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15 Dec 2013

Amazing Anthony!

Let me tell you a secret. I have quite a few grey hairs. I blame my mum who started getting them in her late twenties. Lo and behold I have also followed the trend and I am super self-conscious about them.

A hair refresh was therefore very much in order and the only place to go to is the amazing Anthony at Pastels in the Ritz Carlton/JBR. I have mentioned the difficulty in finding a good hairdresser in Dubai before and I am so pleased I found Anthony.

He gives you what you want without compromising the condition of your hair. So when you ask for ombre he will give it to you but only to a level that will keep your hair in good condition. This is rare in Dubai, a land where a hairdresser will quite happily turn your barnet into the colour of a yellow highlighter for the right price.

Needless to say that with Anthony, I am always so happy with the result. It's exactly what I want. Dark on the roots and the right amount of ombre at the ends - the perfect refresh!

If you are in Dubai/coming to Dubai, Anthony at Pastels is your man - Link!

Now the only thing missing from a perfect hair day is the Oribe texturising spray. My God the time I have spent trying to get this back in my life. I had one disastrous order from Space NK - that went missing in transit...damn them! - and have now resorted to finding alternatives. A close match is the Redken Wool Shake.

I believe this is on it's way to being discontinued and in a way I am not surprised. The consistency makes this a tricky product to work with - too much spray and your hair will end up feeling bunged up. However, if you spray lightly you will end up with a volumised and matte finish that adds enough texture to shorter hair. It's getting me through and somewhat working to subside the Oribe withdrawal symptoms. If you know of anything else, do give me a shout :)

PS. Thank you so much for your feedback on my last beauty post. Feedback noted and lots of makeup posts planned. I sometimes feel that I am so out of the loop with beauty that I can't add anything of value but I will add my two cents anyway! :)

Hope you have had/will have a great Sunday!


  1. Oooooh love the picture, vay sexy! Nice hair too ;)

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  2. Get you with first comment status :) haha

  3. You're looking lovely and your hair looks really healthy!
    I have A LOT of greys now, my parents both went grey at a young age, damn genes! (At least they both had good skin so I'm good on there) And I've had allergy issues with hair dyes so for the past year, I've had to deal with the sight of them :( Still looking for an alternative solution.
    So, enjoy the great color jobs!

  4. Your hair is so pretty :) ❇♥ Blog written by two friends: http://teenagewastelandbyhd.blogspot.com/ ♥❇

  5. Beautiful colour, the length looks really lovely on you too!
    Flashes of Teal

  6. Thanks to your recommendation I had my second trip to Anthony yesterday and again left a very happy customer. He definitely is "Amazing Anthony" and my blonde hair thanks him! Your hair is beautiful Laura, the shorter length really suits you.

  7. Phew I was 27 when I had to start covering my grey, I really love that length on you. I'm six months off 50 and need to go shorter but you know that means bye bye youth an life as I knew it!

  8. Your hair looks lovely and the bob looks even more 'you' with each post if that makes any sense . . ?!

  9. I'm really loving the chi infra texture spray right now, but you do have to be careful not to use too much.

  10. Have you seen Amelia Liana's recent post? She mentioned a super cheap dupe for the Oribe spray x

  11. Kevin Murphy Resort Spray! Works wonders.


  12. Do you think the Oribe spray would work for longer hair as well? I've heard a lot of great things about it but have avoided it because it's a little pricier. If it works though, it would totally be worth it! I'm desperately in need of a good texturizing spray! Thanks for sharing this.


  13. Hair looks so nice! I get grey hairs and I'm 20, hmm xx

  14. I'm so tempted to cut off all my hair! I wish I had the guts to go shoulder length like you!


  15. Oh btw, can't you have someone from the UK ship Oribe out to you? Or is that unsafe? I know some hair products need to be packaged a certain way because of the aerosol..? lol /clueless

  16. Your hair always looks so gorgeous Laura <3

    Gem x

  17. I would recommend the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun finish if you can get it in Dubai :)

  18. Your hair looks so lovely Laura. Wishing I had Ombre hair too!

    Leeannelle | Fashion and Beauty


  19. Loving this shorter style on you & the ombre looks perfect!
    Happy Monday Laura xoxo

  20. Love the hair- so gorgeous! I have been thinking about getting this done for a while now and have been toning the hair shade down a little so that I am not in total shock when I ditch the blond Barnet!

    Katie x

  21. I've heard such great things about the oribe texturizing spray..really must try that. your hair looks beautiful here xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.com

  22. Hi Laura,
    I am a huge fan of your blog and have been following you since your youtube days!
    Ive recently moved to Dubai and was wondering if you know where I can get Murad skincare from? I am in JLT so anywhere near there?
    Thanks so much!

  23. You look so beautiful and the hair looks fantastic! x

  24. If you are in your 30s then you should expect the odd grey. I apologize if your not and im rubbish with ages. I got greys at 28 and now a silver fox who has to dye roots every 4 weeks.x

  25. Uh....I am obsessed with your sweater. I am obsessed with embellished shoulders. Whats the brand on the sweater?

  26. Dove dry shampoo is a cheap dupe for oribe! X

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