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26 Jun 2013

Story of my life...

I think this outfit of the day is confirmation, as if any was needed, that I am a very Zara-loyal person.

My top, trousers, blazer and even shoes are from this store, collected over various seasons both past and present, and then all jumbled together in today's morning rush.

This is a very unoriginal move but I wouldn't exactly deem my "style" as anything else.

  • White top of some description?
  • Trousers made of a light fabric?
  • Blazer - this time with some shoulder pads to make me feel 80s?
  • Stupidly heavy bag?
  • Massive shades to hide behind?

Check, check, check, check and check.


Whilst my outfit was standard fayre, I did at least try something new with my makeup.

I left a meeting last night and had to walk through Dubai Mall to get a taxi. Now strictly speaking I didn't have to walk into the beauty hall within Bloomingdales and head to the Laura Mercier counter - a place nowhere near a taxi rank - but I did.

This was all triggered by a conversation I had with Simone the previous evening. She swears by Silk Creme and I have heard the buzz, both positive and negative, surrounding it and I thought I would try it for myself.

Whilst I was at it and dealing with a semi-pleasant sales assistant, I also picked up some non-essential items including Brigitte lipstick and (not pictured) Lush Nectarine blush.

The Silk Creme has only been on my face a day but I have enjoyed it. I was lucky with the colour match I think because the range is extremely limited. The coverage is on the fuller side but it didn't look cakey after 8 hours of wear. I think it has something to do with the Chanel primer and powder I am now using - that's a combination I have to review if only to pay homage to the wonder that is Les Beiges. How have I lived without this stuff?

Speak soon!


  1. Sticking to what you know best? Can't argue with something that looks great! :)

  2. I really want to try the silk creme foundation! I use her oil free tinted moisturizer, and I'm obsessed!

  3. love the navy blue blazer. think i'll need to get one this weekend! bty your nailpolish color is lovley :)

  4. ok now I totally need les beiges! damn you!!!

  5. the silk cream is one of my go-tos, I have been loving tarte's amazonian clay one a bit more lately - equally as full coverage but a bit more moisturizing! great picks and love your outfit as always!!
    - Pam

  6. I read about les beiges recently and I'm dying to try it! x

  7. Zara IS the way forward, lovely little outfit, you look lovely

  8. I want to try that foundation now! I've recently fallen in love with "stupidly heavy bags" too (probably b/c of your blog) and recently purchased a Kooba Zoey Shoulder Bag..I lovingly blame you, Laura!

  9. i love silk creme! it full coverage but still looks like skin, perfect
    Chloe Witty

  10. Very much your "style" but it works so well for you! Love the colour of that very necessary lippie ;)

    xo, alison*elle

  11. I love the way you can pull this together in a rush and still do "sophisticated cool". Zara is amazing of course, I think my outfit today is also about 90% Zara! x

  12. I love shoulder pads so much I just really can't pull them off, you look gorgeous though! x


  13. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Looking as glamorous as ever!

    Lucy x

  14. Love the outfit! I too would make a detour to Bloomingdales on my way to get a taxi haha :) Really need to try the Les Beiges powder now! x

  15. Perfectly fabulous outfit. Zara clothing is such an odd fit for me, oh well .. doesn't stop me from looking :-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  16. loving your outfit girl! especially that blazer!

    xoxo, Aman


  17. I want your handbag it's gorgeous. Lovely outfit too just gorgeous

    Carrieanne x


  18. Beaut <3 I love how your wish list is like NEVER ending on the side bar - All so pretty! You are a BAD influence x

  19. Laura Mercier cosmetics are seriously the best, she has the best range of lipstick colours, the one you picked up is stunning xx


  20. The Laura Mercier blushers are some of my faves, particularly Lush Nectarine

    Jess x

  21. I absolutely adore this outfit. I may have to make the jump to Zara from H&M which is my current obsession and I too could easily accidentally end up dressed head to toe from that store.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  22. lol from a fellow beauty addict, i completley understand the need to 'bypass' the beauty hall on the way to a taxi. this makes sense to me!

    Follow my Fashion Blog on Bloglovin!

  23. Laura Mercier stocking is odd - no one store seems to have all the shades offered, only the brand's own website does, at least for some products; and other shades come and go at various stores. (I use a shade of the mineral powder foundation, rose ivory, that seems particularly spotty.)

  24. I just wanted to say, thank you. I love your blog and also loved the youtube channel which I was faithful with. I hope someday you return to youtube. I know many many people miss you. I love how lovingly honest, simple and beautiful you are and it transmits in your post/blog and in the past through youtube.

  25. I love this outfit! So chic and classy :) And don't you love good makeup finds?


  26. Love the simplicity of this outfit. You can never go wrong with Zara, I absolutely love the brand.


  27. I love your outfit. Simple and elegant.

  28. I love your outfit. You look great !!! ;D

  29. I love your outfit & also want to invest in a navy blazer.
    Happy Thursday Hun xoxo

  30. I love how any outfit can be made chic with a simple black blazer. It's a wardrobe staple!
    Laura from Twinkle Style & Travel Magazine and A Life With Frills

  31. To say the silk creme is such a blogger favourite I've still yet to try it!


  32. Such a classic look. The pants look amazing on you.

    xx Jasmine

  33. Ah I love this outfit post! I'm desperate to try out Laura Mercier too. I love you blog Laura!


  34. So classy loved it! :)

  35. Olá! Chamo-me Wendy e adivinhe...também tenho um blog.
    Um dos meus objectivos para este ano era chegar aos 300 seguidores e para que tudo seja justo, pensei: eu deixo o link do meu blog ( http://theotherprincess.blogspot.pt) se quiser seguir, siga, e se quiser que eu siga de volte, avise!

  36. I love your outfit! I'm also obsessed with not only Zara but blazers. I love them! They instantly make an outfit look smart.

    This is controversial but I really dislike Silk Creme. I have oily/combination skin and tried it out a few months ago after hearing great reviews. However, I found the formula to be too thick and heavy and by the end of the day, most of the foundation had slipped off (and this was in the cold UK winter weather!). I took it back to Space NK and swapped it for good old Nars Laguna bronzer! So, I'm interested to see how you get on with it :)


  37. You're going to LOVE the Lush Nectarine blush. It's one of my favorites!

    Bold Subtlety

  38. It's funny how you only notice just how much you love a brand when you've styled an entire head to toe look and everything's from the same store! Nothing wrong with brand loyalty, especially with Zara. They always deliver!

    <3 Rochelle - http://tnkstyle.com

  39. This outfit is lovely! I love the blazer, it looks so good on you :) ♥


  40. Ooh that lipstick looks gorgeous! May have to check that shade out :)

  41. Love your dressing sense !!


  42. Great outfit. Zara sells such classy items.


  43. You've got to love Zara! Love the outfit!


  44. I've been eyeing that lipstick! Is it what you have on in the pictures? I'd love to see a closer mug shot of it! :D

  45. Looking chic as ever. Love your 'style', it's so 'effortless', but you always look so polished. :)
    Silk Crème is on my wish list.. I've heard nothing but positive reviews about it. Enjoy.


  46. You ALWAYS look amazing!!!! so happy to have found your blog. long time youtube subbie xx


  47. Love your style, this outfit is so chic. Seeing a black blazer always reminds me of the 6th form school uniform which was formal/smart i.e wear a blazer at all time. Like you, I was always rushing in the morning but I never managed to pull of such an effortless, cool look. Your outfit would've passed the school uniform rules and the style test!

    A standard day...

  48. If it ain't broke don't fix it right? I love your style, it's polished but not too over done. Perfect!

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Very beautiful and classic! Love! Aside from the blazer, I absolutely love your sunglasses!!

  51. Love this look, exactly my style, a blazer just makes an outfit! x

  52. So casual and classy! I love it :)


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