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24 Dec 2013

On my nails...

Part of me feels like I should turn my nose up at Victoria's Secret. I know that they charge ridiculous prices for polyester pieces and yes, there is more than just a little dose of tacky in their collection but when they opened in Dubai I was elated. The bras are the best, the bikinis are flattering, PINK offers the best loungewear and it would seem that their nail polishes aren't too shabby either!

If it gets me closer to looking like Lily Aldridge then I'll buy it....#sucker
22 Dec 2013

Perk me up!

Now I have a lot of skin care masks.  I love them. They refine your texture and make you feel refreshed. We all know this. And yet, despite this knowledge I hardly ever get round to using them lately.
20 Dec 2013


Did you ever wear Clarks shoes as a child? A trip to their store punctuated my every September and if you were a little girl in the 80s I am sure you remember my very favourite pair - the Magic Steps. They were amazing. They had pictures in the heels and came with a little key brooch. Seriously, they were the stuff of dreams!

Fast forward well...quite a few years later...and here I am wearing Clarks again.
15 Dec 2013

Amazing Anthony!

Let me tell you a secret. I have quite a few grey hairs. I blame my mum who started getting them in her late twenties. Lo and behold I have also followed the trend and I am super self-conscious about them.

A hair refresh was therefore very much in order and the only place to go to is the amazing Anthony at Pastels in the Ritz Carlton/JBR. I have mentioned the difficulty in finding a good hairdresser in Dubai before and I am so pleased I found Anthony.
14 Dec 2013

Marc Jacobs makeup haul/review

If I was going to summarise my experience with Marc Jacobs makeup I would say this:

* The eyeshadow palettes represent nice design but an average product
* The lipsticks have a lovely vinyl finish that is richly pigmented. They make a nice change from MAC (Amplified) and Tom Ford but at the same time they don't compete with them.

This line has recently launched in the UAE and can be found in Sephora/Dubai Mall. I braved the crowds and the army of lingerers that staff the store (don't you hate Sales Assistants that assume the role of your shadow?) and picked up a few things.

I did look at the nail polishes (not that unique and pretty expensive), the foundation (very sheer) and the blushes (nothing standout on first glance) but plumped for the basics - a neutral eyeshadow palette in Lolita and two lipsticks in Seduce me and Voila.

First the eyeshadow palette...

There are smaller eyeshadow sets for sale but I thought I would go with the set that seemed the most popular/played it safe - Lolita. This is a palette containing 7 neutral shades.

Texture wise you get a representation from matte, shimmer and nightmare chunky glitter.

The packaging is nice. You get the little nylon pouch containing the palette, and the palette itself is a shiny reflective plastic. It doesn't feel super high end but it doesn't feel cheap either. The palette has a handy mirror and then the 7 eyeshadows are small round pans.

The 3 shades on the left are matte and lovely. They create a nice neutral eye and are relatively smooth to apply - something which is not always the case with matte shadows.

Now the middle shade. The middle shade really has no place in my life. It's poorly pressed glitter that serves no purpose other than to cheapen the overall feel of the palette

The matte pink sitting next to it is okay...but I end up looking like I have an eye infection when I apply it so tend to stear clear. The two shadows sitting on the right are lovely warm shimmery shades and soft to apply.

So overall, it's pretty and it's usable. But that in itself doesn't justify the purchase to me.

 I sometimes feel that the Lolita shadows didn't last that long on the eye and that fading was inevitable and fast. That's a big deal to me and every time I bring this out I think of the Naked (1) palette and most recently Bobbi Brown's Old Hollywood palette.

To me, these are worth the money. They may not have the cachet of a high fashion brand but they are fantastic offerings with a range of quality shadows.

The lipsticks...

You should be proud of me! I didn't go for the nudes! The reason for that is two-fold:

1) I really didn't want to buy anymore nude lipsticks - at least that day :) ; and
2) The nude testers looked very matte in comparison to the rich, shiny deeper shades which is confusing when we consider the fact that this is called "Lip gel" and meant to give you shiny finish after application. Are they not all borne equal in the range? Were some sourced at different suppliers?

Anyway, I got Seduce Me (on the left and a deep berry Red) and Voila (Pink/magenta red).

They are light on the lips, saturated in colour and non-drying. Overall I would say they are very nice.

Are they as luxurious as Tom Ford? No. Are they are good value/good quality as MAC Amplified's? No. As I said, they are nice and I really love Seduce Me. It's a nice magenta punch that's perfect for the season.

(Nothing like a crude lip swatch to remind you that you need to buy a matching lip liner eh?!)

The fade on the lips is average due to the high shine factor but it's not a problem reapplying. They really glide on very smoothly.


I am sorry I cannot give you" OMG YOU GUYS YOU HAVE TO BUY THESE, THEY ARE AMAZING" type review. This is especially the case as I purchased with my own cash-ola but if I was talking to friends I would say, check out the lipsticks and skip the rest for now.

Nothing else is that stand-out to me. But maybe I am wrong. After all my time spent at the counter was cut short in order to reduce my exposure to the Sephora Sales Assistant Dragons. If you have had a different experience tell me and I will bravely venture back on your recommendation :)

PS. Do people like beauty reviews? I have tons of stuff I can give my two cents on but I want to make sure it's something you want!

7 Dec 2013

The Topshop V-Back Blouse

I found the perfect blouse on Thursday. I decided to "pop in" to Topshop in Dubai Mall to see if there was any good stock and there it was. At first I gravitated towards the colour, a nude with peach/pink undertones - and then I saw the v-back and dipped hem. It has a lovely movement to it when worn and the colour is incredibly flattering. Must. Have.