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29 Jun 2013

Dolce & Gabanna Passion Duo Lipstick

This weekend I have been mostly:

a) Packing in preparation for my move next week
b) Watching entire season 1 of The Americans and
c) Falling in love...with a lipstick.

The focus of this is on the latter but I could easily dedicate a post to Keri Russell. How beautiful is she? 

Anyway, I got this lipstick on impulse. I was in Sephora to check whether they had the Les Beiges powder in 20 for Simone and whilst that search proved fruitless I stepped over to the Dolce & Gabanna stand and checked it out.

I have always been interested in their make up - ever since Lorraine/The Current Custom raved about the bronzer - but never really had a chance to examine the range in person.

I was surrounded by two over-zealous sales assistants so I didn't hang around long but I did pick up a Passion Duo Gloss Fusion lipstick and ran away from them to pay at the counter. 

This is just lovely. The premise is a layer of rich, creamy lipstick with an inner core of gleaming gloss and it comes housed in sleek light golden packaging. 

I am so buying more of these. Luxurious is such an overused adjective in the beauty game but it's the word that truly fits in this case. It's so incredibly pigmented and it literally melts into your lips, leaving a super flattering finish that shines. 

I got the shade Natural this time and it's a lovely "natural" nude. Not too pink and not too brown - it's sits in the middle and is very forgiving as a result. 

I found this quite hard to photograph but how it looks on my mug is probably the most accurate shot. It's a sort of "sweet beige".

And excuse the photo background...

I know, I know....too glamourous!

Getting this reminded me of the sheer excitement felt when using the YSL Rouge Volupte for the first time. It felt so special and I immediately set about planning my next purchase. It's exactly the same in this instance so I hope the commission-giddy ladies at the Dolce and Gabanna stand are ready for me :)

You can buy this at Harrods - Link! or on sites like Sephora - Link! and it's around the £25 mark.

PS. On my face...

* Chanel Mat Lumiere in 40 "Beige"
* Chanel Les Beiges in 30
* Laura Mercier Metallic Creme eye colour in Rose Gold
* L'oreal eye liner ( a smidgen on the outer corner)
* MUFE Smokey Lash
* By Terry Hyaluronic blush in Blushberry (not a must have)
* Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush in number 2 (a must have for that lit from within shizzle)
* D&G Passion Duo in Natural

Hope you are all having a great weekend!
26 Jun 2013

Story of my life...

I think this outfit of the day is confirmation, as if any was needed, that I am a very Zara-loyal person.

My top, trousers, blazer and even shoes are from this store, collected over various seasons both past and present, and then all jumbled together in today's morning rush.

This is a very unoriginal move but I wouldn't exactly deem my "style" as anything else.

  • White top of some description?
  • Trousers made of a light fabric?
  • Blazer - this time with some shoulder pads to make me feel 80s?
  • Stupidly heavy bag?
  • Massive shades to hide behind?

Check, check, check, check and check.


Whilst my outfit was standard fayre, I did at least try something new with my makeup.

I left a meeting last night and had to walk through Dubai Mall to get a taxi. Now strictly speaking I didn't have to walk into the beauty hall within Bloomingdales and head to the Laura Mercier counter - a place nowhere near a taxi rank - but I did.

This was all triggered by a conversation I had with Simone the previous evening. She swears by Silk Creme and I have heard the buzz, both positive and negative, surrounding it and I thought I would try it for myself.

Whilst I was at it and dealing with a semi-pleasant sales assistant, I also picked up some non-essential items including Brigitte lipstick and (not pictured) Lush Nectarine blush.

The Silk Creme has only been on my face a day but I have enjoyed it. I was lucky with the colour match I think because the range is extremely limited. The coverage is on the fuller side but it didn't look cakey after 8 hours of wear. I think it has something to do with the Chanel primer and powder I am now using - that's a combination I have to review if only to pay homage to the wonder that is Les Beiges. How have I lived without this stuff?

Speak soon!

23 Jun 2013

White on white

White jeans.

So tricky to get right. I ordered a pair from Citizens of Humanity and they just didn't work. The material was too heavy. They weren't comfortable and I felt too self-conscious in them.

Then I went to the TRF section of Zara and found the perfect pair. I think the hefty amount of stretch in the fabric helps make them feel right. They are just so soft and easy to wear. They feel light on so even in baking temperatures they are cool.

I sometimes struggle to work out what to wear on top though. A bright colour is always good but today I went for the easiest (read: laziest) of colour schemes and paired them with a white H&M top. That blend of white on white felt clean.

For kicks I added a navy blazer. For the record this was worn indoors and for the 3 minutes it took to take these pictures.

This is such a no-brainer outfit but I think I liked the simplicity of it.

Jeans: Zara (current season)
Blazer: Zara (a few years old)
Top: H&M
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Bag: 3.1 Philip Lim

Despite the heat I have taken to wearing a pretty full face of makeup the last couple of days. This is totally down to a Chanel makeover I had on Thursday that reignited a love for Mat Lumiere (combined with the amazing product that is Les Beiges powder).

The makeup artist told me that if I want my face to look good in this climate I need to "start matte". In ten minutes outside you will get the radiance you are looking for when you skin starts to "glisten". It's such obvious advice but he was so right.

That combination is now officially my flavour of the month :)

Hope you all had a fab weekend!
18 Jun 2013

They call them Beach Glass...

I saw a picture on tumblr and that was it. The mission was set and I needed to complete it.

For about 2 hours I googled like a demon, exhausting all website options in the hunt for a pair of Converse.

But not just any Converse.

This pair came in what I think is the prettiest colour I have ever seen on a pair of tennis shoes. If I was to describe the shade in a real world sense I would say "Tiffany blue - but fresher".

Converse call it Beach Glass and many websites describe it as "seasonal mint". In any case my tardiness to the trend meant that finding a size 5 turned into a total mission.

By some miracle ASOS randomly restocked the site and whilst the size 5's were low in stock, I managed to score myself a pair. I let out a little squeal and have waited excitedly for their arrival.

I got them today and wore them immediately. They are comfortable and oh so pretty. This is such a great spring/summer shade. For reference I wore them with one of my favourite uber low back ASOS sack dresses and loved the look....I will no doubt repeat it and take a proper picture next time but today it was all about the shoes :)

In the UK/Europe - you can get these on ASOS (currently only size 9 - Link! ), Next (currently size 8 - Link!) and a surf shop called Surfdome that have them in a 5 - Link!

In the US - you lot are lucky, Nordstrom have lots of sizes - Link!

I feel like this has unleashed some Converse loving within me.

I have pairs of these shoes that are about 12 years old and still going strong and there's a fondness that I always feel for a shoe that is reasonably priced, comfy, cool and long-lasting.

A pair of pastel yellow, pink, baby blue and grey are now required...

All in good time :) 
17 Jun 2013

25 Facts About Me!

I love reading these tags. It's just nice to gain a deeper insight into a blogger that you like and follow.

So I thought I would jump in and take part and show some purrssonality.

Here we go :)

1) I have always been a worrier. When I was a child I used to worry about schoolwork. As an adult I I worry about work/career development/when to buy another property/pensions. Everything. 

2) My first job was in telesales. I worked 10 hours a week during my Sixth Form and earned a load of cash selling ad sales. Maybe people felt sorry for my little voice when I called? I bought a Calvin Klein jacket with my first pay cheque :)

3) I always like the idea of going to fancy restaurants but I only really enjoy simple food like salads, sweet potatoes and great bread. 

4) I live by a beach but I have visited it about twice in the last year. 

5) I am addicted to blueberries and can eat a pile of them at a time. 

6) I cry very easily at sentimental Hollywood/TV fodder. I remember crying every 5 minutes when I watched The Blind Side and I almost always cry at the end of MTV's Plain Jane. 

7) I visit the Daily Mail website at least once a day. The sidebar of shame always keeps me clicking and reading.

8) I love rude jokes.

9) I would love to spend a month at an ashram, practicing yoga and just resting from everyday life. 

10) I like cats but love dogs. Since getting Roger I want to save all the lonely dogs of the world and am seriously considering volunteering at a rescue center.

11) I think I would prefer to live in another country rather than return to the UK - living in a country like Singapore appeals a lot. 

12) I enjoy living in a city but am a country girl at heart and envisage my ultimate house to be a cottage in a rural part of the world. So maybe I will be back in the UK then... :) 

13) I have quite a few grey hairs - but mainly of the left side of my head. I embrace them and hope that one day it will help me become a "legitimate" blonde!

14) When I am walking with a friend, I have to walk on the left side. It doesn't feel "right' any other way. I have since found two friends who also have the same quirk so I don't feel like such a weirdo. 

15) I lost one of my best friends very suddenly last year and I think about him almost every day. 

16) One of my pet peeves remains people that eat loudly in public. As well as people that don't thank you when you hold the door for them....your welcome!

17) I prefer to dress down than dress up and have quite a good collection of joggers :) 

18) I used to flirt with the idea of a boob job but then I went and got fitted at a great lingerie shop and it was "life changed".  Shop was called Pudding and it's in Reading. Highly recommend!

19) I am very happy with my own company.

20) I graduated with a Law degree but now work in a completely different field. I always advise people to not worry so much about high school/secondary school exams. Do well of course but don't get hung up on specialising in something at a young age because anything is possible. 

21) I sometimes snort when I laugh. Completely by accident obviously.

22) I used to be shy at talking in front of people but now I give presentations all the time and don't even think about it. 

23) My Starbucks order is a grande skimmed cappuccino.

24) I can't stand the Kardashian circus but I will watch it to perve over the makeup.

25) The "boudoir" that I planned on creating in my current flat never happened. The vaccum cleaner and other less interesting items took over. I am however moving in a couple of weeks so maybe I will get round to recreating it there.

That's my 25 - I quite enjoyed that!

Let me know if you have done this post in the comments below!
16 Jun 2013

Pharmacy haul!

I was just waiting for the pharmacist to prepare my prescription and the next thing I knew I was buying antibiotics for a chest infection along with a healthy basket of loot.

I sound like such a ditzy cow when I read that back but:

1) Beauty product aisles kill unwanted time
2) I actually needed shampoo and conditioner because I had managed to use everything up and
3) I felt sorry for myself.

I am pleased to report that 4/5 items make me happy, post usage, and 1/5 is yet to be decided. By my standards that makes a pretty good haul.

So what did I get?

Maybelline Ambre Rose lipstick

Shout out to my YT days!

I used to love this lipstick and I remember when it first came out. It still smells the same - an artificial and cheap attempt at sweetness that comes off more like plasticine - and the colour is just as pretty in pink. I think this is discontinued in some markets but the one good thing about Dubai is that whilst items take longer to hit the shelves, it takes just as long for them to get removed.

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal

Do you have this where you live or is it an Asia/Middle East only product?

This is an intense retractable eyeliner in blackest black. I like this. It's not as good as YSL's waterproof kohl (that stuff is the absolute best) but it looks fantastic in the waterline and wears well. Drugstore kohl eyeliners often lack the creaminess and pigmentation of more expensive counterparts but this is almost as good as the adverts promised.

La Roche Posay Biomedic Pigment Control

This stuff smells like a science experiment and in doing so reassures me that it will work.

Thing is, I have to actually remember to apply it - something I haven't quite mastered so I have only applied a couple of drops a few times so far. This is meant to correct pigmentation and increase radiance in 4 weeks with a mixture of glycolic acid, LHA and another acid I have never heard of, Kojic Acid. Say what?

Phytojoba by Phyto shampoo

You know how much I love Phyto - and I have for years.

I think I have bought this one before - it's designed for hydration and unusually, for Phyto, doesn't smell too weird or herbally. The consistency is odd though - its a runny liquid and I am sure I have waved goodbye to about £5 worth of product down my plughole already. I do think this, paired with the next product, is worth the hassle though. It leaves my fine hair full and smooth.

Phytobaume conditioner by Phyto

This is the conditioner that comes with the Phyto hair dye I use. I love the way it makes my hair feel. It's an instant detangler and seems to fight the frizz. I think this, along with the Phyto volumising product I blogged about previously, is part of my holy grail hair pack.

I have to admit that in addition to the above, I did recently pick up that Bourjois cream bronzer, I justified it by the thought of comparing it to the By Terry Hyaluronic mousse bronzer I got recently. And that I will do...and happily so because I sort of like the Bourjois more....

Have you tried any of these products?

What have you picked up recently? 
13 Jun 2013

New Look haulage

I haven't been in New Look for months. Well that's a total and utter lie.

What I should say is that I have been in store but haven't uncovered any gems in recent months.

Sometimes I walk in and it's a polyester factory and sometimes I come across beautiful pieces.   I got lucky yesterday and found a lovely casual maxi dress and a fantastic maxi skirt. Both are super comfortable to wear and affordable to buy.

It's always a good sign when you immediately want to wear items purchased and in 24 hours I have worn them both :)

Last night it was the maxi dress.

The colour of this is mink and I liked both the gathering and the split hem design. New Look refer to this as a "summer staple". That's about right. You can wear this in the cliched dressed up/dressed down way. It's one of those easy, breezy dresses that makes you feel relaxed when you wear it. I love things like that. Comfort is key in this weather.

Dress: New Look - Link!
Sandals: Nicoli - a shop in Dubai that specialises in sparkly shoes which I am obviously obsessed with.
Sunglasses: House of Harlow "Chelsea".
Bag: Celine

Today, I wore the maxi skirt.

I LOVE this. It's that perfect nude/blush colour with a good drape to it. It just falls so nicely and although there is a little floor sweep-age when I move it's not ridiculously long.

Colours like this are always so appealing but tricky because they can be completely transparent. I would describe this as possibly revealing a whisper of underwear but nothing that a nude knicker couldn't fix.

I have a skirt very similar to this from American Apparel (AA). I definitely like this more and I will tell you why.

The AA version has an elasticated waistband and it's thick. You have to wear a belt or a top that hides it because it's damn ugly. The New Look skirt has a soft fabric waistband, thin, far more comfortable to wear and oh...it's less than half the price of the AA.

I wore it today with a simple white shell top but next outing will definitely involve a strappy black top with a low back.

Skirt: New Look (the colour is Nude) - Link!
Top: H&M
Bag: Celine
Sunglasses: Rayban
Necklace: Tiffany & Co - finally unravelled the knot in the chain and can wear this again!

Isn't it beautiful how the sun illuminates the humidity frizz in my hair? :)

Have you picked up anything in New Look lately?

If you have found any gems link them below and show me the way - hopefully I can also find them here!
12 Jun 2013

My REISS Spirit of Summer outfit

As mentioned in a previous post I was part of the REISS Spirit of Summer event. What this meant is that I got to choose an outfit of my liking (awesome!) and attend a lovely evening held by the marketing team at the Mall of the Emirates store.

REISS co-ordinated a series of events around the world, choosing bloggers from key markets to do the same, and our "picks" were displayed in store.

It's a nice idea I think and I love the fact that I got to run riot, try on all the clothes and choose whatever I liked. We all know REISS isn't the cheapest brand on the high street so this was a massive privilege.

I went for something seasonal in colour - a bright peach - but also an outfit that would feel appropriate(ish) for the region and great for work. To make it slightly less corporate I paired with a funky (funky is a word used by those over 50 and now...apparently me!) pair of heels that I can actually walk in.

I had some photos taken in store (cringe! I am not a natural model) so this is what I looked like and also what the store looked like at the beginning of the event.

PS. My skin in these pictures is a mix of Chantecaille Just Skin and Photoshop. Now if they could bottle that....

Shirt: Link!
Skirt: Link!
Jacket: Link!
Shoes: Link! (out of shot but yep, REISS! :)

Now I love the skirt and jacket but to be honest, the foundation of this outfit is the shirt.

I fell in love with it at first sight because it's something that you can wear with anything. The lace insert styling makes it both unique and pretty.

I have worn it so many times, especially to work. Here is how I wore it today :)

The price tag isn't very friendly but thankfully Topshop do a very similar version and the price is definitely easier to digest at a third of the price - Link!

Judging by the amount I have worn this recently lace/white has been one of my favourite trends this summer.

It does mean that fake tan has to be avoided as much as possible to keep the dry cleaning bill down but there is nothing like wearing white to make you feel fresh.

See you all tomorrow!

I did a little New Look purchase after work today so I will definitely share that with you. Sometimes, you just cannot beat a bargain.
8 Jun 2013

Barry M Lychee = mannequin hands?

Mannequin Hands. Attained by wearing a nail polish colour in a shade similar to the wearer's skin tone. The end result is a clean looking nail that makes fingers appear longer and daintier.

That's the idea anyway.

The colour used is going to depend upon your skin tone but some that immediately come to mind include CND Putty, American Apparel and Topshop's "Mannequin" and Sally Hansen's Cafe au Lait.

I have always shied away from wearing this kind of shade because a part of me internally pukes at the thought of it and when I think nude I can't help but imagine those pretty shades of white and light pink like Essie Mademoiselle or Ballet Slippers.

Still I picked up this Barry M polish when I was in the UK for a few reasons:

1) It's that Gelly Hi-Shine finish that people have been raving about. I have always found Barry M polishes pretty shiny on their own so the thought of that being amped up was appealing; and

2) Lychee was a new colour, a fair taupe that I thought was definitely mannequin/foundation colour but possibly flattering. Possibly. And why not try it for a few Pounds?

I applied it the other day and was a bit dubious about the "putty" colour. Like most Barry M polishes the consistency was good - I could have got away with one coat but to even out the faintest of streaks I applied two.

And actually...I really like it. It sort of reminds me of a browner version of OPI's Skull and Glossbones. Both are a little "off" in terms of traditional nail colours but there is something interesting about them.

I think Barry M sensibly added just enough white in the colour mix to lift it from being too brown or "Mannequin hand-esque". I have seen some other colour swatches from other brands and they often fall flat - or turn out too orange/flesh like.

This is actually nice. It's a good base colour for nail art too - next step is to get some steady hands and add a neon outline to it like in the picture below that sits in my "Beauty inspiration" folder on Pinterest :)

You can buy Lychee online here - Link! for less than £4...I love BarryM - may they always keep their polishes good quality, and their prices low!

What's your favourite type of nude polish?

PS. The shirt worn here was a past purchase from ASOS -  I got some questions about it when I Instagram'd yesterday. They don't currently have it in stock but they periodically add it back to the site - the brand is Dahlia.

Hope you have a great Saturday!
7 Jun 2013

Skincare heroes

In the last few months of skincare experimentation I have concluded that:

* The SK-II Treatment Essence was a huge waste of money (for me). I spent £50 for the skincare equivalent of the "Emperor's New Clothes". I got all excited about seeing a miracle occur on my face and well...it didn't. So I stopped using it for a month to see if there were any changes. There weren't. So now I just give it evils when I see it in my bathroom.

* The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is possibly very drying and does not give anything like a glow. I am not even sure where I got this "glow" theory but I think I just associated it with a glycerin-Fix+ like effect. It doesn't do that. But...for a mint-lover it's refreshing and wonderful to use. I just finished my little bottle today and would definitely repurchase.

* Eve Lom cleanser isn't half bad. Okay, so it's akin to putting petroleum all over your face but I was in a bit of a fix when I bought it, not having access to other balm cleansers in Dubai, and....well I haven't hated it. Liz Earle on the other hand, when purchased in the UK recently, has given me a spot after every single usage. What is going on - it used to be the exact opposite.

* The final point is that REN Glycolactic Radiance Mask and Dr Sebagh Vitamin C Powder Cream are fantastic products.

Lets discuss the REN

I know everyone has been banging on about this. And probably because of that it was sold out in Dubai. I actually went on a waiting list at one point and it was only when I spotted it in John Lewis when I popped back to the UK that I managed to get my hands on it.

It promises to do it all...

1) Remove dead skin
2) Make skin look more "radiant" (that's the magic word as far as beauty marketing goes)
3) Reduce the appearance of fine lines; and
4) Combat signs of "congestion" - ie, blackheads and spots.

It does all this with a four fruit acid complex that feels a bit like jam and requires ten minutes on your face. You might feel it tingle during that time - something that I, from the No Pain No Gain school - actually like. Then you rinse off, smooth your hands over your face and check yourself out in the mirror.

Your skin will definitely feel smoother - no doubt about that - and what I notice is:

a) A reduction in pigmentation - those acne scars on my chin aren't completely gone, but they have definitely faded; and
b) An immediate (but not permanent) reduction in pore size - now THIS I love. I hate those dinner plates around my nose/cheek area and this stuff definitely reduces their size.

Other reviewers notice an increase in radiance, smoothness and have also described it as an "acne cure".

Whether or not it's good for sensitive skin is unclear - some sensitive skin users say that it works well for them and others disagree. I have normal skin and I will say that I do leave it on for longer than 10 minutes (naughty!) a couple of times a week and haven't experienced anything like the acid burn I experienced from Mario Badescu's Glycolic Acid Cleanser...so if you can tolerate that stuff then you can probably tolerate this.

I got mine from John Lewis but there are loads of places you can buy it including Sephora - Link! and Space NK - Link!

Dr Sebagh Pure Vitamin C Powder Creme

Apparently vitamin C loses 85% of it's potency within one hour of opening the jar so Dr Sebagh created this product as a "revolutionary" way to overcome this issue.

Meet the Powder Creme. When you splash out on this you get 5 vials - or test tubes - of product. The novelty of the packaging soon wears off when you find it impossible to dispence the amount that you want...

That aside, I love this and it's a really nice introduction to vitamin C products. The whole purpose of it is to improve elasticity and re-texturise the skin by "perfecting tone and pigmentation".

It can be used on its own - although goodness knows how much powder has been sent into the atmosphere when I tried to do that - or you mix it with a face cream/face oil, morning and night. I like the latter. It amps up your usual routine and *I think* I notice a difference.

I try and use it sparingly because it doesn't come cheap but I have noticed an overall improvement in the texture around my trouble spots (T-zone) and again, like the REN, the texture of my skin is consistently smooth.

I also *think* that if I go to bed with this mixed in with my face oil, I wake up with a fresher, plumper and glow-ier skin.

If they changed the packaging from gimmicky to functional then I would be even happy to repurchase. As it is I think I will keep the vitamin C concept but maybe check out the Skinceuticals line as that seems to come recommended from some of the reviews I have read. I think it's a bit more intense than the Dr Sebagh but I am ready to give it a go.

I got my Dr Sebagh in Space NK - Link! and you can also get it at Bliss - Link!

All in all then it's a bit a few months of skincare highs and lows. Out of the Dr Sebagh and REN I would have to go with the crowd and recommend the Radiance Renewal Mask from REN. I think you will enjoy the instant "happy skin" effect that you get from this and it's also quite a bit cheaper.

What have you been loving and hating lately? 
2 Jun 2013

Where have I been?

I'm sorry! I haven't been here for a while!

It's been a combination of work/trying to find a new place to live (I found it- yay!) and a few other things. I thought I would therefore do a catch-up post to get you back up to speed.

1. Roger

Roger broke his paw during a kennel stay about 4 weeks ago.

It was very upsetting and then to make things even worse our vet proved to be incompetent and misleading about his treatment. At one point I thought I was going to have to take him back to the UK to get surgery - anything to help him get better.

Thankfully we found a great vets in Jumeirah who operated last week. Now all I have to contend with is how to calm a hyperactive dog and keep him as immobile as possible. Tips welcome.

2. Tiffany & Co/The Great Gatsby

In semi-date order, the next thing I did was go along to Tiffany & Co's Great Gatsby collection preview. It was an in-store event with models hired to represent the characters - and of course wear the limited edition jewels.

In the evening it was a special screening of the film in Dubai Mall and there are two reasons why I loved it:

1) Tiffany & Co branded cups and
2) Leonardo Dicaprio.

As my mum would say: "he's really grown into his looks".

I liked it so much I have been back for another viewing.

I am going to say it's because I really like F Scott Fitzgerald and enjoy his commentary on moral emptiness.

Yeah right...I wonder what Fitzgerald would say about a shopping blog? :)

3. Reiss

Reiss invited me to be part of the Spirit of Summer event.

They invited bloggers from around the world to choose their in-store picks and an outfit of their choice, which was to be worn for a quick in-store event.

It was a lovely - I might do a proper post later this week - and I chose a gorgeous peach suit, complete with the most perfect/pretty shirt I own.

4. Banana Republic "Milly" collection launch

Hamptons style came to Dubai last week with the launch of the Milly collaboration with Banana Republic.

I was invited to preview the collection and also pick out a couple of items to take home.

I loved the use of colour and prints - it's very feminine and relaxed. They had cute patterned shorts, chunky knits and flattering dresses.

I choose a bright yellow/lime green dress with a turquoise statement necklace but I keep thinking about that blouse, pictured on the left in the picture below...I know I have a use for that somewhere in my wardrobe....

Check out the collection here - Link!

5. Shopping

Well come on, this is a shopping blog! :)

I have hauled a couple of "essential" items including a Victoria's Secret lipstick in Delish...

...some Lilash (wow, that stuff came down in price!) and a bikini that they finally had in my size...Link!

I have been stalking this for months and now I am officially ready for summer :)

A white bikini is a must-have and if you are not as tacky as me, you can remove the jewels (to prevent third degree burns) and enjoy simple swim wear.

Victoria's Secret bikinis are the best!

So tell me, what did I miss?