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12 Mar 2013

Business up top, party down below

I was working from home today and rule number one in such instances is: "Get dressed"

I have done the whole slobbing around in pyjamas thing and what I learned about that was that "not getting dressed makes me depressed". So I get up, put my face and clothes on and make a vat of coffee. Only then do I feel ready for the day.

At the same time I don't want to go all out and wear anything too exciting - and so we end up with something like the below. Don't worry, I didn't march around my house wearing my blazer - that was purposefully added for the Starbucks run and to provide a bit of comfort around the arse area as with shorts this short I fear over-exposure.

The only thing new here is the blouse - a little number from ASOS. I think I got this (and a few other items) because it reminded me of something that Mollie from The Saturdays would wear. To say I am now obsessed with her/them after being glued to Chasing the Saturdays would be an understatement. Their makeup, their hair, their clothes - that show is one big style perve.

Onto the photos!

Shorts: Zara (TRF)
Blouse: ASOS - Link!
Blazer: Zara
Necklace: my favourite piece from H&M!
Bag: Alexander Wang - Link!
Sunglasses: House of Harlow

Before I leave you tonight I wanted to add in a hair product recommendation. I have been meaning to mention this for a while but my bottle looked too used/manky so I waited until bottle number 2 was purchased!

This is by Phyto and is officially called Phytovolume actif. It is a volumising spray designed for fine hair and I think it's fantastic. If you apply liberally on damp hair, blast completely dry with a hairdryer you will then notice an increase in hair density. You hair feels full without any residue in the root.

Most Phyto products have a herbal smell and this is no different but it's not unpleasant and once you have obliterated it with the hairdry you can neither feel nor smell it. I still use dry shampoo to amp up the volume on occasion but for those of us with fine hair that can be easily weighed down with product, this is a must have first step in the styling routine!

You can buy Phyto in Boots (Dubai) and also on sites like Lookfantastic or Space NK - it costs around £15 (and will last about 4 months).

NB. My bottle is the old packaging - they have recently revamped their brand and the new style is a brushed metallic finish.

Hope you are having a great week! 


  1. I wish I could wear shorts, i live in newcastle and it's been snowing! in march!

    Will have to give the phyto a try loved everything i've bought from them so far!


    1. It was snowing on Anglesey too! WTF is this like.

  2. Hey Laura, I am also addicted to Chasing The Sats :) I tweeted their MUA and she will tell you their l/gloss etc. I asked for Frankie's l/gloss.
    Loving the outfit x

  3. Pretty outfit! I'm obsessed with watching Chasing The Saturdays as well, especially obsessed with Mollie and Rochelle. Their make up is flawless!

    Gillian from glamupeveryday.com x

  4. Such a pretty outfit :) The necklace looks amazing under the blouse collar! xx


  5. I have these sunglasses in black, but you keep wearing the tortoise ones and now I'm convinced I need those too. Damn it.

    Casual but cool, love it per usual :)


  6. pretty outfit, loving the blouse and shorts!


    Kamila xx

  7. Thanks for the hair tip. My hair is really fine but there is a lot of it which makes it very difficult with volunising products as they just make my hair very matted. Do you think this product would be ok?

  8. I totally agree with the whole 'get up and get dressed' mantra. I never feel like I do anything productive unless I'm up, freshly cleansed face and completely dressed. You make me want to move to Dubai so much - I have the opportunity to do so and I may look into it...


  9. I wish I could wear shorts and have a tan, I miss spring! It needs to come to the states NOW!

  10. I need to start doing this when I work at home but I am so lazy! Well, at least I remembered to try and put on some make up - baby steps?

    I love this outfit - clashing structured officewear with casual jeans always looks effortlessly chic.


  11. I think I need to start embracing your get dressed rule - I'm always lazing around in pyjamas when I haven't got uni and I never seem to get anything done.

    Ria x

  12. I have really fine hair and haven't been able to find a decent volumising product at all, I've wasted so much money trying. Can't wait to order the Phyto product and try that out :)!

    Also, I love your outfit but how do you manage a blazer in Dubai?! Whenever I'm there I feel like I'm melting with only a dress or whatever on ha xx


  13. I think getting dressed reflects on your whole mood for the day. When I've been at home and just stayed in pyjamas I actually seem to be less energetic and procrastinate more. Amazing how clothes can have such an effect! xx

  14. I have to force myself to get dressed when I work at home, it makes me feel sluggish. You look so great and that blouse is really pretty too. Mollie is my favorite too, she's just too pretty
    Nina from little nomad

  15. Love the style! Tres chic and fashion forward! I also love how straight forward your blog is "buy now, blog later" haha :)



  16. Know what you mean about getting dressed when working from home.. You set yourself up for the day then. :)
    I LOVE Mollies style! I'm also a fan of Una's boho style, but If I had Mollies legs, I'd def steal her wardrobe.lol
    Hair product sounds a dream! Googling!


  17. You look beautiful, i too am obsessed with chasing the saturdays.. I love that necklace too, does not look like H&M at all

  18. Love the outfit :) I wish I could wear spring/summer clothes like that, but the weather is just terrible in Denmark :(

    Lifestyle blog by Ang

  19. I wish it was warm enough to wear this. It's so cold in england and the snow fall doesn't help.
    Lovely outfit as always Laura

  20. Love he necklace so much xx


  21. Absolutely love this outfit!! I adore that bag!! I wish I could wear shorts, but here in my city is still freezing... Winter is too long...




  22. since watching chasing the saturdays I want to look like all of them too!!


  23. Love the blazer & shorts combo Laura. The hair product sounds a must for me as I've been looking for an easy, effective way to add volume. Txs for the recommend.
    Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

  24. Love this outfit, so cute. I always feel better when I've gotten ready too, makes me more productive :)
    Holly xo


  25. I love this Phyto product! It's pretty much the only thing I've found that creates volume that actually lasts!


  26. That's a cute outfit! perfect for a casual day and I feel the same way. I don't feel good being in pjs all day I feel lazy so I get up and put on some clothes and a bit of make up then get down to work!
    that necklace is such a great touch for a pop of colour :)

  27. I love working from home. You can save like 4 hours of your day by just staying at home .. it's divine. I don't get to do it often enough!


  28. I want this outfit, you look amazing! Wish we'd get some warm weather in Yorkshire now x


  29. You look gorgeous! I love the blouse and shorts combo.

    Ooh I might have a look at that hair product as I struggle to get volume in my hair.x

  30. Your outfit looks gorgeous! And i love the statement necklace :)

    Beth-Lou's Beauty Blog


  31. I always love wearing blouses with shorts! The necklace is gorgeous xx


  32. What a great outfit! This puts my "well, I suppose I should get dressed" outfits to shame. It's so great to see you still using your Rockie... I'm actually looking to get either the Rocco or the Rockie, leaning towards the Rockie... but I'm a bit on the fence. I'm short and small overall, so I'm kind of worried the Rocco will be too big/heavy. And I heard some complaints about the zipper style being a bit of a pain in the butt on the Rockie. Who knew there was so much to consider?!

    Do you prefer the Rockie or the Rocco? Any thoughts/advice you have would be very welcome :)


  33. Love Mollie Sats style, I done a post on her not so long ago. I'm with u on the getting dressed while working from home, it makes such a difference.

  34. the shorts look great! and the necklace was a nice added touch to the whole outfit xx


  35. Thanks for the Phyto rec! Fine limp hair be gone!

  36. I've gotta try your Phytovolume recommendation. Thank you, Laura!


  37. this is such a gorgeous outfit! i wish i had the same motivation to get dressed on the days when i'm working at home instead of just treating it as a slop day! and i love how you've combined the shorts with a blouse to still make it a classy outfit (i find nowadays most people see wearing shorts as an opportunity to expose a lot of other skin too but i'm happy to see you do not!) :) X


  38. Love that neon necklace...it's a lovely pop of colour in the outfit x

  39. i am also loving chasing the saturdays... so addictive...

    DIY strawberry fruit bouquet

  40. Thanks for the hair product recommendation! Love your Rocco too :-)

    Jo x amomentwithjo

  41. Love your outfit !! especially the Rocco!!!

    xoxo Karla

    my Blog: www.AllThingsHappy.com

  42. I love your blog!! I follow you!!



  43. I love the way you write your posts! So down to earth :)


  44. recently purchased a navy blazer love how you styled it will keep it in mind as inspiration! Ive had those work from home pajama days lol please stop by my blog and join the awesome giveaway I have going on for a smashbox under eye primer! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  45. I've been sick these last few days, i know what you mean about staying indoors with PJ's. It was the first time i was sick and living alone, how do you cope? i felt terrible having to go out and buy the meds, and still cook etc :/ xx

  46. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,

  47. I love that necklace, so mad I missed it when it was in stock.

    xx Jasmine

  48. Great look! You remind me a little bit of Rachel Bilson here)


  49. Love this outfit! especially how you styled the plain shirt with the necklace...

    p.s. you are very fit!


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  51. loving your bag! i want that bag so badly! love your outfit. so well put together.


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