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18 May 2013

The scent of summer...

Ah, I love this!

This is the ideal summer perfume. It reminds me of the likes of Daisy by Marc Jacobs or Gucci Flora Eau Fraiche  and like those scents, Viva La Juicy La Fleur has that ability to make you feel refreshed and clean as soon as you spray it.

Being a Juicy Couture number, the notes are made up of basic florals  - gardenia/jasmine/honeysuckle - but these are all wrapped up in fruity sweetness.

This all sounds quite generic but there is just something about this that works...I can't tell you what that is exactly but it's a perfume that I have been happily spraying day and night.

I see a lot of the reviews iterate the same thing - it's just a really lovely fragrance to wear. The same reviews also comment on the longevity and that seems to be the one issue that wearers face - after an hour or so they cannot smell it at all.

I would agree with this - I often feel the same and spray to refresh so that I can enjoy the smell - but I have been asked what I am wearing even when I thought that it had completely faded. I like to think that this means it has absorbed well with my body chemistry...but who knows!

I always love these light summer fragrances. Anything with Eau Fraiche at the end has me interested because they are always wearable and pretty.

I asked this on Instagram yesterday but for the sake of completeness, what's your favourite summer scent?

PS. Photo edited with the BeautifulMess app - love the whimsical text/effects but less keen on all the in-app purchasing required...any other recommendations for similar apps welcome! 


  1. Totally going to check this out. My favourite summer scent at the moment is Essence Eau de Musc by Narcisso Rodriguez. It's so clean, fresh, soapy and if I'm feeling all clammy, one (or five) squirts of this makes me feel fresh as a daisy! I made the mistake of bringing it into work where everyone fell in love with it and within two months it was gone. So I had to repurchase it, which was the first time I've ever repurchased a perfume and I have a rather large collection ;)

  2. I find that any JC fragrances have the right notes to make anyone happy, but it's trial and error for which one is your perfect fragrance. At the moment, I've spraying Peace Love and Juicy Couture like it's on tap! A classic fav of mine is Oscar from ODLR.


  3. I love Juicy Couture fragrances!


    Kamila xx

  4. This sounds gorgeous! I've never tried a Juicy Couture fragrance, so this is going on my list for sure :)

    An Arrangement of Notes

  5. I haven't smelled this one yet, I have been wanting to for ages! I really dislike the first one, but I LOVE Daisy by Marc Jacobs! I will have to check this out now! x


  6. I love this. I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs but I hate how I smell it in everyone else! x

  7. My go-to scent has been Stella McCartney's "Stella" for some time now, but I've been wanting to broaden my horizons for summer! will definitely give this is sniff. It's so reassuring when someone compliments you on your perfume--especially when you think it's worn off! xx


  8. I'm actually really curious about this scent! :)
    Great post!

    X Valérie

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  10. Ooh will definitely have to try this out. My favourite summer scent is Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche - such a lovely fresh take on the original Chanel Chance!

  11. I'm still very much a Marc Jacobs Daisy girl but I'm always up for a new perfume. I think a cheeky trip to the perfume counter is in order.


  12. Laura, you have got to try Marc Jacob's Oh Lola SunSheer. It's my first from MJ and was totally pleasantly surprised :)


  13. Not a juicy couture fan but I have one of the perfumes and they do smell great! Wonderful post :)


  14. Hello Laura,

    If you are looking for the same type of app there is also Typic I like this app too.
    Have a nice day maybe evening at this time :)


  15. I absolutely love the florals in Versace's Bright Crystal. It may be more of a spring fragrance, but I wear it anytime the weather heats up!

  16. I've heard that this smells wonderful! However, I wear Flowerbomb all year now. I tried their summer rose version, and it just didn't give me that same feeling that the original has given me.

  17. I've just ran out of my vera wang princess so I think this would be a great new summer scent! x

  18. i love this, must have

  19. this is totally my summer scent!i love it!

  20. I love daisy by Marc Jacobs, cant wait to try this seeing as you mention they are similar :)


  21. I love this scent, I always smell it when I see it and I'm tempted to buy it every time :) ♥


  22. i got a sample of this and love it! the bottle is so cute to x

  23. Beautiful packaging!!

    I've just posted a spring fashion haul on my blog, would love it if you guys could check it out! :)

    Laura xx - Black & Gold

  24. Fave summer scent - hermes un jardin sur le toit

  25. This one sounds like it could be a winner for me! I bought a small bottle of Viva La Juicy based on how it smelled on other people (and how the first few minutes or so were on me), but allll the fruity notes came out to play on my skin, and the vanilla smelled really synthetic.