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16 Jun 2013

Pharmacy haul!

I was just waiting for the pharmacist to prepare my prescription and the next thing I knew I was buying antibiotics for a chest infection along with a healthy basket of loot.

I sound like such a ditzy cow when I read that back but:

1) Beauty product aisles kill unwanted time
2) I actually needed shampoo and conditioner because I had managed to use everything up and
3) I felt sorry for myself.

I am pleased to report that 4/5 items make me happy, post usage, and 1/5 is yet to be decided. By my standards that makes a pretty good haul.

So what did I get?

Maybelline Ambre Rose lipstick

Shout out to my YT days!

I used to love this lipstick and I remember when it first came out. It still smells the same - an artificial and cheap attempt at sweetness that comes off more like plasticine - and the colour is just as pretty in pink. I think this is discontinued in some markets but the one good thing about Dubai is that whilst items take longer to hit the shelves, it takes just as long for them to get removed.

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal

Do you have this where you live or is it an Asia/Middle East only product?

This is an intense retractable eyeliner in blackest black. I like this. It's not as good as YSL's waterproof kohl (that stuff is the absolute best) but it looks fantastic in the waterline and wears well. Drugstore kohl eyeliners often lack the creaminess and pigmentation of more expensive counterparts but this is almost as good as the adverts promised.

La Roche Posay Biomedic Pigment Control

This stuff smells like a science experiment and in doing so reassures me that it will work.

Thing is, I have to actually remember to apply it - something I haven't quite mastered so I have only applied a couple of drops a few times so far. This is meant to correct pigmentation and increase radiance in 4 weeks with a mixture of glycolic acid, LHA and another acid I have never heard of, Kojic Acid. Say what?

Phytojoba by Phyto shampoo

You know how much I love Phyto - and I have for years.

I think I have bought this one before - it's designed for hydration and unusually, for Phyto, doesn't smell too weird or herbally. The consistency is odd though - its a runny liquid and I am sure I have waved goodbye to about £5 worth of product down my plughole already. I do think this, paired with the next product, is worth the hassle though. It leaves my fine hair full and smooth.

Phytobaume conditioner by Phyto

This is the conditioner that comes with the Phyto hair dye I use. I love the way it makes my hair feel. It's an instant detangler and seems to fight the frizz. I think this, along with the Phyto volumising product I blogged about previously, is part of my holy grail hair pack.

I have to admit that in addition to the above, I did recently pick up that Bourjois cream bronzer, I justified it by the thought of comparing it to the By Terry Hyaluronic mousse bronzer I got recently. And that I will do...and happily so because I sort of like the Bourjois more....

Have you tried any of these products?

What have you picked up recently? 


  1. i had to throw away the remains of my Ambre Rose not too long ago as it stank :( i can't believe it had gone rancid so quickly! some of my MAC lippies are older and smell perfectly fine!

    the dupe i found that i told you about is just as beautiful and without the annoying shimmer

    i really wanna find phyto but it's hard to find here!

  2. Ahh I remember that lipstick from your YouTube days! Pretty sure it was you who started the Gosh Darling craze too - at least for me anyway! X

  3. Hi dear Laura,
    Be careful with the LRP Pigment Control (here in Canada it's call Mela-D), it can cause photosensitivity so I would suggest you to wear it at night only. If you wear it during the day, wear a very good sunscreen especially because of the Dubai weather ! Even though, it is a very good treatment to correct pigmentation.

    The Colossal Kajal can't be found here so it might be a Asia/Middle east exclusivity !

  4. Oh let us know how that la Roche-posay serum works!!


  5. I really love that lipstick!! Nice post. x


  6. The La Roche Posay serum looks good! Kojic acid is good for lightening/brightening, but I think it can cause some sensitivity.

    Love the little shout-out to your YT days, I LOVED your videos :) xx

  7. I'm really curious about that La Roche Posay serum! :D
    Valérie ♥ scribblesofvalerie.com

  8. I love Phytobaume conditioner - it not too heavy but does the job very well. I can't remember the name of my Phyto shampoo (it's for oily hair) and that is also a runny liquid... very bizarre and quite hard to get the hang of! x

  9. I've tried both Phyto products!I liked the shampoo a lot and the mask/conditioner I think was really thick and weird in consistancy if I'm not mistaken.But Phyto always works well...
    This La Roche must be something new, I've never seen it before!With all these crazy acids in ,it must brighten very well,too!I've tried kojac acid in a cream- works well on spots but I advise you use every other day or you may wake up with dry flaky skin one day.Right now I use the Bioderma Serum with glycolic acid and I swear by it.It's my third tube.It says use every other day and I'm trying to remember not to use it too often.

  10. I have recently fallen madly in love with a couple of Maybelline lipsticks and you're right about the smell! It smells like an old lady's favorite lipstick, but some of the colors are so lovely it makes it worthwhile. And I have never tried anything from La Roche Posay, but I might have to give this product a try! I hope you're feeling better!


  11. When I saw Phyto and La Roche Posay, I thought for a second that you had gone to France and raided a French pharmacy. Those are the best!

    A few pharmacy products that I have been using lately and loving are:
    - Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre (delicious, rich moisturizer)
    - Nuxe Serum Creme Fraiche de Beaute (thanks to you, I got hooked on this amazing serum - already onto my 2nd bottle)
    - Nuxe Reve de Miel lipbalm (I can only use this at night for overnight hydration, but it does a good job)
    - Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse (yummy oil for summer skin)
    - Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron (thanks to Caroline Hirons for this recommendation, great hydrating serum)
    - La Roche Posay Toleriane cleanser (I use this with a washcloth to clean my face in the evening, does a great job breaking down the oily makeup).

    I also recently purchased a couple of Revlon Lip Butters. Those are great - such a pigmented colour but still some hydration.

  12. That lipstick looks soo nice! I've been working my way through La Roche Posay products, yet to try this.
    Great post!


  13. I'm in California and I've never seen the Maybelline The Colossal Kajal.


  14. I'm a fan of pharmacy cosmetics too, just bought the Avene Thermal Water-love it!


  15. Hi Laura!
    Would love it if you kept us up-to-date on La Roche Posay Biomedic Pigment Control's efficacy! My increasing discolouration necessitates an alarming amount of foundation and I'm trying to treat the problem rather than covering it up!

    Thank you for doing our shopping! My student wallet is immensely grateful.


    Ps. I've missed your YT days terribly! I absolutely had a blast watching you. (<-- How does one say that without sounding like a creep?)

  16. Drug store hauls always seem to be the funnest! my recent buy was maybelline's illegal length mascara is blackest black. The packaging is uber dull but the formula is great! especially when it's gotten a little bit dry :) xx


  17. Haha! I do this too! I went to boots the other day for some cream for bites, came out with a load of makeup and skin care! Xx


  18. Love your posts :) however I always end up with a big wish list after reading them.
    I haven't tried any of these products (I'd like to try the roche la posay) , recently I picked up some Korea skincare products.

  19. Those La roche-posay products look interesting, I haven't seen those ones before. Xx

    Olivia - cravemorebeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  20. laura the biomedic pigment control is great but be careful as it does increase the skin sensitivity and sun burns or at least that was the case with me
    just pile on the sun block ; )

  21. Ha I recently looked at my old blog, and remembered Ambre Rose, and how I fell in love with it after buying it on your recomendation and found one on eBay! Great minds think alike :p

  22. that lipstick looks lovely and such a plain and pretty colour! hopefully i can find it available somewhere near me! the eyeliner sounds wonderful as well so fingers crossed there are places that stock it somewhere in england! i've also heard of the popularity and general 'greatness' of phyto products and these ones sound especially wonderful! i'll definitely have to give them a go in the future! X


  23. We miss you on YT, Laura! I haven´t tried any Maybelline lipsticks but would def try them out.


  24. I haven't seen the La Roche Posay serum at my drugstore but I'm intrigued. Who doesn't love a dark spot corrector? Will have to scope it out x

  25. Hi darling. I just bought Clarins Exfoliating Toner a few days ago. I haven't tried it yet but is highly recommended by Caroline Hinnan. I think that's how you spell the name of the skin care specialist LOL. Can't wait to see what it does!! Hugs and kisses

  26. I recently bought the bourjois cream bronzer and I have to say I think it puts the Chanel bronze universal to shame! Would love to hear your thoughts! RIP Maybelline Ambre rose - I remember those youtube days... unfortunately my one is on it's last legs and though it's one of my favourites, I hardly ever use it because I know I won't be able to get a replacement :( x

  27. Hey, I have tried the La Roche-Posay pigment control and it actually works! I had uneven skin tone around my mouth/lip area for a while and had tried everything...this is the only non-prescription product that worked for me...hope it does for you as well!:)