frect! Oh, and luv the bag!

  58. I love the bag!

  59. Absolutely love the iPhone case! :D And THE bag, of course!

  60. Ooh I love the rings! And I really want that Essie polish .. actually I want all the luxeffects polishes lol. :)


  61. I love rose gold but I only have a watch and the h&m hair cuff.


  62. i agree with the whole 'over-hyped' thing, but after seeing this post, i might have to investigate further :P the h&m hair tie seems to be a good way to 'ease' myself in! x

  63. That clutch! I'm heading to Seattle to get my passport this week and I may have to investigate. I need to get a smaller bag for the essentials (I will be traveling to South America this fall and I want something small for the trip.)

  64. Rose gold is too pretty NOT to like!

  65. I'm still digging the rose gold too!
    I have that same hair tie and my ponytail doesn't do it justice either, too bad :-)
    I recognize the bunny ears problem, my collegues couldn't stop laughing but I would never take it on an interpreting job!
    And I need that nailpolish, seriously, NOW!
    Plus, if that is the Rocco bag I'm going to die for jealousy :-D


  66. I need that phone case in my life.

  67. Laura, I was in Dubai mall & spotted a little Dyberg / Kern shop that sold the drop earrings in Rose Gold! Cha-Ching !!

    Ps what is your twitter?

  68. That Essie polish looks beautiful :)

  69. The last one is an Alexander Wang Rocco bag, isn't it?! Gorgeous!

  70. I really like those rings!They are really cute. Great share.

    gold in Australia

  71. ohmagat, just fell in love with all that stuff!

  72. Not over it? Are you joking? The rose gold adventure has just begun... ;)

  73. Omg!!! I want all of those things!!!!


  74. The wang wallet love it.


  75. I will never tire of rose gold! I still, to this day, wear my MK rose gold watch religiously. P.s - Lovin the wallet!


  76. I too am obsessed with rose gold...such a beautiful tone that flatters everyone.

    I recently picked up a gorgeous rose gold skinny belt from H&M...so pleased with that purchase!

    Never used shopbop before...will have to go check if they ship to Ireland, although it might be dangerous for my bank balance if they do!!

  77. i guess the iphone case coat isn't very scratch resisata, i own an incase case and mine doesn't look as if it was new and has some scratches.

  78. Gorgeous accessories!! I love rose gold too. As for the H&M rose gold hair ring, I would suggest teasing your hair a bit, tying a low ponytail with the elastic, and then popping the ring over top. Most ponytails are not fat enough to fill the ring if worn up higher, but when you wear it low, it looks a) nicer; b) like it's filling out the ring. :)

  79. so in love with rose gold so I was oggling at all the gorgeous accessories! gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  80. i love The Alexander Wang Pochette :) nice post

  81. Laura,you are the best.Such a wonderful collection.I'm impressed by your collection.

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  82. love the essie nail plish :D x


  83. Beautiful! These rings touched my heart. I would like to buy those rings. What can be more like that in pink colors?
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  85. Just got the rosegold phone case from shopbop today, so pretty! On sale too, 10.50!! Love the blog :)

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