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27 Feb 2014


I posted this OOTD on Instagram earlier today and it got a good reception so after I rushed home I got Simone to take a couple of pictures before the sun went down.
26 Feb 2014

Bobbi Brown Cosmic Lily

This post is dedicated to my mum. Who I love very much and who gave me this lipstick as a little surprise when I was back home.

We have this theory that we can read each other's minds - even thousands of miles away - and this is an example of what we mean.
23 Feb 2014

Shopping my stash...again

Rediscovering great products that make you feel great. What could be better than that?

I have a little stash of goodies that I left behind in my move to Dubai and when I root through them I can't understand why I neglected so many. There are some real gems here that deliver a great end result - along with a bonus hefty helping of nostalgia.
22 Feb 2014

So basic

How's that for a background change? Bye bye sand and hello trees and greenery.

This is near my parents house and just before I popped to the shops I thought I would snap some OOTD pictures. In the middle of the road. With the risk of cars coming at any moment.

Ah well, I survived. And my photographer (AKA mummy) did as well.
21 Feb 2014

Estee Lauder #modernmuse

If you like Narcisco Rodriguez or Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely, then I think you would love Estee Lauder's Modern Muse.
19 Feb 2014

The Sister Jane Printed Dress

I did pause when I first got this dress. I loved the peter pan collar and the sleeves but wasn't the print just a bit....Tommy Bahama?
17 Feb 2014

Lighter hair = orange lips

I think this is the first time I have ever come back from the hairdressers and not felt that compulsion to immediately wash and restyle.
16 Feb 2014

Makeup ramble

This is the kind of post that can only be written after spending a weekend playing with makeup.
11 Feb 2014

The Orange Blazer

I have admired this blazer for months. I have seen it on countless bloggers and there have been some real life glimpses of it in action. 

ASOS halved the price recently and if that's not the shopping Gods telling me to buy, then I don't know what is!
10 Feb 2014

The ASOS Shoe Bargain!

I was so excited to wear my outfit today that I even fake tanned in anticipation.

True story.
4 Feb 2014

Elie Saab - L'eau Couture

When I flew to Doha at the weekend I had to practically run to my gate to catch my flight. I was definitely cutting it fine even before I arrived in duty free. The fact that I then proceeded to shop and buy a perfume is an absolute mickey take.

Still, this was a purchase that had to be made. If you are like me and loved the original Elie Saab perfume then I think you are going to absolutely love L'eau Couture.
3 Feb 2014

Bobbi Brown Nude Glow

I really should have written this post in December. I am not sure why there has been a delay because I loved this product on first in-store application and it was limited edition so although not impossible to locate it's a little harder for those of us that want to stock up. So here we are....better late than never?
2 Feb 2014

A weekend in Doha

Premium suites. Indulgent dinners. Skin transforming facials. Nights smoking shisha under the stars. Breakfast in bed. City tours. Fun photoshoots.
1 Feb 2014

Make up haul

Selfridges.com is proving to be my saviour. There are so many brands you just cannot get access to in Dubai and this is the only website that seems to ship here. So...I pretty much stalk the beauty section every day.

This order was all about Charlotte Tilbury. I have been aching to try her makeup for months but was a bit tentative. Ideally I like to be able to at least feel the packaging and play with shadows at a counter before committing but after seeing so many rave reviews I decided to take the plunge.