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19 Oct 2013

Casual Saturday

I have fully embraced Autumn/Winter.

a) I can't stop looking at knits and
b) I made my boot purchase this week (Shopbop sale I love you) - something I hope to share tomorrow :)

Today I wore another new item for the season - a light knit from Mango with teeny gold eyelet detail. It's a beauty that stopped me in my tracks when I saw it in store.

It's funny, Mango used to be one of those brands that I could easily pass by. I never found anything and it always seemed like Zara's rubbish cousin, offering lots of stock but zero stand out items. Judging by the amount of time I have recently spent perving over chunky jumpers, military coats and blouses I think I have changed my tune!

I wore this with an old H&M shirt on underneath, black skinny jeans and flats. The jumper is nicely oversized (I got a medium) and hangs at just the right bum-skimming length. This sloppy ensemble was worn to breakfast at Ya Kun Coffee and Tea at IBN Battuta mall. Simone has been harping on about this Singaporean place all week and she drove me there, promising simple, hearty food. She was right. It was delicious and best of all, dirt cheap.

Jumper: Mango (I cannot find this online anywhere but I got it this weekend so it is likely to be in stores near you)
Shirt: H&M (old....very, very old)
Jeans: Current/Elliott
Bag: 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli
Sunglasses: House of Harlow

After breakfast I went for a much needed manicure and true to form, opted for a pastel shade - Essie's Borrowed and Blue. I loved it so much I bought the bottle.

This is my kind of blue! It's absolutely stunning on and even though I am not tanned at the moment, the colour refreshes/lifts the skin. I cannot recommend it enough.

In other news:

* I am obsessed with Bath and Body Works Nutmeg & Spice candle. I may have about 8 in my cupboard....*whistles innocently*

* I saw Candy Yum Yum at the MAC counter yesterday and need to get it in my life. Predictably they were out of stock but it will be mine - a mission has been set. To console myself I got Chatterbox which is a lovely, richly pigmented pink....because I need more colours like that.

* Breaking Bad has taken over my life. I am determined to finish season 5 in the next couple of days. I have been very diligent with my viewing and less diligent about almost everything else.

* I downloaded VSCOcam app onto my phone. This is the most comprehensive photo editing app I have used so far. There are no "you're so bloody lovely" slogan add ons (I exaggerate) but seeing as they have been done to death that's probably not a bad thing!

* I am delighted that Made in Chelsea is back on TV.  Binky's hair extensions might be taking over her body and Louise's crying is still as predictable as ever but "Spenny" remains gorgeous and is the key motivator for my viewing. Sorry I'm not sorry! :)

See you soon! :) 
12 Oct 2013

Work appropriate

This doesn't look like a very wintery outfit but the skirt and shirt are both from Zara's new season collection.

I had a speed shop in there the other day for work appropriate wear and came up with this.

The white skirt is similar to one I already own from ASOS - with one big difference. The ASOS one has a questionably slutty slit up the side (good for evening) and this one errs on the side of Conservative with a capital C. I sort of like that though. I don't want to be constantly pulling down my skirt at work - and I don't want to sit down in a meeting and see an acre of my thigh on show. Come to think of it, I doubt anyone else would want to either!

I loved the colour of the blouse and the deep v-neck so decided to grab that as well. It's perfect...well almost. In my store rush I picked up the one that came with some selfish cow's lipstick smear on it.  Nothing a wash won't sort but why o why does this always happen in Zara? Whoever that lady is, I wish she would remove her gloss/lipstick before trying on my stuff! :)

Skirt: Zara - Link!
Blouse: Zara - Link!
Necklace: Zara - Link!
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Soso in nude
Bag: Givenchy

The nails are perhaps slightly less work appropriate but I got them applied at the Missoni store in Dubai Mall as part of the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience. If you are in Dubai you can also get the same ones this weekend. The Minx specialist that applied them did a fantastic job - no lifting or bubbling even after copious hand washes.

By the way, thank you for all the entries into my mini Charlotte Olympia giveaway - we have a winner! Rubee is the lucky recipient so send me an email Rubee and we will get your nail stickers over to you.

Now I am going to get back to Breaking Bad season 3 for the rest of the weekend. I started watching this series about 10 days ago, maybe less, and it's taken over my life! Consider me addicted!

9 Oct 2013

Charlotte Olympia Kitty nails + mini giveaway

I saw these on a photo posted by Tala Samman on her Instagram. Immediately the challenge was set - find these ridiculous cat nail wraps so that I too can adorn my nails with them.

Well, I couldn't find them. Nothing on eBay, nothing online and no obvious offline/in store leads. So I moved on and forgot about it.

Then on Sunday I was in Harvey Nichols - buying Tom Ford makeup that I don't need - and I decided to pop in to the shoe department. This typically involves me hugging Chloe boots and drooling over YSL tributes. I did all that but I also made my way over to the Charlotte Olympia concession to admire the kitty flats.

Then I saw it. A glass container filled with cat nail wraps!  I grabbed two, rushed home and applied a set that night.

Now I don't LOVE nail wraps. They lift after 1-2 days and the raggedness sets in. The advantage of using them however, is that you can get some seriously amazing designs applied in a matter of minutes. I am not a nail art talent so being able to just slap on a sticker works well.

These are just as fun as I thought they would be :)

As mentioned above, I did get two packs and one of them is for you!

Just write a comment telling me what you think of nail wraps/stickers - good or bad - and on Friday I will announce the winner.

Hope you are all well :) 
2 Oct 2013

Cut + colour

I was going to do a little product review as my next post but let's get the obvious out of the way first...

I did it. I went for the chop.

I knew this was the right decision when my hairdresser, Anthony, lopped off 5 inches of hair before I could change my mind.

I would expect myself to freak out at this point but the only emotion I felt was excitement and the only question asked was: "do you think we should go shorter?".

This decision was largely down to Pinterest and the hundreds of pictures of long bobs - or lobs - with beautiful ombre colour effects. To me it looks fresh, modern and low maintenance...although I would probably argue with the latter - shorter hair has always been more difficult for me to style than long...

My requirements for the chop were:

* A blunt cut - I love the look of thick ends and so wanted long layers and a blunt finish. I still have extensions in and they are really the key to helping with this - they add a good amount of thickness to stop it looking thin.

* Colour - if I had just cut my hair and not played with colour I would have seen it as a shorter version of long locks. And that wouldn't have hit the spot. I wanted those lighter ends with pieces weaving through the full length of the hair.

I went with my wishlist to Pastels in the Ritz-Carlton (JBR).

I can't stress this enough - this is the only salon I would recommend in Dubai. I have been to a few and heard countless horror stories about others but everyone who goes to Pastels seems to come out happy. If you are in the UAE, go to Anthony - he is fantastic at both styling and colour and really listens to what you want.

I think this is a good length...for now.

Part of me thinks that I should have been braver and gone shorter but I am reasoning with myself that at this length I can tie it back, wear it up, or just wear it down to frame the face.

I am now playing with texturising products like mad and after slagging off the Oribe dry finishing spray I am going to have to take it back. Whilst it did absolutely nothing special for my long hair it seems to work fantastically well with short so I think that the Oribe spray, my Serge Normant Meta Lush Volumizer and a conical wand are going to be the recipe for happy hair days from now on :)