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30 Oct 2012

You always want what you can't have...

This is going to be a post about...jumpers....yep :) And in light of my current location I shouldn't really be posting about jumpers - let alone buying them - but here we are.

This has been motivated by two things:

a) I have been wearing them a lot over the last couple of days and
b) I keep eyeing them up online, dreaming of cosy evenings and forgetting about that whole commuting to and from work in the dark thing I used to "enjoy".

With regards to a), as Dubai gets cooler I can just about wear knits with shorts and light bottoms and actually it's worked out - I get to feel like I am getting involved with Winter fashion by feeling cosy but not so cosy that Mitchum threatens stops working altogether. 

I will show you the two that have been on rotation. 

The first one to be featured is from Mango and I got this from ASOS when I popped back to the UK. 

Now let's have a moment to praise Mango for what they have done this season...

(closes eyes, ponders Mango) 


It's really impressive and they have lots of military blazers and jackets that I would love to get my mitts on. I settled for this waffle knit...

From the front it looks okay...nothing special....but it's all about the back and the buttons that run the length of the jumper. Part of me is also tempted to switch this round and adopt it as a cardigan - I am sure this is very possible so I must give it a try!

The highly textured finish of this is lovely. Waffle knits are chunky but seem to allow the skin to breath. Three quarter length sleeves also go down a treat.

Jumper: Mango via ASOS - Link!

Next up is something I grabbed in Zara. It was the last one in store at the Mall of the Emirates branch (home of the most disinterested Zara staff in the world!) 

It's just a plain grey sweatshirt - the kind you wore during PE when you were at school and slightly resented - and quite baggy and boxy. That fact is nicely contrasted with some bejazzled arm action on the sides. It catches the light beautifully and when you walk into a room everyone knows you are coming because of the jingle action :) 

Jumper: Zara - can't seem to find this on the site but I got it a few weeks ago so will be/should be in store.

Both were paired with denim shorts of some kind and some flip flops....yep, you got me, I haven't been bothered the last few days :) 

Now onto my lemmings. Below is my personal collection of the knits I would buy RIGHT now if I threw caution to the wind. 

I must add that I really really really wanted to include some Christmas jumpers into that selection but I held back as much as I could :) I think I will channel this need for festive fun by buying Roger a reindeer outfit...won't he be pleased? :) 
1. Crystal Skull Textured jumper from Topshop - Link! 
I think skulls are a little overdone but there is something about this that I like. I think it's the marl finish of the fabric contrasted with the crystals. I can imagine cosying up in this on a lazy Sunday. 

2. Leopard collar jumper from Oasis - Link! 
Leopard and collars. Mmmm also overdone but hey, I would definitely wear this. Grey seems to be a colour I majorly gravitate towards when it comes to knitwear...I do not apologise for this :) 

3. Dip dye chunky jumper from Topshop - Link! 
Lets not mention anything about ombre and it's popularity shall we....it seems I like all things overdone :) Still chunky sweaters in pretty shades - I love!

4. Knitted bead necklace jumper from Topshop - Link!
I do realise that these bejazzled jumpers are not the washing machine's bezzie mates but I think they look amazing - especially when you want to feel warm but pretty. 

5. Amaze jumper from ASOS - Link! 
I really held back when it came to the ironic jumpers - the "Bored" one from Topshop and the Bite Me one from ASOS being particularly appealing - and in comparison to others I looked at this is pretty tame. I do wish they bring one out that says "TOTES". In fact if that exists somewhere let me know...providing it's not some ridiculously overpriced Wildfox number!

6. Crop Fisherman's jumper from ASOS - Link!
The chunky knit had me at first glance. This is hardcore cosy so I won't be buying it but I can still admire.

7. Waffle jumper in cobalt blue from Mango - Link! 
Ooh my new favourite shade :) I think this looks amazing on the blonde model and it's a nice departure from my greys and pinks.

8. Sweater with woven peplum - Link! 
This is jumper made pretty and who can resist a delicate peplum contrasted with a plain sweater fabric? Love!

So that's my wishlist right now - not too much to ask is it? :) 

Awkward subject transition time

Now I have no way to make a related segway into the next piece of news so I am just going to blurt it out here...I bought a juicer. Yes I did watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. 

It's this model - Link! - and after preparing two juices I can honestly say that:

a) It's fun to make your own juices
b) When prepared fresh, it tastes absolutely glorious, but most importantly
c) Cleaning up afterwards is a bitch. There is nothing I can do with pulp when I live in a high rise building with no plants or garden. 

I know that I need to get my hands on Jason Vale's books for some proper guidance but until then if you have any tried and tested recipes let me know. At this stage I am not even considering a juice fast/feast but I would like to get my nutrients down my neck and this seems like a fun way to do it. Let me know!

Cheers! :) 
27 Oct 2012

Peach walls and shopping malls

I have filed this under outfit post but truly the outfit is all a bit blah. I went for "loose layers" that would generously accommodate a food baby (it was a big eating out day) and stuck myself in front of a vibrant wall to add some much needed interest.

Still, there is one thing I really like from the below - other than the wall - and that's the shirt.  It's from Zara. I got it a couple of weeks ago and despite my reservations about cobalt blue I actually really like it. I always thought that it would be too cold tonally but it's kind of fresh. The deep V and the gold shoulder detail also help warm it up slightly.

A word of warning about the deep V...I have hardly any boobage and yet I found myself looking down quite a lot to see if I was over-exposing myself, it's deeeeep. So if you have a good size chest and don't want people to perve...well, don't say I didn't warn you!

The skirt and everything else worn here is either old or very much been seen before. It's also very, very Zara.

Shirt: Zara - Link! (couldn't find the same colour on the site but it's probably still in store.)
Skirt: Zara (last season)
Shoes: Tory Burch "Caroline'...the perfect nude flats I think - Link!
Sunglasses: Celine
Bag: Celine
Necklace: Max & Chloe - Link!
Glimpse of nail polish: Barry M Blue Moon

In between the eating out I did manage to squeeze in some shopping. This time though it was of the bargain variety and I headed over to Dubai Outlet Mall with Teresa. A couple of hours of rummaging later and I walked out with two things I actually love from the Boutique 1 store:

1) A richly coloured Missoni cardigan that I cannot wait to wear, perhaps even slung over the shoulders for a touch of pretention? :)

2) A Proenza Schouler PS1 Small Zip wallet in Citron. This is BRIGHT, fits everything I need and is currently sold on the Barneys website for 5 times the price. This a massive score. And the colour is shockingly bright in a way that makes me very happy...

See what I mean about the colour? Woah!

There is something about buying a new wallet that feels like a fresh start, like turning over a new leaf and promising to never cram in random receipts, chewing gum wrappers and too much change ever again. Let's see how long that lasts... :)

It was a lovely day and here's a sunset shot snapped on the drive back to Jumeirah....not the best shot as it was out of a car window but I love how the skyline looks like a cardboard cutout.

I hope you had a good couple of days. Now I am off to swap my cards and money over from old wallet to new wallet, eat nachos and start Homeland Season 2. I know that sounds a bit dull but I can't wait :) 
25 Oct 2012

The ASOS Heritage Blazer

I think this blazer purchase was almost entirely motivated by the fact that it reminded me of my old horse riding garb. It's that brown toned tweed that feels equal parts prep and equestrian. I got it from ASOS about 2 months ago but have only been able to wear it now. In truth it's probably just a little bit too hot but I refuse to deny my Winter wardrobe an airing :)

In terms of wear, I think it goes best with other murky colours - dirty denims and khaki greens - and  the drab tone requires just a little bit of gold bling to lift it from the darkness.

I normally shy away from sporting colours like this but there is something about the blazer that works....I think it's the shape - fitted and with teeny tiny shoulder pads that act to create a structured silhouette. I typically hate shoulder pads but these are small enough to be non-offensive and yet substantial enough to make a positive difference.

As you can see I wore it with my man repelling boyfriend jeans, old knackered heels from Topshop and an American Eagle tee. I like this outfit - it's laid back but semi-together and as I launch into a 4 day weekend (Eid Mubarak!) it's a good introduction to what I anticipate to be a lazy long weekend :)

Blazer: ASOS - Link!
Tee: American Eagle (LOVE this...cotton at the front and gauzey at the back...American Eagle is sometimes a bit of a hidden gem)
Belt: American Eagle
Jeans: Current/Elliott - Link!
Shoes: Topshop (very old but despite that I apparently never got round to removing the label on the sole....fashion crime committed right there :)
Necklace: Max & Chloe - Link!
Sunglasses: Celine
Bag: Celine

I need to tell you a couple of other things whilst I am here:

a) I joined Pinterest - Link! 

I have nosed on that site since it launched but never committed to have an account. Well now I have and hours of pinning later I can totally see why people love it. Inspiration is a lovely thing to share - especially when the interface is so much easier than Tumblr - and because of Pinterest I am doing this daily (in trying to be healthy) and buying this (because light blue nails are my latest obsession).

If you have a Pinterest account let me know :)

b) I haven't read a lot recently. This is mainly because of Roger. Puppies are life changers as you know and I said bye bye to lie-ins and a selfish focus on Me Me Me when I welcomed him into my home. I think this is a good thing but I have since turned dog obsessed and could easily chat about him all day...really trying not to include him in every post! :)

Roger says hi.....

So yes, I have only recently picked up a book again and it's currently Landfall by Helen Gordon - Link!

This was fairly slow to start but is now a compelling read. It's set in both London and the South East of England - two places I have spent the majority of my life, so there is something quite comforting about reading it. She describes the atmosphere so well and the characters are all nicely layered. So far it's a recommend and I have a feeling that there are some serious twists coming up!

I have quite a few posts lined up over the next few days so hopefully we can look forward to some regular posting!

Hope you are all well :) 
21 Oct 2012

As Seen on TV

I recently started watching The Newsroom and I enjoy it. It's good TV. Not as good as Homeland mind you and that Maggie character quickly jumps from charming to annoying but, still, I watch. The story lines are good and the cast strong.

But there is another, rather more shallow reason for tuning in. I mainly watch because of one of the props that features prominently on the neck of Emily Mortimer. Yes *hangs head* I am obsessed by a necklace.

This 5 disc number has me fixated. An even sadder fact that I really shouldn't reveal (but will) is that it reminds me of something Janine from Eastenders wore circa 2009 - a beautiful disc necklace that shone under the studio lights. I am seriously sad I know...a lost cause...but humour me by reading on.

Well, the Emily Mortimer version is priced over the $1000 mark so that is not destined to be mine. But I will happily take an inspired version that does the same job and I made my first purchase on Max and Chloe for the necklace below. It cost about £50 and whilst they said it would take up to 4 weeks to get to Dubai, arrived within 10. 

I absolutely love it. Just like the more expensive version it feels impossibly light and shines, catching the light in the best possible way. There is something alluring about jewelry this simple - it's just works so well. This version has 9 discs - more the merrier hey! - but if you want to stick closer to the 5 disc approach then hit up Etsy because there are lots of versions/rip-offs. Here's just one that Google gave me - Link!

Another part of this outfit I must comment on is the dress. This is a peplum number from Dorothy Perkins - that every single person thinks is from Reiss. It's amazing quality, very flattering and reasonably priced. I love it so much I got it in two colours - this bright currant shade and a lovely blackberry/navy.

For work dresses I HIGHLY recommend you check out Dorothy Perkins - I haven't shopped there in years but have noticed a subtle shift in the designs they have churned out in recent seasons so a big round of applause to their design team that are taking some not so subtle clues from the likes of Roland Mouret. Next on my hitlist is this red dress - I need to be brave to wear it but love how striking both the colour and shape is.


Necklace: Max and Chloe/Evelyn Knight - Link!
Dress: Dorothy Perkins or Dotty P's :) - Link! (navy colour) and similar here
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Bag: Celine

I ordered two other items from Max and Chloe and can't wait to show you - dainty rings anyone? I know I know but I have no shame :)

Hope you had a great weekend all :) 
19 Oct 2012

Getting things in order...

I am not an organized person. But I try. Occasionally.

Above is my latest attempt to be more “Type A”. It’s a container from Crate & Barrel stuffed with skincare, body care and makeup.

The idea behind this is to put the things I use the most frequently “front and center” and to present them in a semi-neat way. It’s also become a dumping ground for things that I need to use up. By rubbing my nose in them daily, I get reminded that they need to be gone from my life. Products that fall into this category include my Bath & Body Work body sprays (I buy these things and then forget to use them!) and the Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser (very drying).

I won’t take you through everything – I’ll spare you the deodorant breakdown – but I thought I would focus on skincare today: makeup post coming up!

As previously revealed, I know jack all about skincare and really needed some guidance on what products were going to work magic on my very dehydrated sad, old face.

I find the whole realm very confusing and I sometimes feel that brands capitalize on that by bombarding us with “the science” in an attempt to convince us at the checkout that it’s an investment worth making. I needed a professional’s opinion and Caroline (check out her blog here – Link!) gave amazing advice. I call it the “skintervention” – she effectively prescribed products for me - and a few weeks later I can attest to the fact that everything I am using makes my skin happy.

Here are some of my new essentials (L-R)

Emma Hardie Amazing face cleansing balm Link! - I like this so much I got one when I was in the UK and then went to Space NK to buy another. It’s the same premise as so many other cleansers– slap it on, massage it in and then let a muslin cloth massage it away. It reminds me of Eve Lom – just without the mineral oil – and leaves skin incredibly nourished.  It affectively removes the toughest mascaras (something Liz Earle never really did) and the consistency is heavily oil-based so applying it feels like a facial massage. It’s ideal for dry and dehydrated skins – I think oily textures might find it a little too much – and you only need about half a teaspoon to remove all the facial slap.

I got this in a kit with the exfoliating rosehip seeds. These I haven’t got on with at all. You are meant to add a small amount to the balm to both cleanse and exfoliate in one. It’s a nice idea but I feel like I am scratching the surface of my skin when I do this. So cleanser yay, exfoliator nay!

HydraluronLink! - this was the first product Caroline prescribed and OH MY GOD, this is a must have. If you take anything away from this post, make it this. This is a reasonably priced clear gel that you can wear underneath moisturizer or on it’s own. It’s basically hyaluronic acid - something that holds up to 1000% its molecular weight in water – and improves the texture and tone of skin.

This was the first addition to my new skincare routine and I noticed an immediate difference applying it twice a day. It traps the moisture, plumps, is quickly absorbed and should eventually fade some fine lines. Hurray!

I think everyone would benefit from using this and if you have dry or flaky skin and you don’t own this, then you seriously need to.

Zelens Z Matrix Energy and Moisture InfusionLink! - I am new to Zelens and they are what I would define as a premium brand. This moisturizer is not cheap but I do enjoy using it. This makes me a bit sad because the price tag will make me think twice about purchasing. I predict many angst conversations with myself as I try and justify buying it. But in it's favour is that just the tiniest amount over the Hydraluron combines for the ultimate hydration cocktail.

This is very good  at soothing and boosting skin but unlike so many hydrating creams, it’s extremely light. It doesn’t leave the skin shiny – just soft and refreshed and I am able to slap on my makeup almost immediately. If you can get a sample or try it in Space NK then I highly recommend that you do so!

Avene skin recovery creamLink! -  this is my second tube of the recovery cream and was what I depended on before the Zelens one came into my life.  I have to admit that when I compare it to the latter it’s just not as effective but I do think this is a great product. I generously slather this on sometimes and I feel like it really helps soothe skin without clogging it up.

Avene is a great brand and nicely accessible – it’s not too expensive and freely available in Boots. The eye cream – Ystheal – also gets a thumbs up from me and is what I am currently using.

Zelens PHA+ Bio-Peel padsLink! - if you have ever tired Origins’ Brighter By Nature pads then you know the premise – thin pads drenched in acids to gently exfoliate the skin. I use these maybe three times a week.

The Zelens version is soaked in polyhydroxy acids, lactic acid, citric acid and salicylic acid and it’s the polyhydroxy acid that is meant to be the best for sensitive skins as it provides a gentle exfoliation that also acts to bind moisture. I have only used these a handful of times but the pesky flakes I sometimes have round my nose are gone – whether it’s down to this or the other products who knows…but the good news is that it’s not doing anything damaging or irritating.

All in all I am really pleased with what I am using and the results I have seen on my face. Okay, it’s not perfect – I could probably drink more water to help out in that department – but compared to 6 weeks ago I think there is a huge difference. It’s more how it feels – I still need to wear makeup to look decent! - the texture is very even and it feels balanced with the right amount of moisture.

There is something very comforting about skincare,  the chatting, buying and applying, but I still think it’s a total minefield. There are so many products and brands, all promising miracles, and I am one of those idiots that believe them.

Out of the new additions to my routine I think I rate the Emma Hardie cleanser and the Hydraluron the most. 

If you have any top tips product wise let us all know in the comments below – I can’t be the only one that looks to blogs for a bit of direction and guidance – so what’s your very favourite product that you would recommend?  

13 Oct 2012

Denim + Lace

I have worn a variation on this outfit before - the only thing that is new is the shirt. It's another Primark special and just like the jacket, the shade of blue is perfect and the stud detailing sucked me in at first sight. It's a nice texture clash that dresses down the skirt a little.

I wore this yesterday to Dubai mall. I was on the hunt for a dehumidifier, Nespresso capsules and an Apple TV - exciting times :)

Shirt: Primark
Skirt: Zara
Bracelets: Hermes and Galleries Lafayette
Boots: Isabel Marant Dicker boots
Bag: Celine

Now a word on the boots. I have had a few questions about these - namely are they worth the price?

I am biased. I hunted the taupe version of these boots for two years and when I finally spotted them in Harvey Nichols a few months ago I pounced. For me they are well worth the wait and I really love them. They are cool and comfortable....but are they unique? Well maybe they were at one time but not anymore.  Every shop and brand the world over has a version of these boots and my personal recommendations would be to look at the ones churned out by:

* ASH Jalouse - Link! - I got these for my mum and they are lovely. I would like a pair of this style of boot in black and I will be buying the ASH version because the only real difference between this and the Dicker is that they don't have a zip and have a slightly different detail on the actual boot. Otherwise, toe tapering, the cut bove the ankle and heel height is almost exactly the same and these are the elements that other brands tend to get wrong when they go for the rip off.
* Same Edelman Lisle - Link! - I haven't seen these in person but I know that they get great reviews and looks pretty close!
* New Look - Link! - this version reminds me of the one that Target have also produced. The  ankle line is cut straight and not tapered like Marant's  but come on, pretty similar right?

Before I go I am going to share some candle love for Diptyque. I got this beautiful Tubereuse  Rouge candle this week and it is AMAZING!

I like candles that really fill a home with fragrance. My favourites are the Slatkin & Co brand (B&BW - I am waiting for your candle sale!),  Jo Malone (Amber and Sweet Orange) and NARS (Acapulco). I have tried Diptyque before - Feu de Bois to be exact - and I thought it was absolute crap. I could barely smell anything and I was living in a tiny flat. This one has given a totally different experience - even the box alone make a room smell of tuberose. <3

I am such a candle-nerd. I love the way the look, the atmosphere they give and the smell. Give me your favourite candle recommendations so I can go hunt out some more!
9 Oct 2012

Dressing for air conditioning...

It's that time of year when some seriously nice knits hit the shops. And I think this is one of them.

From Topshop, it's part slouchy, part dressy, care of the embellished Peter Pan collar and is the perfect Autumn jumper - light enough to stop you feeling suffocated and yet warm enough to insulate you against chilly air. It is described as a grey "sweat" top on the site and that's the right description. It feels so comfortable to wear but I think looks quite pretty too.

I got this when I was in the UK, wore it three times in one week. Now I wear it when exposed to severe air-conditioning in an attempt to "cosy".

I absolutely love the collar detail, it's intricate and has a touch of quality about it. I think that Topshop knitwear can sometimes be a big miss but this actually washes well - collar and all - but lets see how long it takes before the Bobble Factor takes over.

I harbour ambitions of wearing this with denim cut offs and boots...watch this space :)

Jumper: Topshop - Link!

I really love this time of year. Wardrobe wise I always find there is a frisson of excitement in buying a winter coat and cosy jumpers. I think it reminds me of that whole "Back to School" shopping extravaganza that I used to partake in.

Now however I am both old and living in the wrong climate. Still that doesn't stop me window shopping and some current Autumn/Winter items that have caught my eye are below...this is pure fantasy shopping...

Mmmm....well to be honest I have strong feelings towards the ASOS heart peplum dress, skull necklace, Topshop trousers and for whatever reason, that Garcon jumper! :)

Outerwear (L-R)

Dresses (L-R)
ASOS heart peplum dress, ASOS Dahlia dress, ASOS Darling dress

Knits and bits...(top to bottom, sort of!)
Topshop Garcon jumper, Warby Parker frames, Skull necklace, Topshop floral trousers, Philip Lim boots, Christian Louboutin heels (these are called Love Me and I certainly do :) and my beloved Revlon Cherries in the Snow! :)


I went shopping last night. It was a one hour speed shop at Mall of the Emirates and I did so

I can't wait to show you some work-related dresses that I picked up in Debenhams (I am wearing them all next week for an industry event and in an attempt to get enthusiastic about endless networking I incentivised myself by buying new clothes :) and some other bits in American Eagle. Beauty wise I focussed on my hair and got two new items I am excited to try.

I have run out of shampoo and conditioner and so thought it was now time to try the famed Sacha Juan line.

They are a Swedish brand with a clean design aesthetic to match their roots. Their packaging is so neat...I find that oddly inspiring.

I have high hopes for these! I am expecting moisture rich happy hair in a matter of washes! Something akin to a miracle then :) If it happens I will definitely let you know :)

What wardrobe must-haves do you have your eye on this coming season? 
3 Oct 2012

Retail confessions #1?

I might make this into a series and if I do then this would count as retail confessions number one. The premise behind it is a lazy collection of photos to summarise recent acquisitions. It's a shameless confession of what I have bought and what I am into right now. I always post about clothes and most of my new beauty bits but this is more of a collective "haul" type post to proudly boast about other "stuff" that can't necessarily be worn.

Be warned...some items are a little random. But I always think that random is quite good so here goes!

The Mugs

I saw these on the Urban Outfitters website - they have since sold out because they were £3 each in the sale - and was somehow attracted to them.

Who doesn't want to drink coffee out of a WTF mug? The only tricky part was explaining to my mum what FML means...

The earrings

I told you I was into statement jewels!

These are total lobe stretches from ASOS - Link! - and feature a rose gold (yawn!) and black stone detailing. They are clip ons which immediately took me down memory lane where I pictured a 8 year old me trying on my grandmothers earrings and feeling very grown up and sophisticated.

I plan on wearing these with a very dull outfit to add some interest.

The night light and book haul

I bought a night light! Don't worry, I don't use it in the bedroom - it's in my girly room and currently resting on the dresser.

Who knows how long that battery will last but it's innocence and cuteness was well worth the trip to Urban Outfitters in Edinburgh. They do have it on the website - Link! - but am almost 100% sure that eBay will offer up some cheaper versions that are probably the same quality.

Now the books....for some reason I have moved over to reading actual books and have neglected my Kindle. This started when I paid a visit to Takashimaya in Dubai a month or so ago. It's a must-see if you are ever into Dubai and you want to experience the best bookshop ever created. I don't know how a shop can be so inspiring but it is and I literally want to buy hundreds of books whenever I visit.

These three are the latest. The Perks of Being a Wallflower has been completed. It will take you about a day to read but is an amazing and touching story that I am sure so many of you have already read. What dies in summer sounds horrendously morbid and gets love/hate reviews.

Now is Good, like Perks, is also a film and is also pretty morbid. It was previously called Before I die but presumably Hollywood thought that was too much of a Debbie Downer. Either way, I am looking forward to reading the rest of this stack.

The duty free stuff

First of all I follow the advice of my good friend Sula who claims that items purchased in duty free don't count. It's a parallel world where your bank card is still charged but where you don't feel it. That's the only way to explain the below.

The YSL lipstick is pretty standard - just a Rouge Volupte in number 1 that I kept thinking about and so waited till I travelled to buy.

The fragrance was hauled because I tried a sample of this in Sephora and fell in love. Admittedly this happens very frequently with fragrances and Versace isn't really my scene as a brand but Crystal Noir is lovely. It's creamy and dark but the white florals keep it fresh. I  highly recommend putting your preconceptions of Donatella aside and giving this a try. Let it dry down and I promise you will be sniffing all day.

Now, the bracelet. I do like a bit of Hermes wrist action and when I spotted this bracelet in the concession in Terminal 3, Dubai I did recklessly exclaim "I'll take it".

The enamel is the colour of Sephora OPI's Metro-Chic for crying out loud. So I picked it up and have only taken it off for showers and this photo. Expect to get bored of seeing it.

So that's my round up! More than a little indulgent I think :)

What's your latest must-have purchase?

1 Oct 2012

The Topshop Army Jacket

Another jacket photographed on a cobbled street.

This was a cheeky Topshop purchase made purely because I had seen so many people in this style of jacket and loved it. Most of the high street stores do a version of it - even Primark has a lovely one that I couldn't find in store - but I went with Topshop's.

I got this in a size 10 and I am glad I did. I heard that the leather arms run small and when you are wearing knitwear it can end in some frustrating stuffing. Like most Topshop things it's overpriced by about £10 but it has served me well and whilst I don't exactly need a winter coat in Dubai, it's going to be good for December weather. I just love that combination of textures too - if it makes me feel cool, it can do the same for you :)

Looking at these photos makes me feel almost nostalgic. It was so nice to wear cosy clothes for a few days. I am now back in the maxi dresses and shorts and dressing for summer. I guess I shouldn't complain too much about that because being cold and heading to work in the dark isn't anything to write home about. And of course the best part of being back is spending time with Roger. I am pleased to report that he is happy and well and has definitely put on a little bit of weight. He has grown so much in just a week! I am trying not to talk too much about him but it's fair to say I am dog mad.

Anyway, on to the photos!

Jacket: Topshop - Link!
T-shirt dress: Mango - Link!
Blatant McQueen ripoff scarf in nice colour combo: Primark
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: Isabel Marant
Bag: Alexander Wang - Link! 

PS: Since I last spoke to you I have read The Perks of Being a Wallflower (an easy read that is equal parts funny and emotional - and something I wanted to read before I watched the film)  and started a new skincare routine. I can't wait to share the latter. I suffer from (majorly) dehydrated skin at the moment and need a lot of TLC to get in back into a balanced state but I think the products I have used so far are helping me get there. That and cutting back on the gin.

I honestly know nothing about skincare so sought advice from a professional - Caroline of Beautymouth and a few days later my skin is looking less parched and feeling more plump. That's the good news. The bad news is that the majority of the products are pricey and definitely more than I would have spent in the past. Still lets see if they continue to work their magic and if they do I might have to suck it up and splash out.

To be continued.... :)

See you all soon!