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30 Oct 2012

You always want what you can't have...

This is going to be a post about...jumpers....yep :) And in light of my current location I shouldn't really be posting about jumpers - let alone buying them - but here we are.

This has been motivated by two things:

a) I have been wearing them a lot over the last couple of days and
b) I keep eyeing them up online, dreaming of cosy evenings and forgetting about that whole commuting to and from work in the dark thing I used to "enjoy".

With regards to a), as Dubai gets cooler I can just about wear knits with shorts and light bottoms and actually it's worked out - I get to feel like I am getting involved with Winter fashion by feeling cosy but not so cosy that Mitchum threatens stops working altogether. 

I will show you the two that have been on rotation. 

The first one to be featured is from Mango and I got this from ASOS when I popped back to the UK. 

Now let's have a moment to praise Mango for what they have done this season...

(closes eyes, ponders Mango) 


It's really impressive and they have lots of military blazers and jackets that I would love to get my mitts on. I settled for this waffle knit...

From the front it looks okay...nothing special....but it's all about the back and the buttons that run the length of the jumper. Part of me is also tempted to switch this round and adopt it as a cardigan - I am sure this is very possible so I must give it a try!

The highly textured finish of this is lovely. Waffle knits are chunky but seem to allow the skin to breath. Three quarter length sleeves also go down a treat.

Jumper: Mango via ASOS - Link!

Next up is something I grabbed in Zara. It was the last one in store at the Mall of the Emirates branch (home of the most disinterested Zara staff in the world!) 

It's just a plain grey sweatshirt - the kind you wore during PE when you were at school and slightly resented - and quite baggy and boxy. That fact is nicely contrasted with some bejazzled arm action on the sides. It catches the light beautifully and when you walk into a room everyone knows you are coming because of the jingle action :) 

Jumper: Zara - can't seem to find this on the site but I got it a few weeks ago so will be/should be in store.

Both were paired with denim shorts of some kind and some flip flops....yep, you got me, I haven't been bothered the last few days :) 

Now onto my lemmings. Below is my personal collection of the knits I would buy RIGHT now if I threw caution to the wind. 

I must add that I really really really wanted to include some Christmas jumpers into that selection but I held back as much as I could :) I think I will channel this need for festive fun by buying Roger a reindeer outfit...won't he be pleased? :) 
1. Crystal Skull Textured jumper from Topshop - Link! 
I think skulls are a little overdone but there is something about this that I like. I think it's the marl finish of the fabric contrasted with the crystals. I can imagine cosying up in this on a lazy Sunday. 

2. Leopard collar jumper from Oasis - Link! 
Leopard and collars. Mmmm also overdone but hey, I would definitely wear this. Grey seems to be a colour I majorly gravitate towards when it comes to knitwear...I do not apologise for this :) 

3. Dip dye chunky jumper from Topshop - Link! 
Lets not mention anything about ombre and it's popularity shall we....it seems I like all things overdone :) Still chunky sweaters in pretty shades - I love!

4. Knitted bead necklace jumper from Topshop - Link!
I do realise that these bejazzled jumpers are not the washing machine's bezzie mates but I think they look amazing - especially when you want to feel warm but pretty. 

5. Amaze jumper from ASOS - Link! 
I really held back when it came to the ironic jumpers - the "Bored" one from Topshop and the Bite Me one from ASOS being particularly appealing - and in comparison to others I looked at this is pretty tame. I do wish they bring one out that says "TOTES". In fact if that exists somewhere let me know...providing it's not some ridiculously overpriced Wildfox number!

6. Crop Fisherman's jumper from ASOS - Link!
The chunky knit had me at first glance. This is hardcore cosy so I won't be buying it but I can still admire.

7. Waffle jumper in cobalt blue from Mango - Link! 
Ooh my new favourite shade :) I think this looks amazing on the blonde model and it's a nice departure from my greys and pinks.

8. Sweater with woven peplum - Link! 
This is jumper made pretty and who can resist a delicate peplum contrasted with a plain sweater fabric? Love!

So that's my wishlist right now - not too much to ask is it? :) 

Awkward subject transition time

Now I have no way to make a related segway into the next piece of news so I am just going to blurt it out here...I bought a juicer. Yes I did watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. 

It's this model - Link! - and after preparing two juices I can honestly say that:

a) It's fun to make your own juices
b) When prepared fresh, it tastes absolutely glorious, but most importantly
c) Cleaning up afterwards is a bitch. There is nothing I can do with pulp when I live in a high rise building with no plants or garden. 

I know that I need to get my hands on Jason Vale's books for some proper guidance but until then if you have any tried and tested recipes let me know. At this stage I am not even considering a juice fast/feast but I would like to get my nutrients down my neck and this seems like a fun way to do it. Let me know!

Cheers! :) 


  1. Love the Mango jumper, looks so lovely on you :) xx


  2. Love the skull topshop sweater you posted - can't help being drawn in by all the gorgeous skull offerings this season (esp in Zara). Speaking of Zara - why are there staff so disinterested? My blog friends and I jokingly compare notes on how horrible their sales people are - come on - they're working at Zara - a step-up from H&M - it's not Prada LOL!

    I have the Jack LaLanne juicer, and go through phases keeping it on the counter and using it (don't know how yours is designed, but we always use line our pulp catcher with a plastic bag - makes clean up SO much faster!). My favorite combo is carrots, apple & orange.

    1. ugh...grammar pet peeve - I typed there instead of their!

    2. I forgive you :)

      I swear the staff at the Mall of the Emirates branch must be treated like shit by their management because ALL of them give the impression that they would rather eat their own hair than work there. I can't keep away though :)

      Mine is messy - not possible to keep it as neat as that. Damn! :)

  3. Loving that Zara sweater! It's cold where I am (Canada) so anything baggy and comfy is what I need!


  4. I love the Zara sweatshirt with the jewels, such a girly way to dress up a baggy casual item! The sweatshirts I've been loving recently are:

    Sheep: http://bit.ly/TTN6TK
    Tres Cool: http://bit.ly/XTywuR
    Skelton Sweater: http://bit.ly/Tsuw2U

    Also, I don't juice, but LOVE making smoothies. I throw in spinach, frozen fruit, protein powder, plain greek yogurt and coconut water. Delicious, good for you, and hydrating while eating greens :)

    Come back to Seattle, we've got PLENTY of rain for you to wear jeans and sweatshirts :) haha.


  5. Oh my gosh, that Zara jumper is beautiful! It looks amazing on you. Gonna try and hunt that bad boy down xx

  6. I love both jumpers Laura! And the title to this post couldn't have been more accurate: I live in Venezuela, and wearing jumpers is... something almost imposible to do... Maybe one night in January (maybe) LOL

    I laughed at the "disinterested Zara staff"! I thought it was only in Venezuela! LOL So, now I can see that they are disinterested in other parts of the world too. Why do they have that attitude? Maybe is something they teach them when they train them? LOL


  7. The ombre jumper is gorgeous! I've brought a lot from new look recently, and they're good prices too:)xo

  8. I love both of your sweaters, though I can't for the life of me imagine why would you actually want to wear them in Dubai. I'm in London and it's miserable and cold. And WET!! Always wet. Mind you, I'm relocating to Brazil next year and I imagine I will be pining for autumn and winter and the fashions that go with it in no time. ;)

  9. You'll be happy to know that the Zara staff in Rome are just as bad, that is if you can find the buggers...Re: juicer, as mentioned, carrot, apple is lovely, but add some fresh ginger. It is so good and healthy too! Love the jumpers but cannot imagine wearing them in Dubai, it would just be too hot for me! LOL

  10. You'll be happy to know that the Zara staff in Rome are just as bad, that is if you can find the buggers...Re: juicer, as mentioned, carrot, apple is lovely, but add some fresh ginger. It is so good and healthy too! Love the jumpers but cannot imagine wearing them in Dubai, it would just be too hot for me! LOL

  11. I NEED the mango jumper- I've never seen anything like it! I also love the oasis jumper and the dip dye topshop jumper. That being said, I've purchased waaay to many jumpers over the last couple of weeks, but I think the fact that the weather in the UK is so crap, you can never own too many :D

  12. That topshop beaded jumper... I feel it calling me! And the Blue one! I saw a similar on in H&M for what I can assume to be lower price. You have throughly convinced me that I need more jumpers.

  13. I've been eyeing that jumper from mango for days. Keeps being out of stock -sadface-

  14. Ah, if you find a sweater that says TOTES I would so be on board with that! It's definitely cozy-sweater weather here and I have been loving my knits. Your Mango one is so cute... you should show us what it looks like as a cardigan too.

    xo, alison*elle

  15. Haha it's so cute you're going jumper happy. I moved to England from Brazil in April and only recently bought my first ever jumper and I understand why you love them so much. I'm going a bit jumper crazy as well, they're the perfect piece of clothing, aren't they?! x


  16. Love those jumpers! The Mango one is my favorite, the button detailing on the back is so cute!

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  17. I thinks this is a great introductory article on smoothies (juices): http://www.nomeatathlete.com/the-perfect-smoothie-formula/
    I have no affiliation with No Meat Athlete, I just love his site. With this article I came to view smoothies as the perfect vehicle for packing essential nutrients every day and giving our bodies a break from solids.

  18. I have that Mango jumper too! Absolutely fell in love with the back!
    X Rose

  19. I have the Breville Juicer and the only juice I seem to be able to make (and like) is a orange, grapefruit, strawberry combo. I've tried to juice vegetable and beets, but ugh, I can't choke it down.

    A new Zara is coming to San Diego, CA at the Fashion Valley mall .. exciting!

  20. I have the same juicer. :) Try to use a plastic bag in the box for the pulp before you are going to make juice. It makes it easier to clean up at the end. As for the vegetable juices I like to use carrots, apples and celery, you can also add a small amount ginger to it. It tastes nice.
    And beets, apples or oranges and ginger. It tastes very good with ginger. If you use organic produce you do not have to peel carrots and beets. Just wash them very good with water og veggie wash.

  21. A brilliantly timed post as it's freezing in the UK right now. I really like the mango jumper! xx

  22. That jumper looks fab, love that chunky knit and also love the 'laid back with an edge' feel to the Zara top.

    I really want to buy a new juicer as I have an old centrifugal one and I feel it wastes the fruit/veg as the pulp is not very dry. I have Jason Vale's The Juice Master book and I like his very blunt (and funny) way of putting things. Also the Crussh juice bar website has good inspiration, as starting out I tried some of their recipes.

  23. Advice for easier cleaning: Always put leafy veggies in first then your harder fruits. The fruits usually push the pulp out and makes it slightly less bitchy to clean! Good luck!

  24. I wanted that Mango waffle sweater too - but I really wish it had long sleeves! Anyway, I think its very versatile.


  25. Great jumper choices! You will definitely be able to turn that Mango jumper around and make it into a cardigan. I have a few Cos jumpers that I have done the exact same thing to. Two tops for the price of one!

  26. Ahhh a nice jumper is such a staple for me!

    http://immisarah.blogspot.co.uk/ x

  27. Replies
    1. You can also make soup with the pulp.

  28. Great post. Love the button back detail!

  29. thanks for sharing your favs!

    Love the glittery skull sweater and the cute pink peplum sweater!

    I've also been interested in juicing/cleaning program atm, I will check out Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead...sounds like the slightly morbid kick I need to get into it.


  30. I love the buttons up the back of the first jumper, so cute!x


  31. Lovely post, and great for those of us who do need to get jumpers. Meanwhile, I'm oogling sandals and cute summer dresses, like I'll ever be able to wear them here :)


  32. We call them sweaters but I think I prefer jumpers. They are all so lovely!

    1. I always think of a jumper as a one piece ordeal.

  33. Cosy sweaters are all over my birthday wishlist!
    Hope Dubai cools down for you :)

    xx Veronica


  34. I love them both!
    Happy Halloween Hun xoxo

  35. I was going to buy the Oasis leopard collar one last month but I'm glad I waited now as they have just brought it out in black and and orange-y red. I bought the latter aroud 10 minutes ago and I love it!

  36. Ah I love cozy sweaters, my fav part of this time of year! xx


  37. Love both jumpers. I've been so impressed with Mango the last seasons, had just been raving about that on another blog. Really, they have all my attention stolen from Zara.

    As for the juices, my favorite is once with 1 red apple, 1 hand of blue grapes and half a (honey, sweet) melon. Great sweet and fresh taste with one tablespoon of lemon juice to keep the sweet/sharp balance. YUM and full of anti-oxidants!


  38. omg sweaters are just a great staple for anyones closet right now. my fav is def. the top one with the buttons all the way down the back that is so cool. I think I will purchase the pink with peplum so adorable! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  39. Wow such beautiful detailing and Lovely pictures!!


  40. Yay another player for team juice!

    My personal fave juice for an everyday light tasting delight is a head of romaine, 1 cucumber, spinach/kale/collard/your leafy green of choice, pineapple and a lemon. Can't be beat! Good luck experimenting!


    (PS check out kris Carr's crazy sexy juice eBook its a gem)

  41. love the mango jumper, the back is exquisite ! xx

  42. Laura, lots of nice jumpers.....
    Going on a shopping spre to Manchester soon....so must pick up a few

  43. 1 green apple, one red apple, half a lemon. AMAZING!!

  44. Your lastest post has now got me hooked on searching for knits!! Ahh damn you, the big problem is that I live in Australia not 100% knit worthy weather here

    - Jacqueline xx


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  46. Love the first one from mango! Too cute!

    <3Jo of thelittledandy.com

  47. I love your cuff bracelet. Would you mind telling me where you got it?

  48. Love the look of that Topshop tie dye jumper, So jealous of the weather in Dubai though, would give anything for a warmer winter in the UK! x


  49. So, I was just browsing the ASOS site and noticed the AMAZE and BITE ME sweaters are both on sale (and an additional 30% off today with the code CYBERMONDAYSPECIAL.) So, if you haven't already purchased and you are still interested, now would be the time to scoop them up!