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14 Mar 2014

Hair basics

Okays let's talk about shampoo and conditioner. Because that's interesting.

No seriously, it will be! Have you ever heard of a hair brand called Davines? I hadn't until about 6 months ago. Both Laura and Simone use it and as I was bored/frustrated with my L'oreal Mythic Oil shampoo and conditioner (very average) so I made the switch.

Before I start waffling about this though I should tell you about my hair: the texture is dry and my main concern is volume and condition. My hair has always moulted but I would like to try and reduce that by keeping my scalp as healthy as possible - especially as the water in Dubai is TERRIBLE for your hair and it's common to start losing a lot of it.

The moulting factor is one of the reasons why I tried the Energizing Shampoo first. This is one of the best shampoos I have tried for a long time. Okay, this is not the sweetest smelling formulation - it's medicinal and reminds me of coal tar - but I think it's a great product.

As with the Phyto line, you massage the shampoo in, leave it for a few minutes and then rinse off. You will notice a cooling sensation and once your hair is dry it will be noticeably shiny and fuller.

At the moment I use that once a week and then alternate with the Replumping. I do that more because I have it - rather than love it. The Replumping I won't repurchase - nice, but nothing to write home about - but the Energizing is a must have.

Right so once this is done I let my hair air dry and then apply something that I think is pretty amazing.

From the same Energizing line, this is the "Gel". You put this on the scalp - I apply it via the nozzle directly - massage in, and then feel the tingle. The cooling buzz is probably responsible for me thinking that this works but I really feel that this makes my scalp happy. If nothing else, when paired with the shampoo it gives intense shine and a nice root boost that negates the need for any other product.

At this point I typically go to bed - I only wash my hair at night because the thought of having to do all the drying and conical wanding at once depresses me. When I eventually wake up it's time to use the conical wand. I use the same Babyliss wand and the same technique that I blogged about before - Link! The only difference these days is the addition of the texturising spray.

Oribe is the bees knees. But it should be. This canister of air and powder costs a fortune and I refuse to believe that this cannot be duped. I have done some preliminary investigations and have concluded that:

a) Charles Worthington is NOT a worthy dupe. If we wanted a dupe for Umberto Giannini's Backcomb in a Bottle then this would be it because they are both of the sticky/hairspray formula, something that is the total opposite of Oribe.

b) Vo5 Give Me Texture spray is pretty close. It's a little bit thinner and doesn't give the same amount of volume but the price is low and you can therefore spray as liberally as you want to. I want backups upon backups of this.

c) I constantly loose lids to products like this.

Once I have sprayed my hair into submission I am pretty much done and ready to go.

Insert non essential but lovely picture of Mate, the Border Collie, and my hair :) 

It's not quite "wash and go" is it but I think it's pretty simple. The key products are probably the Energizing Gel and the texturising sprays. If you want condition and volume then I think these two are a great combination.

Now tell me what are your hair must haves? 


  1. I've been using the L'Oreal Studio Texture Volume Supersize Spray for a while now and love it!:)

  2. I've never heard of this brand, so thanks for putting it on my radar. I tend to stick to moisturising products as I swim a lot so try to prevent my hair from getting too dry.
    Hugs xoxo

  3. Personally I think Oribe is rather average and over priced.......and I have tried quite a few things from their range (worked in a cosmetic store) I haven't tried the Davines range.....the name rings a bell but probably because I have read it on another beauty blog! ;)


  4. My desert island hair product is Joico's KPAK Deep Penetrating Reconstructor, you must try it if you can get hold of it! Enjoy your weekend Laura x


  5. Hey Laura. I've been using Nioxin cleanser with the scalp spray for the last six months or so. I'm on my fourth bottle of cleanser and it's probably the best shampoo I've used in terms of it's claims- my hair loss has been reduced so much! I even recommended it to my sister in law and it worked for her too. I use it twice a week and use the Aveda Brilliant shampoo once a week. I'm still on the hunt for a good conditioner coz like you my hair is quite dry. At the moment I'm using the Pantene BB hair creme. It works pretty well

    On a side note I'm sitting here watching True detective the first episode. I've got two more recorded and planning to watch them back to back AMAZEBALLS that's what I think so far. Hagd xoxo

  6. Right in time, I had quite a bit of hair chopped off yesterday!

  7. You don't use conditioner when you wash your hair? *faints* How... Why... I can't...
    Well, nonetheless you look very very cute and pretty!

  8. my hair care and styling routine is very very simple. i don't use fancy shampoos and conditioners and always leave my hair to dry naturally. i'm quite lucky in that i have thick hair and my hair always looks pretty full and voluminous when it's been washed. but sometimes i just want something else. something to make my hair feel a bit softer and give it a bit more 'oomph'. i think after reading this post i'll definitely look into trying some davines products and maybe something from oribe! your hair looks so lovely in that last picture so anything to help me get a similar style is something i'll happily try! :) X


  9. My hair routine is also very dull. I have quite long hair that's quite fine now. *Damn you aging process* but have recently started using the l'oreal thickening stuff. And it only bloofin works.
    Your hair always looks faboosh anyways xx

  10. The Energizing Gel sounds great! I will have to look into that. I am also hanging on for an Oribe dupe, I have tried the Charles Worthington and agree it is in no way a dupe. I also have the VO5 and think it's pretty good for the price :)

  11. That energising shampoo sounds absolutely fantastic! I've been wanting to update my haircare products for a while now and I think I'll be using your recommendations this time :)


  12. what sized babyliss wand do you use? xx

  13. Hi Laura,

    Love your blog! Was wondering where you pick up your V05 spray? I can only find the one on the spritz type bottle versus the aerosol you have pictured here. Any info would be great!



  14. I'm not too keen on the Charles Worthington either, I think i will stick to the L'Oreal Studio Texture Volume spray. Enjoy your weekend Laura! xx


  15. Hi Laura!
    I've found a haircare routine that I love since I moved to Dubai. I use the Phytokeratine shampoo and I love it! I also use their nourishing day cream, it's very lightweight but keeps my ends hydrated.
    I will do a post soon! Have a lovely Saturday! xx

  16. I really want to to try this hair style as it looks amazing on you but can i ask.. when do you use the oribe, before you curl or right at the end?

  17. Hi Laura!
    You look gorgeous as always!
    I have "ombré-ed" my hair two years ago and I still love it so far... my hair ends however, not so much. So I have tried a lot of oils et deep conditioner repair creams systems etc... And after two years of trials/errors I am now loving the l'Oreal ever riche light line for the shampoo/conditioner part and the Wella SP Luxe Oil for my ends! If you have not tried this one you should it like the best of oil combined with perfume for your hair. In fact it was developed like a fragrance with top, heart and bottom notes and as I am terrible at describing scents I'll just say that it smells very warm and sexy...?
    As a side note I have to recommend if you did not try it yet an amazing oil for the face (a little oil obsessive you say?)...The Deep cleansing oil from DHC. This one also smells and feels incredible! I use it every morning and night and it dissolves the makeup perfectly without any stinging in the eye (always a plus) and its like a mini-spa moment:-)
    I love to read you.

  18. I love your hair! It looks so healthy in the picture too and the colour is just gorgeous!


  19. I don't know how much an improvement it will make to Dubai water, but have you thought of getting a filter for your shower head? Maybe it would help? I think you would have to buy an all new shower head that comes with a filter. I loved the hair post! I can't wait to try some of the products you mentioned.

  20. The Charlse Worthington texturising spray left my hair in bits, could not get a brush through it at all.. If you have fine hair then I would stay clear from my experience! xx

  21. I love this, I always think your hair looks fab so I'll defiantly check these out.
    Beth x


  22. Great post! Is the shampoo sulfate free? :)


  23. I first heard of the Oribe dry texturizing spray via your post on Instagram and have been contemplating the purchase ever since. I ended up buying Blow Pro's version and, not having anything to compare to, I think its pretty great. It sprays almost wet feeling but then dries very nice giving lots of volume. You should try it out for a possible dupe and let me know what you think! :)


  24. I love the Organix products, and as I'm still in the recovery stage of having once bleached the heck out of my hair, I'm happy to report that the Coconut Oil conditioner and Argon Oil shampoo are working wonders!!!

    Also, i'm planning to ombre my hair in the coming months...any tips for how to do it/upkeep??

    check out my blog!

  25. Hi Laura, my name's Anna, and I'm a doctor out in sunny Melbourne, Australia. I love your blog, and have been following you around the web since you were lollipop26! I hope you don't mind me saying, but with regards to your moulting, I wonder if you have something called Androgenetic Alopecia. I have it, but am now on treatment for it, with pretty good results. The reason I'm mentioning it is the sooner you start treatment, the better the results. I might be completely wrong of course, as I'm just going from your pictures. If you think it's a possibility for you, you should go and see a dermatologist. Anyway, I love your blog as you are a constant source of fashion and makeup inspiration! A x

  26. Nooooo I've just picked up the Charles Worthington after hearing it was a dupe for the Orbe, that backcomb in a bottle stuff is my worst nightmare of a product! x

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  28. For those of us with shorter hair, hair extensions products are a good quick fix.

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