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7 Aug 2012

The Holiday Dress

I may have lugged 20kg of goods with me in my suitcase but the last few days have seen me relying on one cheapy, Forever 21 dress for day and night.

This always happens with every holiday - I get fixated on one easy item and forget about the rest.

I got this in Forever 21 in Seattle and it ticked all the boxes:

a) The back detail - you know I am a back detail sucker by now! Despite the bra/no bra dilemma this often presents I can't resist it.
b) It's a pretty eyelet/broderie anglaise finish on the fabric. This means scalloped edges and intricate detail that tricks me into thinking that it looks more expensive than it is.
c) The swing shape - there is a nice flare to this...not too much to make me feel like I am in fancy dress but enough to create a girlish, summery effect.

I had to get a size up as I couldn't find my regular size but all that means is that it looks best when worn with a belt.

I have paired this both with and without a blazer and with sandals and grey boots. I absolutely love it. Forever 21 really did well this month! :)

Dress: Forever 21 - Link! 
Belt: American Apparel

The holiday is nearly over now and then it's back to Dubai and 40 degree heat. Yay? :)

As you may have seen from my bitch tweets I couldn't wait to leave Las Vegas. My mistake was staying there too long - the Strip drives you crazy in the end and I there was something about it that made me sick. I have been there before so I knew what to expect and I cannot really articulate why I wasn't feeling it this time, but I wasn't. Perhaps it was the mix of obnoxious idiots at the pool, the smell of sick in the hotel (Encore) corridors or the consistently bad service....can't really blame the wait staff on the latter point though -  if you look around and see the type of clientele they have to deal with every day you bet that I wouldn't be Mrs Chirpy either.

I almost feel like a traitor for saying negative things about Vegas because you just don't hear it that often but I have to be honest. It's a great place for 2 days but I would put a cap on it for that amount of time. After that it's time to get back to the real world - and in my case the fresh air and friendliness of Seattle :) 


  1. I agree about Vegas. I don't like going for more than a weekend.

  2. I stayed for 3 days and that was ENOUGH! I completely loved it but you can only take so much! Plus after a while gambling and drinking gets old.

  3. Yay! You're in Seattle! :) I moved here 3 years ago and I love it! People are definitely friendly, and the air is the best! <3

  4. The first time my husband and I went to Vegas we were only there over a weekend. It wasn't nearly enough time to feel that we saw enough. The second time we went we made the mistake of staying over a week. We had some family obligations so we thought we'd stay longer to have "us" time. Yeah..it was waaaayyy too long! We were over it, but after a few months passed we were anxious to go back again. We both agreed that we can't stay longer than 2 or 3 days next time.

  5. Cutest dress ever! Well done forever21.


  6. I've never been to Vegas but I loved Seattle! Your dress is gorgeous! Hope the rest of your trip is fabulous! :)

  7. I am going to Vegas this weekend, I hope I have better luck then you. Going for a bachlorette (3 days so perfect amount of time). Great dress (as usual), my favourite part is the back. I can't wear a backless dress so I am just jealous (but in a good way).
    One chic Mom


  8. Gorgeous dress. Right up my street.

  9. Love that dress! Sorry the trip to Las Vegas wasn't too hot. At least the bitch tweets were amusing :)

    xx Veronica

  10. I find it really interesting to hear different people's views on Las Vegas, being as I was born and raised there. I still live here but I honestly can't even tell you the last time I was on the strip. The locals don't usually make it down to that neck of the woods, as it's so touristy and traffic is a pain in the ass. I suppose it might be the same for New Yorkers and Times Square. Love the dress by the way! :)

  11. Amazing dress doll. Its absolutely beautiful:)

    Sara xx

  12. Love the dress, so simple and pretty! And I agree about Vegas. It's ok for a few days, but that's about as much as I can take before I have to high tail it out of there! lol

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  13. Love the dress and definitely will take your experience into consideration! Vegas can be so glamourized. xx


  14. Absolutely beautiful dress! I couldn't agree with you more as far as Vegas goes. I've never really seen the draw, and can only stomach a short weekend there.

  15. i love your dress, it's so cute!

  16. when you mentioned your latest tweets bout vegas, i thought it was odd that i couldn't remember any of them - just saw that somehow i unfollowed you (totally not my choice!) re-followed you. :) love your blog for fashion inspiration! :)

  17. I feel you Laura! I only enjoyed my first 2 days in Vegas, after that it was constant bogan-encounter and worst customer service. I still love it for the fact that I got a purse at the end of the trip :)


  18. That dress looks amazing! I wish I could get away with back eases dresses! I'm always drawn to them but there's no way I could go braless. I've never actually fancied las vegas. I really think I'd find it too much and people would drive me crazy! I'd like to visit Seattle though. How have you found it? X

  19. Such a perfect holiday dress! Love backless dresses & luckily I could go braless (I think!!)
    Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo
    Vote intotheblonde BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2012

  20. I couldn't stop shopping at Forever 21 lately, they have the best affordable styles.

  21. Lovely dress!!!

  22. love that dress!!
    kisses from Milan

  23. I love this outfit, you look really pretty.
    - Keyta x

  24. Ahhhh, you should have stayed at the Bellagio! It's so luxurious.

    We were ready to come home after a week as we were exhausted and ready for real life again, but we had lots of wedding stuff to keep us occupied for a lot of the time.

    And round the pool area at the Bellagio is like something out of a film! We loved it.

    You look stunning in this dress.xx

  25. I feel the same about Vegas. 2 maybe 3 days is a max. Great fun for a night out that's it. That dress is lovely, although it seems like a no no for big boobage:-)

  26. You buy the cutest things ever! I do the same thing, pack a lot and then wear only a couple of items because I'm just not in the mood for the rest. Every single holiday. Thought I should've learned by now...

  27. The dress is absolutely stunning, very summery.

    Oh no, shame you didn't like Vegas. Me and the chap have been 3 times and we can't wait to get back there. Sorry you had a bad experience xx

  28. That dress is absolutely beautiful! The back detail is definitely a winner xo

  29. Beautiful dress !!!

  30. The dress is so pretty :) You look so lovely! xx


  31. love the dress and the detail. i always pack a lot of stuff but end up wearing the same two easy dresses...

  32. I need to get to Forever 21! Shame about Las Vegas, it's on my dream places to visit list!


  33. You look stunning! Love the dress!!

  34. Gorgeous dress! I too am a sucker for back detail!x


  35. ive heard the same thing about Vegas - never been but plan to someday soon - i dont think i could stand it all for more than 2 days!
    love the dress - i too am a sucker for anything with a low back! Its beautiful - so versatile too x

  36. This is beautiful, such a lovely summery dress! x

  37. I love the dress! I'm so jealous...I couldn't wear something like that as I need a bra at ALL times lol. As for Vegas, I'm surprised. I'd have thought you'd love it! I went there for a full week and I couldn't get enough. I absolutely love the shopping there and all that's available! And the restaurants and shows. I didn't bother with the clubs and night life though...that scene would definitely be something that would get on my nerves :-)

  38. Love this dress - and for a bargain too!



  39. Love this dress, so adorable!

    xoxo Jessica

  40. Never been to Vegas but I absolutely love that dress on you! Really lovely :)

  41. Wow this dress is absolutely beautiful!:) You look great!! Xx

  42. This dress is lovely!


  43. I totally agree with you on the Vegas thing. 48 hours of all that debauchery is plenty, then its time to get out! Enjoy the rest of your holiday. The dress is lovely :)

  44. No bra? no go! i´d never go out without! ;-)

    but your dress is really nice!!

    regards from germany*

  45. you look great! hope the rest of your trip was great ;)

  46. Such a strange compliment but you have a really lovely tanned back!xxx


  47. Don't feel bad about your annoyance with Vegas. It's a weekend vacation city at best. I think summer also brings out the worst in people. Can't wait for Sept 4th when everyone will be back to their normal (school) routines.

    Dress is cute!

  48. Ahh that dress is so cute!!! x

  49. i love this dress, it suits you so well! I totally agree - Vegas is great for a couple days but no more than that!

    -ariel* xoxo

  50. Aw, I feel like you missed an opportunity with Vegas! Sure, it hosts its share of idiots, and the pool parties can get a bit out of hand, but what about the shopping, fine dining, entertainment and spas? Those are the reasons I go to Vegas annually. It's quite easy to avoid the debauchery if you know where to go. Shame! Well, enjoy Seattle :)

  51. Glad you liked Seattle! I've lived there for a year now and love the mild summers. I'm currently visiting my parents in my hometown in LA and I hate how hot it is. Vegas must've been killer, but you're probably used to it coming from Dubai. Being a <4 hr drive from Vegas, I went there multiple times a year growing up. It's a really cheap getaway since there are always great deals on food and hotels. And surprisingly, there are a lot of fun things to do for families. After I turned 21 I learned what the adult side of Vegas is like. I go at least once a year still and it's really fun with good friends and if you know where to go. I've always managed to avoid the douche crowds though I bet the place is crawling with them at this time of year.

  52. I like such dresses sooo much!!!


  53. I'm going to Vegas for the first time in two weeks..eeek lol But I will only be staying for two nights :) I absolutely adore your blog :) Please check mine out, i've only just started doing it properly :) xxx


  54. lovely dress! theres one like this in primark for about £10



  55. I LOVE Vegas! Yes, I agree if you stay too long you're sort of itching to get back into real life but I stayed for 4 days and had a blast! I stayed at Mandalay Bay and definitely recommend. The rooms are amazing and I was on the 23rd floor overlooking the pool and the airport which I loved. I like seeing the planes take off and land :) Cute dress too, very jealous you can go braless!

  56. That's such a pretty dress! x


  57. so how do you deal with a backless dress? bra wise i mean :/ i always find it difficult. i also kind of dont trust those nipple stickers... if you know what i mean :p i always think there gonna fall off or something. i really love the dress on you!!! it looks really really nice :)

    greetings from Cyprus! xx

    1. I second mel2180's question! I've tried the nipple stickers and they DO fall off...what's a girl to do???

  58. You look adorable in the dress! I have been to Vegas once and it was such an unpleasant experience that I don't ever want to return. My mom was there for a conference that was A WEEK LONG (cue screaming here) and after the first 48 hours and one Cirque du Soleil show later, I wanted out. The stench of alcohol and cigarette smoke everywhere, leering men and half naked women, and the blatant sexualization, I wanted out.

  59. absolutely love the cut of this dress, the back is amazing and i low the low cut :)

    Mel x

  60. Gorgeous, I love this. Really can't tell it's a size too big, looks like it is supposed to be slightly oversize xx

    South Molton St Style

  61. Love that dress! Sorry the trip to Las Vegas wasn't too hot. At least the bitch tweets were amusing

  62. This dress is so pretty! I love how it's backless:)

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