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12 Jun 2013

My REISS Spirit of Summer outfit

As mentioned in a previous post I was part of the REISS Spirit of Summer event. What this meant is that I got to choose an outfit of my liking (awesome!) and attend a lovely evening held by the marketing team at the Mall of the Emirates store.

REISS co-ordinated a series of events around the world, choosing bloggers from key markets to do the same, and our "picks" were displayed in store.

It's a nice idea I think and I love the fact that I got to run riot, try on all the clothes and choose whatever I liked. We all know REISS isn't the cheapest brand on the high street so this was a massive privilege.

I went for something seasonal in colour - a bright peach - but also an outfit that would feel appropriate(ish) for the region and great for work. To make it slightly less corporate I paired with a funky (funky is a word used by those over 50 and now...apparently me!) pair of heels that I can actually walk in.

I had some photos taken in store (cringe! I am not a natural model) so this is what I looked like and also what the store looked like at the beginning of the event.

PS. My skin in these pictures is a mix of Chantecaille Just Skin and Photoshop. Now if they could bottle that....

Shirt: Link!
Skirt: Link!
Jacket: Link!
Shoes: Link! (out of shot but yep, REISS! :)

Now I love the skirt and jacket but to be honest, the foundation of this outfit is the shirt.

I fell in love with it at first sight because it's something that you can wear with anything. The lace insert styling makes it both unique and pretty.

I have worn it so many times, especially to work. Here is how I wore it today :)

The price tag isn't very friendly but thankfully Topshop do a very similar version and the price is definitely easier to digest at a third of the price - Link!

Judging by the amount I have worn this recently lace/white has been one of my favourite trends this summer.

It does mean that fake tan has to be avoided as much as possible to keep the dry cleaning bill down but there is nothing like wearing white to make you feel fresh.

See you all tomorrow!

I did a little New Look purchase after work today so I will definitely share that with you. Sometimes, you just cannot beat a bargain.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Selina - its my favourite piece. Love the lace detail that makes a structured piece feel soft :)

  2. Great post :) Really like the shoes too - they are funky! xx Ps Hope Roger is recovering well

    1. haha it was the only word I could think of :)

      He is doing well - getting his little x ray on Sunday so fingers/paws crossed he has healed okay x

  3. Oh wow looks like an amazing day!

    Emma x

  4. That shirt looks super versatile, Laura. And I love the suit on you as well - the colour is so fresh!

    xo, alison*elle

  5. gorgeous, I love peach outfits in the summer x


  6. Wow, looks like you had so much fun! I love the lace shirt..especially in the last outfit! So pretty :)


  7. nice outfits :) thebeautyblog2.blogspot.com

  8. That shirt looks gorgeous. I wish Reiss wasn't quite so expensive but I guess that's all part of the allure! Glad to hear that Roger is doing well. He is such a little cutie pie!

    Lucy x

  9. Hey,
    great pictures and a beautiful outfit. I love this skirt.


  10. The top is gorgeous. I also love the shade of the pencil skirt and blazer on you.


  11. In love with that blazer! Want want want!

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

  12. Your makeup is flawless and love the shirt


  13. The colors are gorg (as are the clothes!) so approps for the brutal summer we'll be getting soon enough!

  14. i love the overall outfit as it just looks so sophisticated and peach is such a gorgeous colour! but i must agree that the shirt is the best bit! i love how easily you've put the shirt with two different outfits and made it look wonderful both ways. i'm always tempted by clothes that can be worn both casually and when you want to dress up so this shirt is right up my street! loving the shoes as well! and your description is spot on - very 'funky' ;) X


  15. I really like your shirt!! Very nice outfits!!

  16. I've been keeping Reiss in mind for my graduation dress! There's some lovely pieces in at the moment!


  17. That shirt is totally the star of the look , love what you selected .

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  18. wow. all looks so amazing!
    I wish i could buy all that

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  20. Awww your blog makes me so happy! Moving to dubai in a few months and was worried I would miss home and all the fun bloggy things I like to do. Wrong! Now proceeding to stalk your blog instead of going to bed before work! Oh dearie me!


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