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27 Jan 2014

Pale pink/Gold tips

This manicure is dedicated to my friend Laura Carlson.

I met her for drinks last week and before I sat down to bully her into creating a blog - which she has (yay!) and you must have a look at it - Link! - I spied a lovely nail combination.
26 Jan 2014

An ode to Oribe...

Welcome to the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray diaries.
25 Jan 2014

Breakfast at The Farm Dubai

Fun fact: I absolutely love breakfast. Most of the time I have porridge with skimmed milk and a chopped banana or a protein shake (banana protein powder/frozen berries/vanilla soy milk).  My absolute favourite thing to have though is eggs benedict (or a variation of it) and preferably cooked by someone else - I can't ever get it "restaurant right".

Fun fact part two is that I hate it when a restaurant has snooty staff - especially if it's a place with just a jumped up brasserie-style menu. There's just no need. 

The Farm is one place that has that sort of service reputation and it's typically levied at the reservation staff. Even so it remains one of the most talked about places to eat in Dubai.  I attempted a visit here last week but the aforementioned Mayor of Snootyville denied me a table. So this Saturday I went determined and visited the place for breakfast with Simone.
24 Jan 2014

What weekends are made for...

If I am being honest, I don't do much at the weekends. I tend to have ambitious plans and then by Friday morning decide that it's best to have a lie in, drink coffee, tit around with makeup and play with Roger. Today was such a day :)
19 Jan 2014

Grey eyebrows?

I am not an eyebrow expert. This is very clear. I have semi-sparse brows and they won't grow. It doesn't matter what serum you try and sell me, my hairs are stubborn and they refuse to emerge.

The daily need to pencil in and fake a good brow shape is therefore something I have grown to accept. Tom Ford's Brow Sculptor in Espresso has been a very good recent friend. And before that it was Make Up For Ever's Aqua Brow.

Now however it's Bobbi Brown's eyeshadow in Grey and I couldn't be more pleased with the finish.

So here's the story.
18 Jan 2014

OOTD at Purobeach/Conrad Dubai

I have worn this dress two days in a row. And I don't care.

This is a recent Zara acquisition from the Spring collection. It has a pretty floral graphic print and while it is on the short side, the long sleeves and high neck help balance it out.

It's debut was to Purobeach at the Conrad Dubai.
14 Jan 2014

Duty free haulage

Here are some questions that I ask myself when I am in an airport scenario:

* Why do I always feel so guilty at passport control?

* Why do people stand on the moving walkway and more often than not in the middle of it so nobody can pass? 

* Why does it always feel like you are not spending real money when you go shopping in duty free?

The latter question always hits me after I tornado round the makeup section. I don't have any answer. All I know is that there is something absolutely delicious about hauling makeup in that environment.

I struck gold when I travelled on Thursday. I meandered past the MAC counter and spotted the new Huggable lipstick collection along with Magnetic Nude. And nothing was sold out.

So I hauled. And then walked away full of glee. These are the things that made me happy...
12 Jan 2014

NARS Final Cut blush collection

This limited edition NARS collection came to my attention when browsing the "New In" section on the Selfridges website.

I hadn't heard much about it and all the colours looked tempting to me. 4 romantically hued blushes, variations on pink, 4 lip pencils in a similar tone selection and a shimmering face illuminator.

I did something I don't think I have ever done - I bought all the cheek products and internally justified it as "for the blog". Yeah, okay.
11 Jan 2014

Meeting Bryanboy + OOTD + haul!

Furla flew in blogger-extraordinaire Byranboy to celebrate the launch of the Spring/Summer Candy Collection and this morning, I went along to meet him.
8 Jan 2014

Foundation Round Up

After posting my embarrassing foundation collection picture yesterday I received a few requests to review each one. I obviously like foundation quite a lot so I thought it might be a fun post for me to write and for any other base addicts out there to read.

So here we go!
1 Jan 2014