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16 Dec 2012

The Office Nighthawk Boots

Welcome to the gloomy, cobbled streets of Edinburgh!

The best part of coming back to the UK - other than the family reunion of course - is the prospect/reality of dressing cosy. Out come jeans, thick tights, jumpers and scarves. I am definitely a Winter wardrobe kind of person - I just look better with lots of clothes on :)

A highlight on Thursday was finally wearing my Office Nighthawk boots. You might remember me talking about them as I stalked the Office website for the re-release version of these Chloe knock-offs and was so excited to get them. For whatever reason I have been saving them for the right occasion - namely cold weather - so here they are. I know they are not everyone's cup of tea but I love the detail, the clump factor and the fact that I feel like a Bros-ette wearing them :)

They are now in the Office sale and £55 rather than the £80 I paid....of course they are....how annoying!

Leather jacket: Whistles (old)
Jumper: Brandy Melville
Jeans: Topshop - Link!
Boots: Office - Link!
Bag: Alexander Wang
Faux Fur collar: Topshop - Link!

PS. My face has been deliberately cropped out of the pictures. It was the day after an overnight flight and an office Christmas party...'nuff said.


  1. Omg I moved to Edinburgh in August! I could've bumped into you in the street hahah! Ah well, beautiful outfit <3

    1. Might see you round :) Flying back to the sandpit on Wednesday :)

  2. I bought these for £85 with p&p so gutted to here they're now reduced :( love how you paired them! Planning on wearing mine out tonight after reading your post :)

    1. I know....it's just typical...although there was no way i was going to wait to buy these on the off chance they would be reduced :) I think i am going to wear them out tomorrow as well....love :)

  3. Hey what's the link to the fur collar it doesn't seem to work!

    1. Sorry Lauren - that's my mistake. All fixed :)

    2. Thank you! I'm definitely buying the fur. I wish you lived permenatly in the uk so we could see more winter outfits!

  4. Both the boots and jacket are perfection! OX

  5. Windy Edinburgh, the shopping in Glasgow is even better :) hope you are enjoying our Scottish weather (lol) xx

  6. Didn't know, that you're from Edinburgh ;) Though I usally despite cold weather, around christmas it's a must :) I'm also falling in love with these boots, they are so great :)

  7. i am one of those who paid the full price for the boots thinking that they will be sold out in minutes :) beautiful outfit laura!

  8. I love those boots, they're amazing! Definitely tempted to take advantage of the sale... But it's so close to Christmas! :(

    Frances xx


  9. awh yay! i hope i see you about Edinburgh! in a non-stalker way. i love your wee blog.

    it's not been as cold this weekend, so you've come back at a nice time. it was -4 earlier in the week.

  10. I have these and I have worn them basically everyday this month! ADORE THEM! Hope you're enjoying the wonderful rain and gloom :-) x

  11. everyone seems to have these boots and honestly i dont like them, but i'm really loving the faux fur collars that are out atm, and perfect for this winter weather!



  12. I love those boots, Laura! It must be so nice to actually get to wear some layers and warmer clothes since you usually can't... or at least that's how I'd feel ;)

    xo, alison*elle

  13. Wow, what a different scenery compared to your usual sunny Dubai;)

  14. I have these too and I love them! :)

  15. Ooh what are you doing kicking about Edinburgh? I always thought you were a Londoner! Your winter outfit is amazing! X

  16. I have wanted the nighthawk boots since August and always had to resist but at £55 it's just too tempting!? They look so great just with jeans, ideal boots


  17. Love these boots, they look lovely with the jeans! Also loving the fur - beautiful outfit. Also, YAY for coziness, one of the only good things about winter!


  18. These are such amazing boots and I love them with the rest of the look. You look cosy but still stylish :)



  19. Those boots are awesome! I was looking at a similar pair in Macy's here in the US. However, it's just too crazy in stores right now and I'll have to wait until after the first of the year to shop in peace.


  20. Oh I LOVE those boots, they're so cool! I'd love to visit Edinburgh one day, it looks lovely. :)

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  21. The boots are so cool! like the little golden studs! :)
    xx Elle

  22. The boots looks fab. I have a similar version from Zalando (a freebie!) & have worn them loads. Enjoy your time in Edinburgh.
    Wishing you a wonderful week Hun xoxo

  23. The boots are lush! :)
    Enjoy your time in Edinburgh I love Edinburgh its such a lovely place :)
    Katiee (@katietatieexo)

  24. awesome boots :X


  25. I'm getting more of a Michael Jackson's Bad vibe i'm all for a 'Bad' revival. xx

  26. love your outfit, especially the boots!!


  27. Those jeans may be the comfiest jeans alive. If there's one thing Topshop do well for the price that they're asking, it's the Jamie jeans!
    May have to treat myself to a fur collar too!


  28. Love the collar! Nice outfit.

  29. Love the collar - I bought one not long ago but its way too thick this one looks perfect size! Also totally agree....Prefer winter clothes too and live in London which is just as well I guess! another great post as usual :)

  30. I love the boots! I am adding a pair to my wish list.


  31. Hi dear!
    I love ur style!
    such a wonderful blog

  32. Hey Lovely! Hope you enjoy your time in Edinburgh! I can recommend some bars etc if you like?

  33. I have those exact boots, they are so comfy and go with everything. Great choice :) xx

  34. I have these boots! Also bought prior to them going on sale :)

  35. Just ordered these beauties. Woopee!

    Hanan xxx (hautehanan.blogspot.co.uk)

  36. Are the office shoes actually comfy? I'm thinking of getting them but not too sure if they aren't too heavy in weight?

  37. Oooh would you say the boots are true to size? Ive seen the white ones but they are size 7 and im six, i wonder if theyll be massive?


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