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23 Feb 2014

Shopping my stash...again

Rediscovering great products that make you feel great. What could be better than that?

I have a little stash of goodies that I left behind in my move to Dubai and when I root through them I can't understand why I neglected so many. There are some real gems here that deliver a great end result - along with a bonus hefty helping of nostalgia.

Let's indulge ourselves with a trip down memory lane: first up a tray with a very special selection:

The first row, left to right:

  • MAC So Ceylon MSF - what a beautiful bronze product this is. It gives an amazing shot of warmth when applied and the peach undertone prevents it from looking muddy. It does not deserve to languish in the drawer. I am very sorry So Ceylon.
  • NARS Mounia - the blush with the rudest name of them all (if you translate it into Greek that is), but it's still one of my very favourites. It's that perfect pigmented dark berry that makes a statement on the cheeks. I do find it difficult to apply - you need a light dab with a duo fibre brush and that is really it - but its a blush that makes me feel perky. 
  • MAC Moon River - I remember the scramble to buy this limited edition beauty. It's part blush and a whole lot of highlighter. Pigmentation wise we are talking less than Well Dressed but it imparts that ultra delicate light pink flush and shine that becomes addicting.

The second row, left to right:
  • NARS Lola Lola - you will know how old this is by my purchase reference: I bought Lola Lola because I heard that Audrina from The Hills loves it. *Hangs head* Neutral brown with a gold laced through it. It's wearable and pretty and a less plummy version of MAC Sable. 
  • Milani Luminous - Milani have repackaged this blush but the original is still the best. It's the magic dupe of NARS Orgasm - but far prettier and superior. 
  • MAC Nuance - everyone on Instagram assumed this was Warm Soul and I can see that: the two are very similar. But this is so much better because its that little bit softer in tone and like So Ceylon, possesses a teeny bit of a peach tone to it that makes it just that bit more flattering. When I look at this (and Moon River) I think of the golden era of MAC...the time when every collection they came out with would have me drooling....*sigh*...times change.

Let's move on to eyeshadows...

The focus here is the eyeshadow on the bottom row, second from the right: Cranberry. 

Since I have been back I have used it every single day with either MAC All That Glitters or the beauty that is MAC Blonde's Gold pigment from the 2008 (!!) Overrich collection.

My god the latter combination is just amazing. Blonde's Gold is the perfect neutral with a glow. 

I am so glad I held on to this. It's pushing it's expiry date but powders are a little easier to justify hoarding. 

This product is what I imagine Burberry Pale Barley to look like and create when applied. Sometimes nothing can beat the joy you feel when finding a great wearable neutral. 

The polishes...

So while the shadows are blushes can be stored without spoiling I fear the latter might not be true for the two products below. But we'll find out soon enough...

You are looking at two epic nail polishes: OPI's Vodka & Caviar and Sephora OPI's Metro Chic. Two totally different tones but both fantastic quality, giving opaque coverage in 1 coat. Metro Chic has sadly been discontinued but for those of you looking for the quintessential red polish, you need Vodka & Caviar. It's bright and lifting but still very much a classic red. There is a tone to it that is seldom replicated. Get it :) 


Now with all this stash loving in mind I decided to paint my face in some of these beauties today. I know it looks like all my other FOTD's I have ever posted but still, I really liked the look :) 

Face: Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation (because wearing an old foundation would be weird)
Cheeks: MAC So Ceylon in the contour, Milani Luminous on the apples, MAC Moon River as highlight.
Eyes: NARS primer, MAC Blonde's Gold all over the lid, MAC Cranberry on the outer corner along with a smidge of NARS Lola Lola.
Eyeliner: Maybelline gel liner
Mascara: Lancome
Lips: Face Stockholm lipstick in Leva

If you got this far, thank you for reading! And you know I really tried to keep this post concise but the potential for a ramble is never far away.

See you soon! :) 


  1. Your makeup is so beautiful - I especially love your blush and highlight - you're glowing! And as far as your posts - I always love reading your 'rambles' ♥♥♥♥

    MY BLOG: ♥♥♥ Ella Pretty ♥♥♥

  2. Ah love it :) I think you were the first one to introduce me to shopping my stash back in the day and I really did try doing a Project 10 pan, but never finished anything ;) I've been wanting Cranberry for ages now so must make a Mac list for next time I'm heading away and will be in a duty free.

    Great post :)

  3. Great selection! Unfortunately Vodka&Caviar is also discontinued. I ran out (first nail varnish ever to run out) and wanted to buy a backup.
    Will have to look at Mounia though in Hongkong in 2 weeks.

  4. I have MAC So Ceylon, too:-) Lve it, but mostly use just during summer, it gives nice shimmer and sun kissed look to my face.
    Hosting GIVEAWAY on my blog:-)

  5. What's the Clarins Extra Comfort foundation like? I've yet to try it but I adore Clarins foundations!


  6. I remember when you did a blog post part-dedicated to Vodka and Caviar on your old blog, blast from the past! :)

  7. Audrina from The Hills always had great make up on both The Hills and her awful spin off show so your purchase of Nars Lola Lola is 100% justified.
    I've been lusting after Vodka & Caviar ever since I found out about it but I never managed to get my hands on it.

    Raise The Waves

  8. As much as I try, I find it impossible to get into/understand the appeal of blush. Maybe I'm applying it incorrectly, but I always look like a stripey clown!!

  9. What about Mac stereo rose? I seem to remember you were one of the lucky ones to get hold of it!

  10. Aaaah, so many memories! A lot of these are still in my drawers too, I can't believe you left Lola Lola, Mounia and Cranberry behind :)
    Regarding Pale Barley, Mac Patina would be the closest, but Pale Barley is an even better version of it.

  11. Ahhh I love taking a stroll down memory lane, I remember when you fist spoke about Metro Chic and I had to have it, I still wear it to this day even though it it a bit gloppy haha ;)
    xxx Claire

  12. I remember adding Cranberry to my list when you talked about your palette of dreams. I just realised that I sadly never got around to getting that one . . . yet! ; ) I hope you enjoyed your weekend back here in Blighty.

  13. It's surprising what little gems you can find by looking through your make-up, I often come across things I once loved :) Love your blog Laura x

  14. Your makeup is beautiful wish I could have such an amazing collection of makeup, I would be in heaven.


  15. Loooove this post!! I need to get my hands on Nars lola lola after you description :)

  16. Great post :) I try to always swap products round every 2 weeks or so to get use out of everything but there's always those things you forget to use!
    Alana x


  17. That FACE Stockholm lipstick is absolutely beautiful! How is it for wear time? T xx

  18. Love this post! Shopping the stash can be so fun when you find amazing products you totally forgot you had! I hope you haven't thrown those polishes out yet though, because they're actually one of the few makeup products that you can keep forever if you get yourself some Seche Restore. Scrangie made an amazing post about it, and has saved me so much $$$ not having to replace nail polishes!

  19. Hahaha not really the rudest word in Greek and Milani Luminous check! Need it in my life! ;)

  20. Ohhh i loved the hills. Lauren was always my style icon haha. I've been meaning to shop my stash, totally inspired me. Awesome post!! X


  21. Makeup rambles are the best. Moon river looks so good on you! xx

  22. Great post, I love a good ramble! :)

    I NEED that MAC Blonde's Gold in my life! Does anybody know of any great dupes??



  23. I love looking through my old makeup for forgotten gems, I also remember frantically googling metro chic back in your youtube days and I still never found it, The hills girls all had great makeup, I was always partial to lauren's makeup.

  24. What a beautiful collection! So much lovely make up. Love that NARS blush xx


  25. I'm laughing so hard at the moment..how on earth did you know what it means in Greek?:P
    Great post!x

  26. I love shopping my stash! It is crazy how easy it is to forget about products that you once loved!

    Xo, Kelsey

  27. Ah, I bought OPI's Metro Chic because of you ~ love it !!

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  28. Hi laura. Is that Macs Otherworldly peeking from under all those products? Lol. I got mine from a blog sale years ago and always think of you when I use it lol( which isn't very often - don't want it to finish!!)

  29. I (heart) Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic. I've got to wear that one again soon. *nods*

    What other colours are in your MAC palette? I recognize a few of them (Club, Carbon, Black Tied, and I think I spot Omega and even Brule or Vanilla, plus (again, not sure) Expensive Pink), but would love to know what else is in there. :)

  30. I loveee MAC Cranberry! Such an underrated colour that people are scared to use because of the red tones :)

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  31. Laura, I don't think your writing is ever too ramble-y! I think your voice translates very well in text, and it's an enjoyable read. Keep up the awesome blogging!

  32. Ohh, Vodka&Caviar, my favourite OPI nail polish and I'm so sad that it never came back since I finished my bottle.

  33. oooh I bet you were like a kid in a sweet shop rummaging through all this make up!! Am definitely going to check out the Blonde's Gold - do they still sell it?
    Hugs xoxo

  34. I love the look of those blushes. I am constantly rediscovering products from my collection!


  35. Amazing post! I love NARS Lola Lola eyeshadow too!! It's one of my favorite :) I really want to try MAC So Ceylon but it's limited edition right? I'm not quite sure but I don't see it at my MAC counter :( I love Milani blush too! It's so pretty. I use it all the time!

    I just posted my Tanya Burr's Lip glosses review and swatches and that would mean a world to me if you could visit my blog! :)



  36. That's quite a stash you've got there, with some incredible pieces.Experiencing makeup envy right now H x


  37. I need to shop my stash too. And stop buying so much makeup... :( your makeup look is flawless!

  38. love this makeup on you, very pretty Laura x


  39. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your beauty posts. I get a little giddy when I see a makeup post in my inbox. It's like arriving to the chapters of a book on your favorite parts of the whole story. Your fashion posts are enjoyable also and admittedly have been talked into a few pieces by them, but to be perfectly honest, the beauty bits are where it's at for me. :)

  40. I have to start rotating my make up so it all gets used.

  41. i've been shopping my stash lately just to avoid buying new makeup. it's alway surprising realizing what you have in your collection.


  42. OMG I am Greek and I can't imagine that they would give a blush that name! But it is really pretty!

  43. Metro Chic was definitely a "Youtube Made Me Do It" purchase ** as was Mac Sable ; ) ** and I absolutely love it. Even though I am sad that Sephora discontinued it, I am thankful that there have been a plethora of dupes over the years (and that I stocked up on a few bottles put on sale for only $4.5). My nail polish collection has no shortage of mushroomy/muddy/purple colors lol

  44. It's amazing how different the light in Britain and a bright sunny country like Dubai can make your makeup look. I find I need more peach to brighten and less shimmer/highlighting in the UK...I digress, I loved the vicarious look through your draws!

  45. I just pulled my blondes gold pigment out and pressed it into palette form . I just love that shade .

  46. I remember you back from YouTube years ago. Aren't you the ORIGINAL creator of the Project 10 Pan? I swear I distinctly remember you being the first one ever.

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