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10 Nov 2012

The Sausage Dog Ring Holder

As soon as I saw this it was a done deal. It's a sausage dog for goodness sake!

It now hosts my "dainty" (oh how I have started to hate that overused word) ring collection and a couple of pairs of my most worn studs.

I have received requests to show my jewellery collection and I thought this would be a good post to give you an insight. Necklaces are a different story and once I have untangled most of them (oops!) maybe I can run through those as well...

So here we have the collection as it stands today....from the top everyone!

1) The Pearl Studs - I will never get over how good these look on. It doesn't matter whether they are the real deal or from H&M, pearls look good. Just don't go the whole hog with a twinset and matching  necklace.

2) The Diamond Studs - whenever people ask me what to buy in Dubai I always reply "diamonds". It makes me sound like Joan Collins but buy anything like that here and when you take it back to the UK (or any other country) it will be worth twice (if not more) the price...a very sensible investment I think. I also say this because very little else actually works out cheaper. These were from Cara in the Gold and Diamond Park - the only place to go.

3) The Infinity Knot Ring - there are so many of these on etsy. Here's just one link for you - Link! This fits just above the knuckle and the rule of thumb when ordered a knuckle ring is to go maybe 1-2 sizes down from your regular ring size. This is such a simple ring but I really love wearing it - simplicity often makes the most impact.

4) The Hamsa Ring - Link! - I love my little amulets...tell me that something is for protection and I will have my wallet out in a blink of an eye. I got this recently and it's a pretty rose gold ring with pave Swarovski crystals. It catches the light beautifully and is extremely delicate.

5) The Arrow ring - I picked this up at a market in Dubai and I have tried to find a seller online....but failed. I am sure eBay will bring up the goods - it's rose gold plated with more Swarovski crystals. I wear this as a knuckle ring.

6) The Love Ring - Link! - I get so many questions about this and mine is by Sydney Evan. It's the original Love ring and has pave diamonds but to be honest, in the years since I have got this countless copies have emerged and they are practically identical. I would go for something like this - Link!  - it's the prettiest and most delicate one I have seen for under £40.

7) The Heart Ring - Link! - this is by Lola Rose. It's a pretty little trinket - a gold plated heart that says "Made with Love". So it seems that protection and anything heart/love inspired will also suck me in :)

8) The Evil Eye Ring - Link! - there I go with another amulet...I ordered this recently and it's adjustable so sometimes I decide that my thumb needs protection and other times it's an index finger :)

9) The Inner Message Ring - Link! - ah I love this and it was a purchase totally driven by a "Pin" on Pinterest.

The premise behind this ring is so original - on the surface it appears a simple, boring (but good quality) silver band. On the inside however is a message - it can be "always" or "marry me" but I stayed true to the heart theme. It wears tightly on your skin and leaves that impression behind when you remove it. It wasn't cheap but I like to support artists with ideas like this and I thought it was special. It cames from Korea and was shipped to me in about a week.

It would make a nice gift for someone special - I gifted myself which is a very sad reflection on me :)

So after all that I think my all-time favourites are probably the Love and Infinity rings and when I think about it that's the combo I wear most often. They are the two that feel weightless and have the most visual impact.

And regarding the collection...don't worry - I never put all them on at once. I did it for the photo below and I think it's safe to say "daintyringparty" will never trend.

PS. The Sausage Dog holder is from ASOS - Link! - and was £15.

I should probably think about getting another one because I just ordered another little ring this week...

A mini bunny for $10 from etsy - Link!

I either need help or acceptance because this obsession with dainty rings is just never going to end, is it?



  1. Ooooh I like that last bunny ring, super cute! xo

  2. The ring hold is beautiful, just like your collection! x

  3. The dog is so adorable! I have so many rings that I just throw in the draw, and they end up not being used as much as I'd like them to be. I maaayy just pick this up ;) xo

  4. I saw this on Instagram, it's so cute!

  5. So cute! I throw all my rings and necklaces in a tea cup with a saucer, which was nice, until I saw this!


  6. the bunny ring is absolutely adorable!! x


  7. Such a cool quirky ring holder! I love your rings, they're all so sweet and gorgeous. Xo

  8. That is the coolest thing I have ever seen and you have a beautiful ring collection! x

  9. I'm buying this for my sister right now!

    Can I ask how many carats those studs are? They look like a good size

  10. i loooooove it! i totally need this!

  11. Hi, Laura, the sausage dog is too cute!

  12. All your rings are sososo pretty and delicate. Love them!
    If you really want to untangle the necklaces, I read somewhere on the internet that baby oil can make them slip more easily.

  13. That's so cute!! :)


  14. I love dainty ANYTHING so this is like heaven - some gorgeous rings and the holder is so cute! x

  15. Hi Laura! Gorgeous rings, I love 'dainty' jewellery too :)
    Do you mind telling me the size of your diamond studs. I visited Caras on my last trip :)


  16. i love everything in this post! your dainty ring collection is gorgeous. and thanks so much for the link to the sausage dog ring holder. i just keep my rings in a box and always forget about them so i think this is perfect! and the bunny ring? GORGEOUS! i need it! X


  17. The holder is sooo cute! x


  18. Aww this is so cute and I love the bunny ring!x


  19. I need this ring holder in my life

  20. The 'love' ring is so pretty. I think that one is my favourite.

    I wish the bunny came in silver as I'm leaning towards little dainty silver rings at the moment but I could make an exception! ;)


  21. That ring holder is really the cutest thing!

    Rose xx


  22. your dainty ring collection is perfect! love the doggy holder of course and my favs are the love ring and the infinity one! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  23. wow..Absolutely adore the sausage ring holder..s cute <3

  24. Love the ring holder so much! I just added it to my Christmas wishlist! xx

  25. The ring holder is adorable!

  26. These are sooo cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE! the infinity ring is my favourite though

    Project Rattlebag


  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. 'Dainty' rings are just so pretty! Plus I think they are pretty timeless, so purchase is completely justified. You have excellent taste! :)

  29. Love your collection Laura! I bought the infinity knot when you first blogged about it and wear it everyday! Amazing ring holder too xo

  30. That has to be the cutest thing I have seen in such a long time, I just have to have a sausage dog ring holder!!

  31. the infinity ring is a timeless piece, but more to the point this ring holder is SUPER cute, good old asos never fails!!
    Also I just wanted to say I LOVE how often you manage to blog, I really don't know how you have the time to do it I try and post as much as possible but you really are super-blogger hehe

    - Jacqueline xx


  32. I just love that dog! What a great idea...and all the rings lovely!x

  33. Such a neat idea! Must-have! xx

  34. Aww that's really cute!


  35. That is so cute and I love the bunny ring. I want it! x

  36. You have the best ring collection ever! Cute doggy stand too!!


  37. I adore your ring collection! The little bunny ring is so delicate and pretty and the inner message ring-just awww!

    Orla x

  38. I've got to get some of these. At the moment, I'm thinking the Love ring and maybe the inner message one. So unusual. Hope your working week starts well :)

  39. Oh wow that is so adorable!! I want one but I have no idea where to get it from:-( I shall have to look around Xxxx

  40. The ring holder is adorable - I'm obsessed with all things sausage-dog! x

  41. Love this little doggy, so cute :) I'm really bad at wearing rings, unless they're the enormous cocktail ones.
    Sara @ BelfastBeautyLove xx

  42. i love that, so cute! also love your ring collection. x

  43. This is so adorable (and also hilarious?)! I kind of need that bunny ring in my life now.

  44. Ha! That doggie ring holder is too cute~! Don't feel bad about your dainty ring collection - mine seems to be 'stacked rings' .. I must have them all !!


  45. What an incredible collection! The sausage dog holder is the cherry on top.
    I have to say the arrow ring is my favourite ... hmm so a trip to Dubai in the near future?!


  46. Great idea for a ring holder - I thought it was a design piece tbh and not something that could be found on ASOS!
    Now your dainty ring collection looks super neat!

    Ok, off to look for that arrow ring! :)

  47. Accessorize has a really cute arrow ring in silver for £8 and its free delivery right now!!!.

  48. I was looking for some below the knuckle rings, thanks!


  49. The bunny ring is so adorable.

    Gillian x


  50. Ah I love him, that's so cute!


  51. ahhh want every single one of those rings haha xxx

  52. omg! I HAVE to have that ring holder!! I have two dachshunds and I'm a jewelry designer, it was made for me! :) heading on over to go buy it. And love your jewelry collection, thanks for sharing! Adore the secret message ring :)

  53. love the dainty rings! I wear an Ankh/Ankt? ring and a dainty heart ring all the time along with an inner message silver ring as well.

    Urban outfitters has a little Daschund odds and bobs holder, would match well with your ring holder :)


  54. Sooo in love with the sausage dog! xx


  55. Somehow, I missed this post until now! So lovely! What a great collection, and the sausage dog is adorable! Love following your blog :-)

    Jo x amomentwithjo

  56. What a beautiful way to display your delicate ring collection! I love the infinity knot, the heart and the love script ring. Looks as if the Made With Love ring is on sale at the moment too... bonus!... oh, too bad all the small sizes are sold out. Bummer :( I wonder if there's anywhere else I can snag this ring...?

    Check out my blog folks who adore shopping, coupon codes and generally pretty things!
    Aussie gals particularly welcome ;) hehe, Aus blogger chicks represent!
    ~ Shop It Snazzy

  57. Where did you get the weenie dog ring holder. i neeeeeeed one.

  58. new follower!


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  60. Amazing post! That ring holder is really the cutest thing!.

  61. The cutest accessory holder is in itself a great accessory !

  62. Catbirdnyc makes the arrow ring.e arr

  63. Just bought the Love ring off the link you put. I have been looking for a good copy for days now and this is perfect!! Thank you so much :)

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