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24 Jan 2014

What weekends are made for...

If I am being honest, I don't do much at the weekends. I tend to have ambitious plans and then by Friday morning decide that it's best to have a lie in, drink coffee, tit around with makeup and play with Roger. Today was such a day :)

I dressed for comfort in slouchy separates and donned the Converse. I had almost forgotten about these mint coloured ones but have now made a mental note to wear them as much as possible. They are truly a perfect colour. 

Here are some pictures from today's outings :) 

Tee: Zoe Karssen from The Outnet - Link!
Denim Shirt: American Eagle
Jeans: Current/Elliott
Bag: Michael Kors mini Hamilton - I LOVE this bag - Link!
Sunglasses: Westward Leaning - Link!

My titting around with makeup today led me to the Naked 3 palette. 

This set of eyeshadows confuses me. 

In theory I should be all over it and extolling it's virtues but in reality I find it incredibly difficult to work with. The shadows that I tend to lean towards are Liar, Factory, Mugshot and Trick. These are lovely and I can create something pleasing with them but all those delicious pinks on the left side of the palette are just ignored. Applying them generally leaves me with something akin to a pink bruise. I just can't work them out. This definitely doesn't seem to be an all-in-one palette for me - I need to add in something like Bobbi Brown Beige or Espresso to balance it out.

Now if anyone has a combination of shadows from Naked 3 that they like doing then let me know because I am totally stuck. 


  1. Wait do you have 3 day weekends? If so, I'm envious! :) your mind converse with the light chambray shirt is the perfect casual but girly combination. Also, I'm needing a pair of Westward Leaning sunglasses in my life ASAP.


    1. I wish! UAE has Friday/Saturday weekends so the work week is Sunday - Thursday. Took a while to get used to :) PS. Possibly Seattle: August! Sephora splurge + gin and tonic needs to be planned!

  2. gorgeous photos, so jealous of where you live! i also respect you having a very honest opinion on the eyeshadow palette that so many bloggers love, very refreshing :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  3. I feel the same about Naked 3! I like it but it's definitely not a standalone palette.

    xo, alison*elle

  4. Roger is the cutest! Ive been following your blog for years but never realized that you got married. Any chance we get to see a picture of your wedding dress?

  5. ps: Your hair looks amazing! Tempted to get mine Balayaged.....

  6. nice outfit & pictures :D

  7. You have inspired me to open my Naked 3 palette. lol I don't know what I've been waiting for!

  8. 'titting around' needs to be used soooo much more!

  9. Nice outfit Laura!
    OMG I was doing my outfit of the day in that area a few days ago!
    Who knows... we might meet one day OOTD'ing! :-)
    Have a lovely evening neighbour! ;-)

  10. Even on a slouchy day your outfit is totally on point, love it!


  11. Love those converse, Laura! I RUSHED to purchase mine right after you bought/showed your purchase off last year..need to get mine out and wear them more often too:))

  12. I feel the same about naked 3! Just can't quite use all the shades :(

    It was my husbands birthday today and we had a leisurely lazy day in Abu Dhabi

  13. I love the casual look! And how cute is your dog?! Seriously. Love the photos, looks like such an adorable day out x

  14. You mean you searched high and low for your mint Converse then forget you had them! Terrible Laura ;) Roger is so cute! x

  15. Are these converse your "beach glass" colored ones or are they a different pair?

  16. So surprised and glad to hear about your experience with Naked 3. Most of the colors ended up showing weird purple-red-blue tinged.

  17. WOW!!Where is this place??Looks awesome..like a hotel!
    I have those mint converse and loveee them!You styled them great!

  18. Hey Laura!
    How funny, I am using only the left side of the palette (more or less) and haven't dared to touch blackheart or dark side.
    For my everyday makeup look I like to work with limit for the crease, nooner to darken the outer v, then highlight the middle third of the lid with either dust, burnout or buzz, depending on what I feel like that day. For under the eye I usually just pop a little mugshot below the lashes.

    But I think in general this palette just works nicely with my pinky-fair complexion, blonde hair and blue eyes :)


  19. I've been loving the combo of Strange on the inner half of the lid and as a highlight, Burnout or Trick on the outer half of the lid, Factory in the corner, and blending it with Nooner :)

  20. I love the open denim shirt and converse combo, exactly what I would wear, I don't wear my converse enough either, got sucked in by everyones perfect pics and bought them but really I just feel like a short arse in them, I shouldn't care really! x

  21. Lovely pictures Laura! Glad that you said that about the Naked3 palette... I want to buy it, but deep inside I know it's not going to work on me... pinks are not for me. I bought MAC Girlie eyeshadow and thanks to a post you did I'm using it as a blush now.

    I also remember something you said about the naked palette being a glitter mess of something like that, and when I went to buy it didn't like it because of the glitter excess...

    Greetings from Venezuela :)

  22. Gorgeous casual look, I love your sunglasses!
    Happy Saturday Laura xoxo

  23. I like how Mr. BNBL has made an incognito appearance in the blog post. I also applaud how you keep your private life private. In this day and age of "share absolutely everything personal with the world", it's refreshing to see someone else out there (all the way in Dubai by way of England) that shares my mindset. Personal relationships are just that - personal. You have to keep something sacred and for yourself. Cheers.

  24. My fear of the more pink toned eyeshadows of the Naked 3 palette causing my eyes to look like they're bruised is what's stopping me from buying the palette. I don't think my make up skills are advanced enough to make the pink eyeshadows work.
    It's sad that I'm having to live vicariously through you for a bit of sun, I don't think I've seen it in Scotland for weeks!

    Raise The Waves

  25. OH, thank you for showing us your hunky hubby :-) Been waiting for this day for ages (nosy, I know...)!

    PS. Are you brit by nationality?

    Anneli x

  26. love the converse! so adorable!

  27. Hi Laura, I like to use burntout all over my lid, factory in the outer corner , nooner in the crease and under the eye, strange as a highlight brow bone and inner corner and black heart with a slightly damp brush to Line my upper lashes. I had the same problem but Hope that helps. And I love the colour of your converse
    emi :)

    1. Ooh and I forgot to say use a good primer or maybeline colour tattoo in pink gold works well :)

  28. Beautiful pictures :) Makes me wish for sunshine!!


  29. Your hair looks absolutely stunning!
    Love Roger


  30. I actually love this coat, so beautiful!

  31. Totally hot husband alert! lol My weekends are the same. slouchy clothes and you tube and blog catch up.