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2 Feb 2014

A weekend in Doha

Premium suites. Indulgent dinners. Skin transforming facials. Nights smoking shisha under the stars. Breakfast in bed. City tours. Fun photoshoots.

These are the thoughts that sum up my weekend. It was such a good couple of days. The W Doha invited me and three other bloggers over for a stay and although we didn't rest for a minute it was a fantastic change from my usual weekend routine.

We ate at all the restaurants in the hotel (La Spiga is my favourite), had facials at Bliss spa, toured the city and were put up in the W's best suites. I mean how often do you get put up in an AMAZING suite and get treated to great food day and night?

I have been to Doha before but have never stayed at the W. Having spent a couple of days there I would say it lives up to the brand. The interior has that perfect balance of style and comfort - it's one of the things that I love the most about W. It's busy at night because of the hotel's bars, restaurants and club - but peaceful and chilled by day.

Out of all the facilities I think the Bliss spa is the major bonus. The staff are lovely and I had one of the best facials of my life - the Triple Oxygen. It involved a lot of extraction (I actually like facials that do this!), many curing face masks and a lovely massage.

Outside of the hotel we were taken to The Pearl - a shopping and restaurant destination in Doha to look at lux boutiques like Qela...

(Sidenote: Want that leather jacket!)

...and Souq Waqif. I LOVE the Souq and it's a must-see. I have been here a few times before because its one of the more authentic-feeling destinations. It's also somewhere that attracts every segment of the city population, giving you a more accurate idea of the city.

And yes, they also do great shisha at some of the restaurants :)

Most of my clothes worn erred on the side of conservative.

Without stating the obvious, Doha is not Dubai and it's much better to dress modestly:

a) You don't want to offend anyone
b) You don't want to dress in a way that draws unnecessary attention to you.

Fun fact: I was once turned away from a meeting at a telecoms company in Doha because my ankles and lower calves were on show/too sexy to handle. 

This was therefore the weekend of the maxi skirt - something I feel like I haven't worn for ages but I really must bring back into my wardrobe.

I wore one to a magazine shoot for a local magazine - GLAM Qatar. It's from Reiss and has a snake print. It's possibly a Middle East exclusive though because while the website features the print in a dress it doesn't have it in the maxi version.

Skirt: Reiss
Blouse: Topshop - Link!
Leather jacket: old Topshop
Shoes: Zara (current season)

My hair was seriously Oribe'd in those pictures. I can travel without shampoo and conditioner but I cannot travel/live without Oribe :)

Before I go I want to give a shout out to the other bloggers. 4 girls together could be a disaster but it was actually lovely. We even had a midnight tea party :)

So from L-R:

* Najla - professional make up artist/shisha addict/lovely person. I really want her to do my makeup because she's so talented.
* Imaan  - I didn't say this directly to Imaan but she must know that she is a really inspiring person. She's a PhD student/style blogger and also lovely.
* Florence - Florence makes me want to start hunting down vintage. Unfortunately I live in the wrong country for that so when I am next in the UK, a trip to Brick Lane will be required. I love her style!

So yes, a great weekend. I am still in recovery mode as I didn't get to enjoy my usual long Friday/Saturday lie-ins but it was all worth it.

I don't think I am finished with Doha. If there is one thing that city has to offer it is some incredible art museums and I need to head back and check those out - along with a stay at the W. 4th visit lucky maybe? :)

Hope you had a great weekend :) 


  1. So nice to get a look at Doha. My brother moved there from Saudi and is so impressed with all the city has to offer in comparison. I must actually plan a visit myself!

  2. Oh it all looks so beautiful! I would love to visit there one day. Is it just me that is reminded of the moment Carrie Bradshaw buys the mascara from the Souq by that picture? (SATC fan moment haha) Xx

    Olivia - cravemorebeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  3. YOU LOOK INCREDIBLY STUNNING IN THESE PICS. yes, caps were absolutely necessary.

  4. Ankles too much to handle, huh? haha! It is good to be respectful. Beautiful images! New to your blog, nice to meet you.

  5. Doha looks like somewhere you could just wander for hours, constantly finding different little things catching your eye. Your photos of Doha and the hotel are brilliant. Sounds like a very good weekend, yay! xx

  6. Looks awesome! Thanks too for introducing me to Imaan's blog - I'm also a PhD student who doesn't buy the divide between beauty/aesthetics and intellect. Cool find!


  7. You look glowing!! Doha looks so beautiful, would love to vist one day.
    Although I am yet to visit Dubai! Lol 😊 Xx

  8. This makes me want to come to Dubai again!! Love your blog... :-)


  9. This just fuels my desire to visit Dubai! I have missed your YouTube presence for so long!!! But the regular posts lately are awesome thanks so much! xx

  10. This sounds like such an amazing weekend! I am yet to head to that side of the world (except for the airports!) but my in-laws will be in Doha next month, I will be requesting lots of lovely photos!

  11. How fun to meet other bloggers, looks like you all had a great time.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  12. You can't go wrong with Westin hotels. Love your snake print maxi. I've only ever been to Doha on business about 13 yrs ago so I'm sure the city has changed massively since then.
    Happy Monday Laura xoxo
    Http:// www.intotheblonde.com/

  13. Okay it's decided I'm staying at the Whotel when we go to visit our friends in Doha lol. You look fabulous in the photos,looks like a fun weekend. Going to hunt down that Reiss skirt later this week and maybe order oribe...sure my bank account won't thank you lol x

  14. This sounds like an idyllic little getaway Laura!
    I love maxi skirts... your outfit is just perfect with that leather jacket...
    I'm in love with your ombré hair, gorgeous!
    By the way, did you find the rose gold coffee mug in Starbucks?! :-)
    Have a lovely evening! xx

  15. The picture with the leather jacket is from the QELA store in the Pearl... amazing store

  16. Amazing photos, looks like you've had a fantastic time!

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  17. I really enjoyed reading that post. The hotel and location look stunning Lucky girl xoxo

  18. I love the skirt ur wearing!!


  19. Doha sounds like a lovely place. Thanks for the tip about dressing conservatively.

    Every last one of those gals are gorgeous, you included.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  20. I lived in Doha for 18 months and the W Hotel was one of my favourite places to visit. Wahm does the yummiest cocktails with a buy-one-get-one-free happy hour! What could be better?




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