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2 Jun 2013

Where have I been?

I'm sorry! I haven't been here for a while!

It's been a combination of work/trying to find a new place to live (I found it- yay!) and a few other things. I thought I would therefore do a catch-up post to get you back up to speed.

1. Roger

Roger broke his paw during a kennel stay about 4 weeks ago.

It was very upsetting and then to make things even worse our vet proved to be incompetent and misleading about his treatment. At one point I thought I was going to have to take him back to the UK to get surgery - anything to help him get better.

Thankfully we found a great vets in Jumeirah who operated last week. Now all I have to contend with is how to calm a hyperactive dog and keep him as immobile as possible. Tips welcome.

2. Tiffany & Co/The Great Gatsby

In semi-date order, the next thing I did was go along to Tiffany & Co's Great Gatsby collection preview. It was an in-store event with models hired to represent the characters - and of course wear the limited edition jewels.

In the evening it was a special screening of the film in Dubai Mall and there are two reasons why I loved it:

1) Tiffany & Co branded cups and
2) Leonardo Dicaprio.

As my mum would say: "he's really grown into his looks".

I liked it so much I have been back for another viewing.

I am going to say it's because I really like F Scott Fitzgerald and enjoy his commentary on moral emptiness.

Yeah right...I wonder what Fitzgerald would say about a shopping blog? :)

3. Reiss

Reiss invited me to be part of the Spirit of Summer event.

They invited bloggers from around the world to choose their in-store picks and an outfit of their choice, which was to be worn for a quick in-store event.

It was a lovely - I might do a proper post later this week - and I chose a gorgeous peach suit, complete with the most perfect/pretty shirt I own.

4. Banana Republic "Milly" collection launch

Hamptons style came to Dubai last week with the launch of the Milly collaboration with Banana Republic.

I was invited to preview the collection and also pick out a couple of items to take home.

I loved the use of colour and prints - it's very feminine and relaxed. They had cute patterned shorts, chunky knits and flattering dresses.

I choose a bright yellow/lime green dress with a turquoise statement necklace but I keep thinking about that blouse, pictured on the left in the picture below...I know I have a use for that somewhere in my wardrobe....

Check out the collection here - Link!

5. Shopping

Well come on, this is a shopping blog! :)

I have hauled a couple of "essential" items including a Victoria's Secret lipstick in Delish...

...some Lilash (wow, that stuff came down in price!) and a bikini that they finally had in my size...Link!

I have been stalking this for months and now I am officially ready for summer :)

A white bikini is a must-have and if you are not as tacky as me, you can remove the jewels (to prevent third degree burns) and enjoy simple swim wear.

Victoria's Secret bikinis are the best!

So tell me, what did I miss? 


  1. glad to hear Roger is doing well :)

    wsih I could buy VS bikinis, i need to get my hands on another bandeau one as i wore mine a lot last summer, no pesky shoulder tan lines!

  2. I LOVE the Milly x Banana Republic collection, and I have my eye on those white and black Elephant shorts, and this beautiful gray and coral striped dress. I would love to hear your thoughts on whether this collection is worth the $$$! Thanks, Laura!

  3. Awwww poor little Roger! I am glad that he's on the mend now though. I love that Milly by Michelle yellow dress, so gorgeous!

    Gem x

  4. Poor Roger! I hope he feels better soon! Although he does look ridiculously cute with his little cone on!

  5. Poor Roger! How rubbish that the vet was clueless to say the least, are there many dog owners in Dubai? (Silly questions, I know!).

    The packaging of the Victoria Secret lipstick looks super sleeeeek! I still have my YSL Rouge Volupte containers, don't have the heart to throw them away, ha!



  6. Hope little Roger feels better - poor thing!

    Love the Great gatsby party - anything looks better in Tifanny blue - including drinks cups :-)

    The milly dress and necklace look fab for summer - great picks!

    MY BLOG: ♥♥♥ Ella Pretty ♥♥♥

  7. Awww his little face!! Cute is an understatement!! Wish him a speedy recovery!

    Is your new place a villa? I'm going to be apartment hunting when I get to Dubai. Thinking either JBR or Dubai Marina looks nice. Would you recommend either? xx

  8. Poor little Roger. Glad to hear he's on the mend! Tiffany & Co meets Leo DiCaprio. Can it get any better? The peach suit from Reiss is to die for! xx


  9. Hello! I'm so sorry to hear that roger has a broken paw. But I'm glad to hear he is recovering nicely. Those tops are gorgeous. And the necklace is to die for. The great gatsby collection from Tiffany's is beautiful. Very classic an timeless. Hope your having a great weekend. Eva

  10. Wow busy lady! All sounds like fun ! Glad roger is getting better :)

    I really love that blose from BR pictured! You def need it !( as do I ) :)


  11. Poor Roger! I'm glad he's doing okay now. I would be worried sick if that happened to my dog.
    Those Tiffany jewels are absolutely gorgeous. The Great Gatsby was amazing!

  12. Wow, the elephant shorts are TOO adorable!!

    Yara Miora

  13. Aw poor puppy! I hope Roger gets better soon. You can try Bach Rescue Remedy which is a natural stress relief tincture. It helps calm my cocker spaniel down in the evening. It doesn't help when I bring him to the vet though .. that requires doggie prozac.


  14. The Reiss suit looks gorgeous! Love the colour! Aw poor Roger, hope he's doing okay now :)

  15. I LOVE your blog!!! I discovered it yesterday and I have read so many posts hahaha :) Keep going like this please!!! The events by Reiss seem pretty fun, they are also sponsoring my blog but I have never been invited haha:p (though they have provided for a fun giveway last year so I'm definately not complaining) But you deserve it, there is no question!!! Love every single post and I'm so inspired by your life :)



  16. Oh and I hope you're dog will get better! xx

  17. Oh, poor Roger... love his cute little face :)I used feline pheromone to calm my cat down (when we moved houses and when she stays with my friends when we're away. I am sure there's something similar for dogs (Adaptil I think)- it's natural,non addictive but I am not sure whether it is just for anxiety or for hyperactivity ;)

  18. You have been missed! Sending you good wishes for Roger. <3

  19. Glad to hear Roger is on the mend. That Great Gatsby screening sounds amazing! I've already booked tickets to see it a second time. x

  20. Awwwww! your dog is so cute! hope he feels better soon!
    Also lots of lovely things you have bought here, your outfit looks great too! xx

  21. Yep, I totally fancy Leo now, he looked like little boy before.

  22. 1) Oh bless Roger!! That photo melts my heart!

    2) Oh oh OHHH Leo! That close up of him smiling honestly made everyone in the theatre smile!

    3) That peach suit is AMAZING! I have no where to wear it but I want to own it!

  23. That White bikini looks amazing! As does everything else. I loved Great Gatsby. And Tiffany's cups? Wow :) did you take it home? ;)
    Adela x


  24. Two of my favourite things in the world mixed together- The great Gatsby and Tiffany's = heaven on earth! Looked incredible Xx

    Olivia - cravemorebeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  25. Awww thank goddess Rodger is ok, hope he feels better soon. :-)

  26. It looks like you've been busy! I am sorry to hear about Roger, how terrible. Glad he's okay. And ADORABLE white bikini! x


  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Glad to hear that roger is going to be alright.he is the cutest little thing..we missed you and thumps up for the bikini


  29. Aw.... I hope Roger gets well soon. I have a Yorkie of my own too and he is absolutely the love of my life!


  30. Glad to see your back the Tiffany jewels are amazing!

  31. awww poor roger - hope he's back on his lil paws in no time xx

  32. Get well soon Roger! poor lil fluff ball

    The lime dress is to die for and the necklace just perfects the look, always love your posts


  33. Ugh I NEED that bikini in my life! Obsessed with Victoria Secret, I can't wait till it comes to Leeds! Your life looks sooooo glamorous! Get well soon wishes to Roger x

  34. Poor Roger! I would have been very upset too, if my dog broke his paw at a kenel stay. I'm glad he is doing better. I really want to see the Great Gatsby, but I think I should read the book first.


  35. Poor little Roger! I would have killed the owners of the kennel stay place. He is SO adorable. Hope he feels better soon.
    I love that Great Gatsby jewelry. I want that choker of pearls.
    You look so beautiful. And that bikini is CUTE. Love the jewels.

  36. Get well soon Roger, what a fab name for a dog!

    Love the bikini and the gorge yellow dress... Amazing!

    Much love,


  37. it's great to have you back laura and lovely to hear that roger is on the mend! i can't tell you enough how much i love my cat and couldn't bear to see him in pain so i can't imagine how stressful it must have been for you! lovely updates on new collections and events you've been to - they're always my favourite ;) and the victoria's secret products are lovely! i've never really thought about buying from them and didn't even know they did make up! a visit to the online store is definitely on the cards! X


  38. Aww Poor Roger, glad to hear he’s getting better. He’s quite adorable! Gorgeous Banana Republic blouse, I’m definitely getting that one. I absolutely love the white bikini. And Yes I'm probably tacky and would wear the jewels just as is :-) Lovely Post Laura!

  39. poor doggie! really great catch up post. and really awesome that you've been to these fashion events lately. love the yellow and teal blouse! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  40. I dont usually comment but just had to this time: poor Roger!!! I went through the same experience with my dog and the vet prooved to be terrible which resutled in 3 different surgeries just to correct the mess the original vet had done. If he is ok in the crate, he should be there majority of the day. I can also suggest anxiety relief drops for dogs from Whole Foods, not sure if you wold have access to those but they work. Its not medication per se and is natural and it does calm them. Hope he feels better soon!!!

  41. OMG did u get married and didnt share one thing?!!!! We would love to see your dress....

  42. We have all missed you Laura, you are back and still looking radient. x


  43. I'm so glad you write a blog, you're so refreshingly honest and don't just 'love' every product. Thank you Laura!

  44. That picture of Roger in the cast is both the cutest and saddest thing I've ever seen - hope he's feeling better!

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  46. Can I ask where/ which seller you get your lilash from? I bought some in the past when it was about £99 and it did a great job, I bought a second lot about a year later and it did naff all so I think I may have paid £99 for a fake (sad times)!

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