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17 Aug 2013

Brunch OOTD

Brunches are a bit of a Dubai ritual. Every Friday the hotels put on a huge spread, charge you about £100, and in you go, to fill up on rich food and drink.

I am not big on buffets - I get overwhelmed - and drinking in the daytime seldom results in anything chic (at least for me) but every now and then it's nice to go along to one.

Yesterday, Simone and I tried the Movenpick IBN Battuta Gate sparkling brunch. Every single time I go in that hotel I take a picture of the lobby - the lanterns mesmerize - and their brunch is held directly beneath them.

The dim lighting creates a flattering atmosphere and various stalls are spread around offering dishes from the hotel's many restaurants. I think it was delicious...I say think because we were so busy talking that I didn't really get round to eating much. I had a cheese manakeesh (delicious), a cupcake and some desserts (always good) and far too many glasses of champagne. Oops.

I tend to overdress for brunches. I get carried away, don the glad rags and when I turn up to see other diners in relaxed jeans, get a bit jealous. I tried to balance things out this time - feel nice but don't overdo it. Or something like that.

The top is new and formed part of my ASOS haul. This was definitely one of those items that you add to basket as a gamble. It could be fantastic or it could be a polyester nightmare. This turned out so well. It's a lovely soft pink, works well casually or formally and has been worn 3 times this week. I may have also worn it today... :) That was £15 well spent!

Top: ASOS - Link!
Blazer: ASOS - Link!
Jeans: Current/Elliott Ankle Skinny - Link!
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban aviators
Bag: Miu Miu
Shoes: Valentino

Back to work tomorrow and also the start of a 14 day Bikram challenge. That's 14 classes in 14 days.

I think I can do this but it's going to mean a lot of hair washing, washing machine action and sore muscles. I am excited to see if I notice any changes by the end of it and whether intense practice will mean that I can actually hold a standing pose rather than stumbling out of them after 5 seconds :)

Wish me luck!

PS. Thank you for all the comments on the coconut oil post. I have learned so much and will be looking into jojoba oil and other "dry" oils to see if things can get even better!


  1. Lovely outfit, you look amazing! Sounds a lot like the Sofitel brunch in Bahrain, they have the same lanterns in the lobby, absolutely mesmerising :)

    Good luck with the challenge :) xx

  2. Beautiful outfit as always. Am in love with the shoes may have to do a hunt for the ebay knock-offs! Would love to see an asos haul!

  3. lovely outfit! the location is amazing!

  4. Love the outfit!! the t-shirt has a really pretty colour :)


    Style and Paper

  5. The lanterns are beautiful. Reminds me of what we have here in Sydney in our Angel Pl laneway. Those Valentino studs really make the outfit rock!

  6. I love the colour of the tank! It's so soft and girly!

  7. Ooh Laura, everything is gorgeous. I want a lipstick the color of your bag!

    Random: Have you ever written about the places you've lived/travelled? You're always flying between such interesting places and I would be so excited to read about it. Sometimes there are a couple of things in your posts about living in Dubai (like coffee shops being closed during the day for the the fast) and it's really interesting!

  8. Perfect outfit! I love your blog x


  9. In love with the blazer! xx

    Heels Forever

  10. The tank top from ASOS, did you buy it in nude?

  11. In love with those Valentino's!!! Good luck with the Bikram!


  12. that sounds absolutely lovely, and I adore your outfit.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  13. loveeee you valentino heels, and how your pink top and bag pull the pink shade out of them!!! love love love :) perfect brunch outfit!

    rachel x

  14. You look amazing Laura, love the outfit! ♥

  15. The shoes are amazing! Love them! You are such a beautifukl woman! Greetings from Germany!

  16. Good luck with your Bikram challenge!

    Outfit looks lovely- think you got the dressed-up-casual down to a tee.

    Tora || www.torabaker.co.uk

  17. Your outfit is really lovely I love that you never over do it and you always manage to create a really chic but simplistic style! Those lanterns look amazing as well! x


  18. oh my, this is such a gorgeous outfit! and those shoes! i've never lusted after designer clothing before (apart from bags, obvs ;) ) but these shoes are the one thing i would buy immediately if i had enough money! i think they're just so unique and elegant! the whole outfit is pretty sophisticated to be honest and i think it looks like the perfect combination of dressed up and dressed down! :) X


  19. Firstly, I love your blog! I'm travelling to Dubai next month and was a bit worried about dress code, so coming across your blog has helped me a great deal.

    If you were to recommend a brunch in Dubai, would t be this one? I'm trying to select a Friday brunch for myself and my boyfriend and this is the first time I've come across mention of the Movenpick.

  20. You look gorgeous. I love that color pink of your blazer; like soft candy floss
    Good luck with the Bikram challenge ;-)
    Have a lovely week xx

  21. love this outfit, especially the lovely blazer :)



  22. Love the first those lanterns look amazing!
    Justine Cashmere Times

  23. Love those shoes and handbag!!! Beautiful photos.
    Take care and keep in touch

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. cute outfit as always Laura ! :D

    I have a gossip blog about the youtube gurus, check it out
    Follow and i will follow back!!


  26. Love your brunch look! So chic, polished and relaxed at the same time.


  27. Love the blush colours that you've used in your outfit. Good luck for the 14 day challenge!! xo

    Your Daily Break

  28. Beautiful photos!

  29. This outfit is great Laura. So simple yet so chic and very practical. Love it!


    Deepti. x

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