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1 Sep 2013

Mini beauty haul!

I have so many beauty posts to do right now. I thought I would kick things off with a little haul/review.

I made a couple of orders recently - one from Space NK and one directly from Lime Crime cosmetics. In both cases the orders were modest and restrained - just two items. I say this to you as if I deserve a round of applause.

I have had them for a week or so now and have formed some opinions. Here we go...

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray

First of all, this is bloody expensive. I added this to the basket on the Space NK site and balked at the price. £38 for the larger tube! I did commit to purchase because it is so hyped up that I thought it must surely be worth it. Right?

Well I don't know. There is no denying that this gives hair "oomph". It's classic dry shampoo territory - without the horrid white residue. It lifts the hair, adds thickness and volume that lasts until the next hair wash. I like the packaging and I like the speed at which the product dispenses itself from the canister. If you have ever tried Batiste XXL you will know what this means.

Now it all sounds so positive and yes, its a good product. However, I really expected something unique. And it isn't really. I find this incredibly similar/if not the same to Sacha Juan's Volumising Powder and Davines Hair Refresher. Both of those work just as well and I think, ml for ml work out cheaper.

It's fairly early days so I will keep using it but if I had to record my first impressions that would be it.

Lipstick Queen - Hang Ten

Along with the Sacha Juan came Lipstick Queen's Hang Ten.

Now I love the consistency of Poppy King's lip products. They are incredibly smooth and moisturising. Hang Ten is an easy, breezy nude that was actually part of the Spring/Summer collection. I did ooh and aah over it for a couple of months and just thought "sod it" when it finally came to buying it. In truth I could totally live without this.

It does feel lovely when applied - that light, glazed finish that makes lips look shiny and plump - but the colour is unremarkable. On me it's a light, nude wash of colour - an effect that is barely there and I should have therefore barely bothered with!

Lime Crime lipsticks in Coquette (L) and Babette (R)

Whatever the scoop is on Lime Crime - and there is quite a negative one - you have to admit that the packaging is amazing! I don't mean in a "chic-Tom-Ford" kind of way but in a "I'm in my 30s and coo over holographic unicorns kind of way".

I saw a link on Twitter about their latest release - Babette - and loved the look of it. It's a pastel coral, bright but wearable. I ordered that and then, for the hell of it, also added Coquette. Coquette is described as more of a pale, peachy-nude.

In person they look quite similar, although once applied there is just enough of a difference. My favourite has to be Babette. It's exactly what I thought it would be - a pretty shade, bright enough to add colour but light enough to be an easy everyday. It's totally different to all the light coloured lipsticks I own.

(FYI: Daylight dilutes the colour slightly)

The same cannot be said of Coquette. It's nice - just as pigmented and rich on first application - but it's a shade that reminds me of 101 other shades. Look at the picture below: I am sure you can also say the same!

The Lime Crime lipsticks are easy to wear - not too dry but still opaque and a light matte finish.

There is something about the consistency that I don't love though - it's almost as if there is a slight greasiness to them...they glide on nicely but that slick doesn't help them hang around for long. This may be a climate issue but they in no way beat the likes of MAC's Amplified in terms of finish.

I do think the strength of the brand lies in the crazy colours that you can get but it's nice to see some more wearable offerings coming from them lately.

And that concludes my first impressions of my recent beauty haul.

It reads quite negatively when I read it back but I think that honesty is always the best policy :)

Have you tried any of these products?

PS. Judging from those fresh indents I really abuse my lipsticks a lot!


  1. I do like Lime Crime in regards to the products - I think it's about time to look past the controversy now as it was so long ago!



  2. I do also really want to try the Oribe purely because of all the hype around it, but the price tag is just too unjustifiable for now Xx

    Olivia - cravemorebeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Love the colours of the lipsticks, they look great on you :)


    Style and Paper

  4. I love the Oribe spray but am coming to the end of it and dreading having to spend so much on another can, don't think I can survive without though lol xx

    Heels Forever

  5. Im really tempted by the Oribe spray but i just think its way way too expensive. Even the little size is expensive and im not sure if its worth it. I had a spray of it in a space nk store and thought it seemed alright but nothing overly special!x

  6. That lipstick queen lipstick looks so pretty on you! Need to check out their line.

  7. Love Lipstick Queen! They had a blue one (which was limited edition) which is such a beautiful berry shade. x

    9 out of ten | follow me on bloglovin

  8. I have been really wanting to try Lipstick Queen lipsticks! Especially Heat Wave, from that same collection. Oribe also looks so intriguing but I keep steering away. I think it's time to take the plunge!


  9. I'm really intrigued by the Lime Crime lipsticks and I have to agree with you on the packaging! Babette looks lovely:)xx

  10. I've been really thinking of getting that lipstick queen lipstick and I think I might just have to now!


  11. the lime crime lipsticks look amazing!

    I have a gossip blog about the youtube gurus, check it out :D
    Follow and i will follow back!!


  12. Oooh, I've never tried Lime Crime before but they do have some different colours! :)

    Layla xx


  13. Lime Crime is definitively on my wish list! The packaging is just adorable and just that little bit different.

    I particularly like Coquette but I would also want to try out Babette. Decisions! Decisions!


  14. Such beautiful coral tones! :) Super flattering on you.

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

  15. I've been lusting after the Oribe for ages but can't justify the price yet! Ahh, maybe one day. Also some of the shades are appealing but I just can't get past the completely terrible business practices of Lime Crime. If I was really taken by a shade, I would try and find a dupe from somewhere else.

  16. I've never tried Lime Crime, but i've heard great things about them! I really like Hang Ten! It's my favorite out of them all :)

    Zauni | The Kind Side

  17. Lime Crime packaging is lush.
    Oribe is way over priced try out the Bumble and bumble Dry Spun Finish, its only £21.50 for 150ml.

  18. aha your beautifully frank reviews never fail to put a smile on my dial. :)

  19. I'm with you, I love the shades of Lime Crime and the packaging of course, but I've heard they melt really easily and in Australia that's not ideal! Cute colours but I probably won't rush out and buy them


  20. I've heard so much about Lime Crime lippies lately, really want to try one but as you say I think their main selling point is the crazy colours, I've seen an amazing blue I'd love to get!



  21. the lime crime packaging is beyond cute!

    xo Kirsty

  22. You have such a wonderful style of writing "I'm in my 30s and coo over holographic unicorns kind of way" - yep I totally did that!

  23. Those Lime Crime shades are my fav, they're simply gorgeous!

    I'm holding a giveaway of a MAC Lipstick of your choice on my blog if you'd like to enter!

  24. I haven't tried any of those products yet. To be honest, I was really interested in the Oribe product and hoping for something amazing but maybe I will leave it and try the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish which seems to be getting a lot of attention lately! xo
    Your Daily Break

  25. I'm still dying to try the Lime Crime lipsticks. Both shades look gorgeous! And I am a huge fan of the Oribe Texturizing Spray!

  26. I really want to try lime crime lipsticks but I don't know where to purchase in Canada. Anyone know?

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  28. I think babette definitely looks the best out of the three - it's really lovely and looks like quite a wearable shade as it's not too bright but still makes your lips stand out.



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