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12 Jan 2014

NARS Final Cut blush collection

This limited edition NARS collection came to my attention when browsing the "New In" section on the Selfridges website.

I hadn't heard much about it and all the colours looked tempting to me. 4 romantically hued blushes, variations on pink, 4 lip pencils in a similar tone selection and a shimmering face illuminator.

I did something I don't think I have ever done - I bought all the cheek products and internally justified it as "for the blog". Yeah, okay.

Well it's been about 2 weeks of ownership and I will say this, not all of them are necessary and many are dupeable. I can also say that I did find the overall quality of the blushes on the sheerer side. Love and Sex Fantasy for instance have to be quite heavily applied to show up with any pigmentation. That's slightly unexpected from NARS but I am not sure it's actually a bad thing - a flush of colour is ultimately what I am after.

I tried to take pictures of the blushes on my face, in natural light that went from cloudy to bright. I haven't retouched/filtered the pictures so apologies for my face.

Okay, on with the review!

Final Cut

Colour: A matte peach coral.

This was the one colour I wasn't sure I should order and yet, as it turns out, I think this is probably the most unique shade in the collection and one of the key items I would recommend. It's beautiful on, giving both warmth and tone. Even though it's a matte it's not chalky - something which Sex Fantasy sadly hints at.

In terms of blushes it reminds me of - it has less pink than Benefit Coralista but reminds me of MAC Sunbasque - just without any of the shimmer.

I sometimes find peachy/coral shades difficult to wear but this translates as a very soft and complimentary shade.

Would I recommend to my friends? Yes!

New Attitude

Colour: A matte cherry blossom pink.

Lets be honest, this can be duped. Probably very easily. That glow of soft pink is something that you could achieve with NARS Gaiety or NARS Angelika - if you took away the sparkle - but I wouldn't say it's exactly the same. There's something lighter and brighter about this shade and as much as I want to be rational and say "don't bother" I just can't. It's just so pretty on.

I wore this quite lightly but this is one of the more pigmented offerings. It's also occasionally a little powdery - with one dab of the brush residue will appear.

Despite that though I think this looks good. I think it would work well on either cool or warm skin tones. It's got enough punch to brighten up any complexion.

Would I recommend to my friends? Yes.

Sex Fantasy

Colour: Pale pink with a lavender undertone

This was the colour I salivated over and it's the one that I would tell my friends to skip. If you have MAC Well Dressed, Giorgio Armani Sheer number 2 or Illamasqua's Katie there is no need to own it. An example of the dupe factor is below: Sex Fantasy versus Katie - spot the difference.

Texture wise this is the chalkiest them all and it required two layers to show up as it does below.

I can forgive that though. Whilst in the swatch above I wore it on it's own I would never normally do that. Shades like this are what I call "finishers". Pop it on over the top of something else and it brings your cheeks to life, giving that iced finish that glows. This is exactly how I wear it - typically with Love as the base colour.

Would I recommend to my friends? It's a lovely colour but if you have any of those mentioned above then don't bother. In fact I would recommend Well Dressed or the Armani Sheer over this one.


Colour: Tea rose

This is the most neutral and potentially the most boring one of the lot. At first I thought it was the next generation NARS Douceur (left and looking skanky) but it's far pinker/warmer than that one:

It's a pure rose colour with moderate pigmentation. Use a heavy hand and it will still look subtle on the skin.

As I mentioned above I tend to wear this mixed with Sex Fantasy - it's a great combo. Enough of a base colour with Love to gently sculpt and then enough pink in Sex Fantasy (gah I hate writing that out) lift and highlight:

Would I recommend to my friends? Yes. If you have fair skin this is a great warm base colour for your cheeks. And if you don't own anything like theBalm's Frat Boy or Tarte Exposed then all the better!

Adelaide Illuminator

Colour: Shimmering lavender pink

I really like this. It leaves a gorgeous highlight. The pigmentation is a bit on the light side - you get an icy light pink finish - but it's not as glittery as I feared it might be. I mean I hate the texture because it's a thin cream that I find difficult to place/blend but if you take a bit of time you get a beautiful shimmering cheek.

Would I recommend to my friends?  If you like a delicate, pretty glow and prefer a liquid highlighter then this is ideal for you. I do prefer it to the likes of the RMK cream highlighter - this is far more effective and glowy. It will also look beautiful on your decollete.

After all that..?

So overall then I feel like this was a collection that revived a love for blush. I was so excited to try all these out and see the strengths of each.

I would also say that this is a collection made for lighter skintones. Everything is very soft and designed to give a tasteful flush of colour. This isn't going to suit everyone nor even appeal to all tastes but it lends itself to a fresh look which seems perfect for Spring.

After doing this review I think Final Cut, New Attitude and Love would be my favourite picks of the lot, representing the ones I will reach for more frequently

Where to buy: Annoyingly this looks like it's quite a limited collection. At the moment it's online only -  Selfridges  or Nordstrom. If you can't seem to get hold of any of them, it's not the end of the world. We live in a world of blush and there are many shades out there that embody the tones and finishes that you saw above :)

PS. Other make up on my face:

Foundation: Laura Mercier Silk Creme - sensational coverage. I really loved this foundation today.
Lips: MAC Casual Colour in Have a lovely Day! (LE) - a pretty muted pink
Eyes: MAC Amorous Alloy (from Magnetic Nude collection) over the lid and lower lash line which incidentally I am obsessed with! Blended with Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder. YSL gel liner. Lancome Hypnose mascara.

Hope you had a great weekend :)

Did you get anything from this collection? 


  1. ah what beautiful colours

    Jess x

  2. Final cut complements your skin tone really well! I love that you used the word skanky as well XD

  3. Final Cut is definitely the most appealing to me and looks lovely! Your eye makeup looks so nice in these photos! I just can't seem to master that look! xx

  4. I feel like I need to try these too!
    For my blog of course.
    I really am interested in trying out Love.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. All them colours look beautiful, this blog post is great and I now know what ones to try

  6. These blushes look lovely, maybe a little too cool for me but in all honestly I was paying more attention to your eye makeup it looks beautiful! The 'love' portrait in my favourite and really compliments your eyes. Thank you! x

  7. The blushes look beautiful on you! Great review :)

  8. I need to get my hands on new attitude! Beautiful colours xx


  9. I love the illuminator! Bloody lush that xx

    Obessional impulsive hoarder-holic

  10. The face illuminator looks gorgeous on you! Think I will be taking a trip to Nars this week :D
    Bea x

  11. Hmm, the last two might just might, be a bit like MAC's Coygirl, I have been trying to find a dupe for that for yonks.

  12. Final Cut looks great in both the pan and on you. Why am I always so tempted by the things you post? You're wreaking havoc on my bank account!

    Raise The Waves

  13. You are so beautiful! Wow! I love the last picture. The effect of the highlighter is great!

  14. I adore the illuminator! Really must go out an get myself one of these :) plus I love reading your reviews of products! This is what I have recently been trying to do myself haha, and I am finding a lot of inspiration from your blog! x

  15. I have a duo with Nars Orgasm and I was immediately impressed with their blush! I tend to love a pretty pink and just about all of these blushes appeal to me. Thanks for sharing this collection!
    Lovely Notions

  16. You can find the collection at Selfridges on Oxford Street, I picked up Sex Fantasy earlier today :)

  17. I havent purchased anything yet.. (yet!) but as I own well dressed I think I can skin one of the blushes. I liked the look of Tea rose online, but having read your description I might give it a miss. We have similar colourings (though I'm a bit paler) so this has been a really useful post. Thank you for taking the time to do this :)

  18. P.s. what time of skin do you have? Your skin looks amazing. Im wondering if I could steal your foundation, though I need a good coverage and have combi skin... :)

  19. have been a follower for gawd knows how long..since the golden youtube days! Love these blushes will have to purchase a couple. Just started a blog on beauty and music, and the first post includes on of my fave essie polishes. If anyone wanted to take a look it would be fab! xx

  20. Final Cut is right up my street. I don't own a single Nars blush as of yet but after reading this I have a sneaky feeling one may end up in my stash! Also, I have to say that you look stunning in the photos above!

    Gem x

  21. It's such a shame to hear that the Sex Fantasy (what a name!) is a chulky blush as I totally fell in love with the colour! I think I'll have to go and check out the Well Dressed blush by MAC then.


  22. booooo!!! I was hoping you would say Love was boring, now I need it!

  23. You are so pretty! Loved the post as well, so informative <3

  24. Oh my .. really lovely photos!

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  25. This is review is exactly why I fell in love with your channel in an era bygone ;) I've read many reviews on this collection and never really felt I've been armed with the information I need. Initially I got over excited and all make up no buy resolutions went out the window but this fabulous unsugarcoated review helped me narrow it down to one product.(so much for my make no buy!!) New attitude blush WILL be mine LOL. Thanks Laura xxx

  26. You definitely do not need to apologise for your face in these pics! Having mostly just seen outfit-based photos from you lately, I almost forgot how very gorgeous you are (your eyes look beautiful in these shots). I especially loved Final Cut on you, but alas we have very different skin tones, so I doubt it would look the same on me!

  27. I love Final Cut, shame it's only available in two stores....You have such amazing skin Laura!

  28. Such pretty colours! Sex Fantasy is my favourite of the bunch x x


  29. Final Cut is calling my name. You looked absolutely gorgeous in every single picture. The camera just loves you Laura. :) Adelaide is such a beautiful illuminator too. What a pretty glow.

  30. These are all gorgeous! I'm such a big fan of NARS blushes.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  31. What a helpful post! Doesn't help my wallet as I will HAVE to purchase that illuminator...stunning!

  32. Very beautiful!))Great make up! Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

  33. Great post. Love the 1st two blush shades. Isn't it soooo easy to justify a purchase for the blog....I convince myself like that all the time!!!!
    Happy Monday Laura xoxo

  34. loving the look of 'final cut' on you! gorgeous shades :)


  35. Such a thorough post, always nice to hear proper in depth honest opinions about products!

    Lottie x


  36. ugh the illuminator is just stunning on you. and your skin has been so beautifully tan since you moved to dubai!


  37. Oh how I've missed your makeup posts Laura!
    This was very useful... you look gorgeous by the way!
    Good evening!
    Mwah! xx

  38. Stunning blushes, they all look so good on you! My favourites are final cut and the highlight
    Mahsa xx

  39. This base is perfect on you! I also adore the LM Silk Creme, although I find the colour selection tricky (with Cashew Beige being a tad dark and Bamboo Beige being a tad grey). Did you set with powder?

    Your eye make-up also looks amazing, one of your best looks yet, and I agree that Lancome Hypnose has suddenly become magical again!

  40. You look gorgeous! Please tell us what you are doing for those incredible eyebrows. I am begging!!!!

  41. Beautiful blushes and I love that lower lash line. You said it is YSL, which shade? it looks gorgeous!. Also, are you wearing colour lenses? where did you buy? looks very nice too.

  42. The first one on you is my favorite :)

    Maggie A

  43. which one do you think is better in term of texture and longevity between Nars Sex Fantasy and Illamasqua Katie

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. all four blushes look incredible on you! i just ordered final cut and can't wait to wear it!

  46. This collection was just released on the NARS European website :) I just ordered New Attitude and Love based on your recommendations, I'm so excited! I wanted to get Final Cut too but I got Day Dream not very long ago from the Guy Bourdin collection so I couldn't justify another peach blush!