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8 Jun 2013

Barry M Lychee = mannequin hands?

Mannequin Hands. Attained by wearing a nail polish colour in a shade similar to the wearer's skin tone. The end result is a clean looking nail that makes fingers appear longer and daintier.

That's the idea anyway.

The colour used is going to depend upon your skin tone but some that immediately come to mind include CND Putty, American Apparel and Topshop's "Mannequin" and Sally Hansen's Cafe au Lait.

I have always shied away from wearing this kind of shade because a part of me internally pukes at the thought of it and when I think nude I can't help but imagine those pretty shades of white and light pink like Essie Mademoiselle or Ballet Slippers.

Still I picked up this Barry M polish when I was in the UK for a few reasons:

1) It's that Gelly Hi-Shine finish that people have been raving about. I have always found Barry M polishes pretty shiny on their own so the thought of that being amped up was appealing; and

2) Lychee was a new colour, a fair taupe that I thought was definitely mannequin/foundation colour but possibly flattering. Possibly. And why not try it for a few Pounds?

I applied it the other day and was a bit dubious about the "putty" colour. Like most Barry M polishes the consistency was good - I could have got away with one coat but to even out the faintest of streaks I applied two.

And actually...I really like it. It sort of reminds me of a browner version of OPI's Skull and Glossbones. Both are a little "off" in terms of traditional nail colours but there is something interesting about them.

I think Barry M sensibly added just enough white in the colour mix to lift it from being too brown or "Mannequin hand-esque". I have seen some other colour swatches from other brands and they often fall flat - or turn out too orange/flesh like.

This is actually nice. It's a good base colour for nail art too - next step is to get some steady hands and add a neon outline to it like in the picture below that sits in my "Beauty inspiration" folder on Pinterest :)

You can buy Lychee online here - Link! for less than £4...I love BarryM - may they always keep their polishes good quality, and their prices low!

What's your favourite type of nude polish?

PS. The shirt worn here was a past purchase from ASOS -  I got some questions about it when I Instagram'd yesterday. They don't currently have it in stock but they periodically add it back to the site - the brand is Dahlia.

Hope you have a great Saturday!


  1. I love the way you've added the neon pink, it looks gorgeous. Love your top too! Can I have your wardrobe Laura?

    Love, Beth
    Beth Blogs Beauty

  2. I looove colours like this, they make my very pasty hands look more tanned! haha
    I really like the neon addition, definitely going to try that when I do my nails next :)

  3. it really looks lovely on you, very clean!

  4. Oooh I love it! Looks very pretty :)
    Great post!

    X Valérie

  5. love the neon pink looks so cool!

  6. Love that colour ! Everyone raves about these polishes, so sad you can't get them in Canada.


  7. I love it!
    I just got it yesterday! Hubby went to London... with a wishlist! LOL!
    Those Barry M polishes are great!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Gros bisou Laura! ;-)

  8. I love this colour...there have been so many reviews and each time I see it I want it so I'll definitely be going shopping and buying a few colours from the collection!!

    Love your outfit too...gorgeous!

    Layla xx



  9. own it and love it.it's one of my go to polishes :) Oh,and the gelly formula is amazing -it stays on my nails for days,sometimes a week!
    Another favorite is Peach Melba- lovely!

  10. Wow, this colour is really nice! And I ADORE the neon outline, it's so quirky! Lovely post!
    Alice :) xx Silent Noon>

  11. I like the color. It's the perfect nude.

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

  12. Ahh i love these type of colors and the shirt is pretty i m looking out for this nail color now..


  13. Lovely color nailpolish!
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  14. Laura,
    that colour is amazing! I like the way it highlights your nails without being too present at the same time. Plus, your nails themselves are very well manicured (I wish mine were, cough... >_>')
    Best wishes from Germany! <3

  15. Love this nail colour! I really like Barry M polishes now :)

  16. I like this color it is very delicate!
    And it reminds me of milk cappuccino!!

    Ciao :)

  17. I've had those nails pinned to my Talons board for ages! Seriously need to give them a go!


  18. I have this shade and I love it, although it can be a bit too streaky for me x


  19. i absolutely LOVE your shirt! i think it'll look great for a casual night out because of the start studs and it's such a lovely twist on the classic studded collar trend! i've been meaning to give some of the gelly hi-shine polishes from barry m for a while now and i know that lychee has been tried and tested for a while now - maybe that'll be one of the first i try! :) X


  20. That colour is gorgeous. I think that neutral nail polishes always look the best and it doesn't offend anyone at work. Though my hands always look red when I wear neutral polishes. But I would definitely purchase this polish :) x


  21. woah , a glimpse of the ring!!! eek

  22. I really love the barry M jelly polish's the colours are amazing, but my problem is that they chip SO easily, like after half a days wear. Its either im very rough with my hands or the formula just isn't very chip-proof!! either way this colour is beaut!


  23. looks really nice with your skin tone, love that shirt too!


  24. Love the colours! so glad I found your blog!


  25. I actually love this shade on you, Laura! I'm always a bit wary of mannequin hands too but when you find the right shade it just works.

    xo, alison*elle

  26. How did you manage to keep a steady hand for that long and to that standard of neatness???? I have tried but to no avail.


  27. Wow!
    It looks amazing..


  28. I'm quite partial to a nude polish, so I really want to try this Barry M one as it looks lovely.
    How did you get on with the neon outline? It looks like it would be quite hard to do and I don't have the steadiest of hands! :o)


  29. I like OPI Don't Pretzel My buttons, for this kind of look ;)

  30. I love that color! im all about nudes and grays for nails


  31. I never thought to put a nice stenciling around my nail when I paint it a more nude color- although that's definitely something I do from time to time as it lasts longer!


  32. Cool love the pink outline!Jacquie

  33. Wait, did I miss something? Is that an engagement ring on your hand?

  34. I don't think i could pull off this shade, but it looks lovely on your nails x

  35. I've got this but wasn't sure about it on me! It's look lovely on you! Especially love it with the pink! Love your blog! You're a beaut! Now following! :)
    Jess xo


  36. In this blog we are chose the weather collection like as and it doesn't offend anyone at work. Though my hands always look red when I wear neutral polishes. But I would definitely purchase this polish. I never thought to put a nice stenciling around my nail when I paint it a more nude color- although that's definitely something I do from time to time as it lasts longer.
    UOP Admission
    AJKMC Admission

  37. this shade was my first purchase in their Gelly range, such a nice colour. been meaning to try out the rest of the Gelly range x


  38. this is such an amazing colour and thank you for sharing!!! i bought it and it'll definitely be my new go-to shade :D


    ps. i've written my own little post about this shade, so check it out: http://diamondsandpebbles.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/lychee-nails/


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