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25 Jan 2014

Breakfast at The Farm Dubai

Fun fact: I absolutely love breakfast. Most of the time I have porridge with skimmed milk and a chopped banana or a protein shake (banana protein powder/frozen berries/vanilla soy milk).  My absolute favourite thing to have though is eggs benedict (or a variation of it) and preferably cooked by someone else - I can't ever get it "restaurant right".

Fun fact part two is that I hate it when a restaurant has snooty staff - especially if it's a place with just a jumped up brasserie-style menu. There's just no need. 

The Farm is one place that has that sort of service reputation and it's typically levied at the reservation staff. Even so it remains one of the most talked about places to eat in Dubai.  I attempted a visit here last week but the aforementioned Mayor of Snootyville denied me a table. So this Saturday I went determined and visited the place for breakfast with Simone.

What reviewers tend to rave about is the setting. It's all sympathetic architecture and lush botanical gardens.  I have to say that its absolutely beautiful and has been so well designed. Simone and I went armed with our cameras but so did many other diners because it's the perfect photo spot. 

The menus are presented on iPads (maybe a little bit pretentious) and I decided to go for eggs florentine (yummy) and vegan tofu scramble (tasteless and disgusting - and I actually love tofu) with fresh orange juice and a cappuccino. 

Scramble aside, it was the perfect start to the day and I am so glad that I ignored the initial issues in getting a table. 

Having said that we had been told that 8.30am was the only time that was available and yet we were surrounded by empty tables well after 9.30. Mmmm.... ;)

Its a beautiful spot and somewhere I will take my parents when they visit in March. If you are in Dubai and haven't tried it yet do it now before the heat makes it unbearable to sit outside.

As you can see from the first picture I didn't wear anything noteworthy.

I had to get ready at 7am - 7AM ON A SATURDAY - so all I slapped on was a burnout tee, jeans and (of course) a truckload of makeup. My current favourite foundation combination is Chantecaille Just Skin with By Terry Cover Expert. Add Bobbi Brown bronzer, NARS Final Cut and a hodge-podge of brown shadows and it's a good makeup day. And is it me or is my hair getting longer?

Anyway, hope you had a lovely Saturday!


  1. 7am wake up call on a saturday? that's some breakfast dedication!!! i usually can only make it to brunch on weekends... and i use that term loosely as it pretty much falls under lunch considering the meal usually happens in the afternoon. it's my favorite meal ever though - breakfast/brunch, anytime of the day! :)

    rachel x

  2. looks like a beautiful place but such awful service! to be honest I wouldn't bother with a place like that they're essentially taking advantage of the the beautiful setting they're in. But you looked so pretty everything else aside :)

  3. Ahh I literally can't cope with crap service, I'd rather to without. Looks gorgeous though!

    Georgina at itotallypaused.com

  4. salivating at your eggs, I love eggs! (that sounds a bit weird) I love your hair too :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. We're recovering from a snowstorm in NY right now so I'm extremely jealous of you. Otherwise, I'll be in Dubai in March, will have to give this place a try!! If you have any other restaurants recommendation, please do share! Thanks!


  7. You are beautiful and so are this photos! :) ❇♥ Blog written by two friends: http://teenagewastelandbyhd.blogspot.com/ ♥❇

  8. It looks gorgeous; worth the early morning get up!


  9. I absolutely hate it when staff in the service industry (shops, restaurants, hotels) consider themselves more important than the guests. This restaurant looks lovely and if I am ever lucky enough to get to Dubai I will definitely try it out, that is if they will give me a table of course ;-)

  10. Hey, Wow that looks really nice! My uncle and cousins live in Dubai so I might check this place out when im over there!
    Amy xxx

  11. wow this looks amazing and so relaxing, not to mention the food looks divine

    Jess x

  12. iPad menus, are you kidding? Brunch is supposed to be a time to get away from screens, in my opinion!

  13. Gorgeous pictures! Im jealous this place looks so peaceful and relaxing!
    Keeley's Wardrobe

  14. Looks beautiful but I'm not sure I'd go, if the staff have attitude. That would ruin the entire experience for me. Are you happy that your hair is getting longer? You seem to be lucky in that you can pull it off at any length xx

  15. Do the locals speak very much english? Or do you speak Arabic?

  16. Lovely !:-) Laura have you ever tried Nars- Madly as a bronzer or contour? im so sure that you will fall in love with:-) xxx Ewa

  17. Rude staff put me right off even if everything else about the restaurant is perfect. This does look like a great place to go though, hopefully one day the staff will pull their heads out of their backside.

    Raise The Waves

  18. looks like a gorgeous place and amazing food!



  19. The place looks amazing! It's the perfect place to spend a quiet Sunday morning in :)


  20. The setting is stunning but I can't be doing with snooty staff. Puts me right off! The eggs look soo good.

    P.S. Stop putting pretty things in the sidebar - I want them all! :)

  21. This looks like a real treat both the setting & the food, but what a shame about the snooty staff!
    Happy Sunday Laura xoxo

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Looks like a lovely place!! Too bad about the staff though! xo

  24. This looks amazing but I agree about the ipads, maybe a tad pretentious!

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  25. girl... i do NOT look like that at 7 in the morning... or 9 for that matter. will definitely be checking this place out when i'm there this march! any other foodie/shopping tips would be highly appreciated!

  26. Menu on iPads, that's... novel. And a tad pretentious, yeah. Maybe if they made an app that would allow to order w/ o interacting much with the snooty staff and not just look at the menu? ;-)

    The location is amazing though. And you look beautiful!

  27. What a lovely looking place. I really like the idea of the hammocks, I'd be the one to have a meal & then retire for a nap afterward :-)

  28. I'm coming to Dubai in June :-) Beginning of June. We are staying by the beach, any recommendations there? x

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