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6 Mar 2013

Talk Scents

I have been secretly hoarding some perfumes so it's about time to come clean and have a chat about each and every one.

So here we go!

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

Don't be fooled by the picture of a lone burning candle. It may suggest to you that I have simply dabbled in Pomegranate Noir but I have in fact hauled the bath oil and the mini perfume. And yes, when I purchased the set in store I pretended it was a gift for someone else so it would be wrapped beautifully :)

Needless to say, I love this fragrance. It's scent makeup makes it equal parts sultry and fresh, smelling strongly woody at first and then settling into a warm, fruity note. I spray it liberally on myself and love how it's neither masculine or feminine - it's neutral and if I think about it, that's quite unusual in a fragrance. I think that's why it works amazingly well as a candle - it fills a home with a fragrance that isn't too jarringly sweet or sour.

I know many of you have been buying this for years - I am about two decades too late - and have told me that this is something that is great layered with other Jo Malone fragrances.

Mmmm....all that layering lark...it sounds like a clever gimmick to make us buy more stuff, doesn't it? And yes, of course I am down for that!

Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

This is that perfume that you cannot smell on yourself but drives those around you wild with excitement due to it containing a high quantity of ISOe Super.


Did that happen to me?

Well I am definitely anosmic to this - I cannot detect anything extra distinctive on me when I wear it - so that part is semi-true.

Driving people wild? Being chased down the street? Attracting Alexander Skarsgard? Negative. I did get a couple of nice comments in the UK but they were from friends and more along the lines of "what are you wearing?" which is not necessarily a question to be interpreted as a compliment. Perhaps I stank and this was their way of finding out why...who knows!

I do admit to buying it purely for the experimentation factor - I wanted to see if the ISOe Super reacted with my skin to create something beautiful. This is what a lot of bloggers reported and the perfume reviews online seem to state the same, but this is also proof that it doesn't always work out. It now resides in the "Box of Weird Perfumes" on my dresser, sitting next to my Etat Libre D'Orange coffret set.

I should review that brand's most controversial offering - Secretions Magnifique -  but that's a whole other story...and one that I really don't want to get into! (Google it and you will understand...ewww)

Glam Star by Custo Barcelona

I was given this recently by the PR company and all I can say is, don't let the bling-styled bottle fool you! It's actually quite nice.

I would describe it pear-meets-patchouli which results in a strong sweet opener and a musky dry down. It reminds me of Cavalli's fragrance (Just Cavalli) - but definitely more complex because of the woody notes that underpin it.

Having said that it's more on the youthful side - which is to be expected if you think of the Custo Barcelona brand and target audience - but if I feel like pretending to be 10 years younger then this is one way for me to get there!

So that's my perfume round up...as always I have my nose on some new ones. The amped up Bulgari Jasmin Noir is top of that list.

What are you wearing lately?


  1. I am loving Burberry Brit Sheer lately, I picked it up on CheapSmells.com for around £19 and I am reliving my teen years! x

  2. Hello Laura, I´m trying to finish up my Gucci Guilty and Tom Ford Black Orchid...it´s an impossible task :( I would spritz like a crazy woman but they would kick me out of class!

  3. wow thats my dream!!

  4. Ooh, perfumes! My favourite topic! I've been wearing:
    - Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille: the most gorgeous vanilla you'll ever smell
    - Hermes Jour d'Hermes: a wonderful, light, work-appropriate scent
    - Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur: the most stunning perfume I've ever smelled, hands down.
    - Chanel Coco: a vintage bottle that I bought on eBay from someone's grandma's closet - delicious.

    I've got a heap of samples on the way from LuckyScent so we'll see what other inspiring perfumes are in there :)

  5. Miss Dior and Coco Mademoiselle :) i'm eye Coco Noir which smells divine

  6. I'm still hanging on in there for a gaggle of male models to chase me down the street whilst I'm wearing Escentric Molecules and so wear it most days. Occasionally I spritz on a bit of Armani White as it takes me back to being about 15 and spending my summer lounging around in the park. Sadly summer holidays are a thing of the past but I love how a scent can flood you with so many memories! x Becky


  7. laura, try layering molecule01 with other fragrances, it creates some interesting results, my favourite way of wearing it is, layering it with floral scents (namely guerlain iddyle). apart from that i am so in love with bvlgari rose essentielle, searched for the perfect rose scent for a long time, but search is over for me :)

  8. Speaking of Rose scents. I'm wearing D&G Rose The One regularly.
    As summer approaches, i'm still busting out the Estee Lauder Soleil Azuree oil. Coconut summer!

  9. Britney Spears Fantasy. :) I'm probably not suppose to admit this, but I actually really like it! It was a random purchase at TJ Maxx recently and I'd never smelled any of her fragrances up until then. Also doesn't hurt that the bf said it's good.

    Also tried a sample of Narciso Rodriguez for Her the past few days and it smells JUST like SJP Lovely.

  10. I keep going back and forth on whether or not I want to purchase Molecule. Of course, I love the idea of people thinking I smell amazing but I'd like to be able to smell the perfume on myself. I need to know that I smell amazing too, I can't just take someone's word for it!

  11. i will always love my yankee candles!


  12. I love the Escentric Molecule 01. I have had quite a few compliments when wearing it but nothing crazy. I must say I am lemming that Pomegranate candle *adds to list of things to buy* Ha! xxxxx


  13. Does that perfume really contain blood, saliva and....semen?! Is google fibbing?!!

    I adore Naughty Alice, by far the most compliments are received when drowned in this. Although...I agree....is 'what are you wearing?' a compliment

  14. I rarely wear perfumes though I always tell myself I need to make it a regular habit... for some reason it just eludes me in the morning! That Jo Malone scent looks yummy.

    xo, alison*elle

  15. Philosophy Amazing Grace? Ok, nothing fancy in my non perfume collection .. lol.


  16. Molecule 01 smells awful on me. Think pine, Lynx and a hot sunny day, that. I don't get the appeal and it's smelt the same on everyone I know yet online everyone seems to love it.

    Lately I've been wearing Jo Malone Rose Water & Vanilla but as the weather gets warmer it's quite cloying.

  17. I wear pomegranate noir too although only at night as I think it can be very strong for the daytime. I love the fact that it smells masculine as I much prefer aftershave to perfume.

  18. I love the valentino rock n rose scent! it's gorgeous!!!! :) xxx

  19. I got a new bottle of pomegranate noir for Christmas and I have completely fallen in love with it again. I usually like very feminine scents, but this is just beautiful. I usually just wear it at night, but I love it so much that I've been reaching for it during the daytime too lately. I can't wait to smell some of their spring releases. x

  20. I think molecule 01 is the biggest beauty con of the 21st century. LOL. I'm currently using Tom Ford Black Orchid. Love it.


  21. I love Jo Malone scents, I feel like I need to save up and buy at least one soon, I'm usually wearing either coco mademoiselle or Jimmy Choo Flash
    Rosalie x

  22. I love the britney spears cosmic radiance perfume!
    smells amazing!


  23. I love that you told the Jo Malone ladies that the scent was for a gift, definitely the way to go! I too adore Jo Malone, my favourite fragrance is the Blackberry & Bay.

    Hannah cagneyandlace.com

  24. I'm loving Nasomatto Black afgano fragrance, It is very interesting smell,it may seam strong at first, but it fades away.

  25. I love different perfumes but always find my self going back to the faithful ghost!! Xx


  26. I love pomegranate noir by Jo Malone, I also love that you can mix various fragrances together, pomegranate and Jo Malone's Vanilla Anise is a really nice combo. I also wear Coco Chanel,Guilty by Gucci and for a lighter fragrance Philosophys Amazing Grace :)

  27. I like anything that smells relaxing. Jo Malone has great stuff. THanks for sharing.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

  28. I've always been partial to Jo Malone Orange Blossom. However I just bought a bottle of Tocca Stella and I can't get enough of it!

  29. I've been pretty obsessed with the Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint Cologne and the Red Roses room spray! I just can't get enough.. It's like an addiction

  30. I've been wanting to try out molecule 01 for ages! xx

  31. I've been loving Paco Rabanne Lady Million. I really want to try the Jo Malone scents though! Lovely post!


  32. I have three: Bvlgari Jasmin Noir, Carolina Herrera's 212 VIP, and V&R Flowerbomb. The first two are pretty darn sexy. Jasmin Noir is more of an evening scent. I haven't been using Flowerbomb this winter, so now that I'm trying to use it again I much more aware of the citrus notes and I hate to say it but I find myself liking it less?


  33. Couldn't agree with you more about the Pomegranate Noir - I'm obsessed and have everything! xx

    South Molton St Style

  34. Another Pomegranate Noir fan here - I love it for day and night and if I could get away with it, I would have a candle in every room! TBH, after finding Jo Malone, I find other perfumes just don't cut the mustard anymore, they seem very artificial and sharp. And I did the fragrance mixing thing with JM just last week and it's wonderful. With a glass of champagne, it's an utterly wonderful experience. You MUST try it next time you're at one of their counters! Avril x

  35. I've been intrigued by the Molecule 01 but now I'm thinking I might just re-invest in my fave perfume, that'll be Comme Des Garcons Series 2: Red Sequoia
    M x

  36. Heard so many goof things about the Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules!
    I think i definietely need to put it on my wishlist :)

    Beth-Lou's Beauty Blog

  37. I have Molecule 01 and really like it. I can't really smell it on myself but I have lots of compliments since I started wearing it.

    Gillian from glamupeveryday.com x

  38. haha I love how you have a weird perfume section! saying this I still want to try it out myself and see if it actually works!


  39. The strange perfume's made me giggle. I've always wanted to try a jo malone perfume!


  40. Great post :)
    I'm wearing the Gucci Flora perfume! Love it :) Such a fresh scent for the spring!

    Lifestyle blog by Ang

  41. My favourite is DKNY Red Delicious. Unfortunately, it seems they must have discontinued it as I cannot find it anywhere in the Czech Republic and it makes me sad since I only have one and half bottle left.

    I love Jo Malone frangrances too but I haven't got a chance to smell the candles yet. Since I am a candle addict I will have to change that soon though :-)!

  42. I've been dying to get the Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules but there's no stockist in Dublin and Cult Beauty can't ship it but now that I know there was no attracting of Alexander Skarsgard, I don't feel so bad :)

  43. Haha, I often pretend my purchases are gift so they will be beautifully gift wrapped! I'm currently stickint to my all time favourite perffume Flower Bomb, by Viktor and Rolph although also dabbling in 'Pink Sugar' by Aqualina

  44. Let me know if you find the fragrance that attracts Alexander Skarsgard - I'll buy it :D

  45. Loved this post, need that candle in my life!

  46. I've been wanting to try the Molecule for quite some time now but can't quite decide - also I love the look of the last bottle! ;-)

  47. thanks for the introduction to some new scents that i would probably never have thought of had i not read this blog post! unfortunately i already have a lot of perfumes to already go through so i'm not looking forward to any new ones at the moment but if i was, i'll be sure to check these out! X


  48. pomegranate noir is probably my favourite scent of all-time- I've got he candles, bath oil and fragrance chronicles too! Having worked on a big perfume counter and on the chanel & Dior counters, I will happily declare that jo Malone kicks the ass of every other fragrance. It is complete and utter love

  49. I am so intrigued by the Molecule perfume - I must check it out when I'm next in Harvey Nics. xx

  50. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,

  51. That 'weird perfumes' box cracked me up! They look sentenced, guilty and sad. :D:D

  52. I want to collect also just like this kind of perfume and I know that I really like the scent of this?

    ----> eula @ do pheromones work


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