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4 Jul 2013

Pick Me Up

I am wrecked. It's been one of those weeks at work that seems to consist of never-ending project deadlines, proposal submissions and emails. Think stints at the office that last until 9pm (if you're lucky). That bright, shiny disposition I sported on Sunday has rapidly disappeared and I am a tired, personality-free zone. The cherry on top is the fact that I am moving tomorrow so have the joy of packing to contend with as well.

I know, I know. Moaning about having a job and being made to work hard is bloody dull. It's therefore time for a change of mood and a pick me up.

I have a couple of guaranteed rituals that I follow for this. A large glass of McGuigan's Black Label Merlot and a 10 hour kip go a long way but on an even more superficial level getting smooth skin and a faux glow going also works wonders.

I have done this for years, whipping it out as a solution to any occasion where I feel a bit low/tired/depressed/stressed. For whatever reason it always makes me feel better and there are two products that are PERFECT for this.

The Faux Glow

Meet bottle number 10 of Soltan's self tanner.

I have mentioned this before but attention in that case was on the spray version.

Forget it. It's all about the mousse. And the Medium/Dark version of it at that. You get this in Boots for about £4 and you will end up with a subtle hint of colour on the skin that fades nicely and looks natural.

I did have a flirtation with Rodial's fake tan recently and whilst I do rate that, the Soltan products wins overall for me. It's accessible, super easy to apply (dries in 60 seconds) and colour wise, presents something believable for someone like me who only has an office tan.

If you are used to the intensity of Xen-Tan then this will most likely disappoint because it's more natural (read:light) but for gradual tanning junkies or those who want a product that takes the edge off a pale palour, then give it a go.

NB: I wore this in my D&G lipstick post...a few of you were asking what tan I was wearing! :) 

The Scrub

When I smell Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow, I smell "holiday". It's a mixture of coconut and sweet frangipani flowers and absolutely incredible. I think part of me enjoys smelling this more than the actual scrub part. I am 100% going to buy the body oil version of this scent for that reason.

This is "a lovely scrub". It refines the skin and then leaves that light film of oil that makes everything feel soft, nourished and well cared for. When you add in the amazing scent into the mix then it really is the perfect pick me up.

In terms of effect it's probably no different from The Sanctuary salt scrub - a product I absolutely love - but as I said before, it's all about the fragrance. Price wise it's a lot more to pay of course but I am justifying it by the fact that this year's holiday consists of a "staycation". If I can't go to a tropical island then it can damn well come to me :)

You can buy Elemis at www.elemis.ae (across the Middle East/free delivery in the UAE), Bloomingdale's, Dubai Mall and Debenhams Mirdif City Centre. In Kuwait you can get this in Harvey Nichols - The Avenues Mall.

I would love to know what your beauty pick me ups are when you are feeling wrecked from work/school/life so if you have any tips or tricks let me know.

Now I am off to pack up my shoes and clothes...wish me luck! :) 


  1. I used the Rodial Brazillian Tan than came in this montsh ELLE UK and really didnt rate it at all! Maybe im using it wrong but it did nothing for me and im naturally pale!

    I love St Moriz...wonderfully cheap! What do you think of it?


  2. I usually do some sort of face mask or have a bath with a LUSH bath bomb when I'm feeling stressed. That scrub sounds like it smells delicious... I'm such a sucker for tropical scents!

    xo, alison*elle

  3. I am loving the REN Guérande salt scrub but this one sounds lovely as well. Staycation for me as well and sadly, not half as much sun as you have in Dubaï, so I'm boosting my mood with some fake tan and bronzer, and the Caudalie Jambes Divines on the legs so they're not fluoro white. The Nuxe oil is also a great pick me up (not the gold one though) as it smells eoxotic, makes my skin so smooth and gives it a lovely sheen.

  4. I find hard liquor to be the best pick me up, but that's just me.

  5. Ooh I'm sure I've heard a few people talking about sultan products, I may have to pick something up! Also, Asda own brand tan is really, really good I find myself using it more than the 'fakebake' products I have invested in!xxx

  6. Ooh I wonder if I can get Soltan in the U.S. My skin is quite reminiscent of a corpse so I need all the faux tan help I can get! I was all about the St Tropez mousse, but that is starting to look really patchy!

    Sorry you had such a rough week! I usually find a bit of product therapy does wonders for me too :)


  7. The Frangipani Monoi moisture melt is one of my favourite things in the whole world! The smell is just ...*shiver* I built my morning routine onmy wedding day around this so I could ensure it would be forever special.

  8. I am moving house tomorrow too. I sympathise. Currently taking a well earned break from packing to read your blog :-) You must buy the elemis body oil. It's so luxurious. Good luck tomorrow. X

  9. I feel your pain Laura, making the move from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in a couple of months and looking forward to it like a hole in the head!

  10. I've never thought to try soltan self-tan, but I'll check it out now. I'm naturally pale so need to avoid those deep fake tans! x

  11. Oh I've been looking for a lovely salt scrub, I was thinking of getting the Dirt Sow+Reap Lemon Leaf one, but this is looking like a good option too.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  12. Nice post!
    Elemis products are so good!


  13. When I'm tired and stressed out I like to paint my nails a colour that will cheer me up. If I need a pick me up before I leave the office, I pop next door for cake from Marks and Spencer! X

  14. a good scrub is one of my favourite things. there is nothing nicer than feeling smooth and pampered (in my eyes anyway) and this one sounds lovely! the 'holiday scent' is my favourite scent of all time and i love it when it's incorporated into various products - and this one is no different! it sounds lovely and even though i'm not one to regularly fake tan, this scrub is still a product i am interested in trying out! :) X


  15. Goodluck with the move.The elemis scrub sounds divine. I personally love the Laura Mercier ambre vanille scrub- so decadent the price can be *cough* ignored :)

  16. Thank you very much for doing this post Laura! I was amongst the people who asked you about your tan! :-)
    My little pick me up at the moment is the new Caudalie Divine Legs... It gives an instant glow and washes off at night!
    Good luck with the move, exciting but not fun!
    Bisou! :-)

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I am so glad I read this today! I too am feeling so stressed and anxious as I've just moved and and am interviewing for jobs, all whilst working... I just went for a stroll downtown at lunch, and treated myself to a new Jo Malone fragrance. I felt so uplifted. What a great gift to myself! Hope your weekend is more upbeat. I love your blog xox

  19. Oooh I usually steer clear of drugstore self tans but I might give this one a try!


  20. I haven't tried this mousse, but have tried the wash off tan in the spray can by soltan and the colour is amazing and they great thing is because it washes off you don't need to commit yourself to the tan...


  21. This looks good, I may give this a try!


  22. I have that fake tan!! I love it, it's so nice on the build up to summer!!



  23. I am dying to try the Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow scrub for the very fact that I ADORE the Elemis frangipani scent, it's seriously like nothing else I've ever smelt.

    Good luck with the move!


  24. I love a nice face mask for those days when work just really wears you out. I actually like the prepacked ones that are soaked in liquid like these: http://tinyurl.com/m95vhbh

    Pop them in the fridge for a few minutes and a nice cooling mask will boost your mood up a notch. That and a glass of wine of course.

  25. I want to try that salt scrub!

    xoxo, Aman | coffee chic twitter

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