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22 Dec 2012

A day in London with Farfetch

Well, I am now back in Dubai and just reminiscing about my day in London on Monday. It was my day off before I had to fly back to Edinburgh for work and I had a few hours to pack in a visit to my favourite places. Luckily Farfetch basically lent me a black cab for the day. Result!

I love black cabs and even better when they are a) free and b) decked out in a pretty Meadham Kirchhoff print like the one below.

This was all part of their Christmas promotion and designer collaboration with four creatives - illustrator Gary Card, photographer Melinda Gibson, artist Margot Bowman and of course Meadham Kirchhoff - to create limited edition gift wrap in an "Unwrap Christmas" concept. A nice marketing idea I think - particularly when I heard they were also giving out free cakes from blogger RhubarbandRose :)

I took the taxi to the Charlotte Street Hotel (one of my all time favourite places in London) and then, after lunch, headed over to the King's Road and specifically to the Brandy Melville store that I had heard about via Rose/AKA The Londoner. It didn't disappoint and I stocked up on skirts, dresses and tops - and all for a good price. Definitely recommend you have a look if you haven't already.

For the occasion I dressed in my "urban" gear. That means oversized jackets, murky coloured jeans and flat boots. This is my cold weather comfort zone and I love it.

I did try and spruce it up a bit with my fur collar from Topshop (which by the way I didn't realise would be green when I ordered online but I really like in real life)  and by borrowing a handbag from mother dearest. Come on....how gorgeous is this Resort 2012 Balenciaga Velo? Very jealous!

Jacket: Topshop - Link!
T-shirt - Zoe Karssen - majorly discounted on The Outnet. Thank you very much! Link!
Fur collar: Topshop - Link!
Jeans: Topshop - Link!
Boots: Office - Link!
Bag: Balenciaga - link provided in case you really want to treat yourself :) Link!
Sunglasses: House of Harlow - Link!

Nice Sulky Susan face at the end for you there :)

I have one more cold weather outfit of the day to post and then it's back to normal. I do miss the UK but I have to admit that arriving back in Dubai was a lovely feeling. It's a bit of a cocooned reality - life is much safer here - but with Roger eagerly wagging his tail at my arrival, I can't say I am sad to call it "home" :)

Good luck with last minute Christmas shopping everyone!


  1. LOVE seeing your London looks laura... They are right up my street! Your lighter hair against the jewel toned green fun collar is amaze! Come back to LDN soon with Rog! Love Liz (lizfish1) x

    1. Rog would love london i think. he would go nuts in all the grass and then i could have a reason to put little coats on him :) haha

  2. Replies
    1. :) I love love love it, Pearlizied pink leather. Perfect!

  3. Gorgeous bag, so jealous! Hope you have a very Happy Christmas!

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

    1. I am jealous too :) Happy Christmas to you Sarah!

  4. This sounds fantastic, what a great way to spend your day and of course you look gorgeous doing it! Your outfit is fab! I need that jacket.

    Gem x

    1. Thanks Gem. Definitely recommend the jacket. I bet you £10 it's going to be in the sale :)

  5. Love your bag :) xx


  6. Great bag! One of my favourite things about being home for the holidays: raiding my Mum's closet! :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Sounds like a lovely day. I love Farfetch, such a great website. Beautiful Bal bag :-)

    Jo x amomentwithjo

    1. Thanks Jo...yeah i like the whole "incorporated independent boutique" idea. Lots of "wants" on that site :)

  9. the link for the bag if i want to treat myself, more like if i win the lottery...


    1. haha its a real beauty but i would be shocked if anyone actually bought it :)

  10. I still die for the Meadham Kirchhoff pom pom flatforms. Fabby taxt. You look great too! x

    1. They were epically kitsch! Thanks Sheree!

  11. Love the fur collar! And oh, my no .. I can't buy that hand bag. Ok, I 'could', but then that's all I could buy .. for a long while ;-)


    1. haha same here. i am placing myself on a bit of a handbag ban for a while :)

  12. That is the perfect london outfit x

    1. ah thanks Char - loved wearing layers :)

  13. those boots are perfect! i think i'll always have an obsession with them, a boot buying ban is needed!


  14. Love that gorgeous bag :)

    - Keyta

  15. I wasn't sure about the green fur at first but you made it looked fab!


  16. The bag is just perfect and I love the colour.Very nice and comfy look.


  17. Gorgeous outfit - lo-oving the lighter coloured hair! x

  18. I love your "urban" look! And that hair is to die for!


  19. Love the outfit and that bag! If I were to borrow bags from my mum, she would treat me the "old school" way. All she need is a good ruler to "caress" my hands. Hah! Yes, I am exaggerating. Mumzie would never do that! But I still don't get to borrow her handbags :P



  20. The perfect London outfit - I adore your green fur tippet, I've not seen one in this colour before. *Runs to Topshop*

    Hannah www.cagneyandlace.com

  21. I ADORE that bag!


  22. That jacket is amazing - I keep seeing them on blogs and I really think that it's a sign that I must buy one!! ^.^

  23. I love London so so much <3

  24. That is a fab bag, mine is in taupe with rose gold hardware. Love!

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