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6 Mar 2014

The Yellow Coat

Did you know that Heathrow Terminal 3 has a Zara? A Zara in the airport. With duty free prices.

When I saw it: mind...blown and envisaged myself shopping like a mad woman and rocking up to the plane with bags so stuffed full of goodies that they don't fit in the overhead lockers.

As it happened I only got two things and one of them was this coat.  As soon as I walked in I saw this on the mannequin and immediately marched to the "yellow" section of the store to locate it. It's bright (the perfect summer coat - if there is such a thing) but is also made of a scuba fabric that looks well structured.

So I tried it on and although briefly questioned my sanity in buying a coat when I live in a desert, bought it.

I really love the brightness - very summery as cliche as that sounds. With something this bright you can afford to be extra boring in what you wear with it. I wore it yesterday, paired with a simple grey drape top from Topshop and Paige jeans. The ubiquitous ASOS silver shoes also made their appearance :)

On my lips is a Revlon Matte Balm in Audacious. It's of the coral/orange family (my latest thing clearly!) and I love the consistency - it's all very smooth and velvety when applied. The staying power is good and the aftertaste minty. I am now kicking myself that I didn't get more of these when I was in the UK and able to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer. Oh how I miss you Boots! They are a great NARS/Clinique substitute.

Coat: Zara - Link!
Jeans: Paige
Top: Topshop
Sunglasses: Celine
Bag: Celine
Lips: Revlon
Nails: Color Club Lava Lamp

I wore this outfit to a breakfast event held by La Mer. Muffins, coffee, juices and $200+ face creams.

I was given a few products to try and I have to admit that I am really intrigued. I sit on the fence when it comes to skincare - sometimes I think it's worth paying for product (within reason) and other times I just don't see the point and go back to my pot of coconut oil. Having said that if something works I will absolutely pay for/consider it and have no guilt in doing so....because I am clearly THAT vain :)

For this event we explored the classic Creme as well as the new Lifting Serum. This is a sculpting product that claims to promote collagen production and help to "visibly firm". I am not sure what the visible firming is exactly but I promise that if I notice a difference in my skin I will let you know - expect a review in about 4 weeks time :)

Hope you are all well!


  1. I need that coat in my life! Looks absolutely stunning on you x

  2. The jacket is beautiful, it's a really striking colour. I'm intrigued by the lifting serum, can't wait to hear what you think of it! Although in all honesty I don't think you have any use for it, your skin is amazing.
    I think I walked past you one weekend in Dubai (I'm AD based) but was too shy to come and say hi :(

  3. When I saw you mentioned there was a Zara at Heathrow on Instagram, I got so excited... however I'm travelling from Terminal 5 this summer. Fail :(


  4. I hesitated long enough for the coat...I think it shall be mine...you made me :P Love it on you xxx



  5. Oh that coat is beautiful - I need it!

  6. oh Laura did you get all those creme de la mer products to try? Id love them xx

  7. Looks absolutely gorgeous!


  8. The yellow coat looks gorgeous on you Laura.
    I'll be interested to read your review on Creme De La Mer to find out if the price really is justified by the results of the product.
    Hugs xoxo

  9. The coat is so beautiful and you look great in it! x


  10. I am a massive fan of the matte balms too! They are just delightful to wear! Lucky for me I have all three shades :) I wrote a review of them, if you'd like to read :)


    From a fellow Laura ;) x

  11. The coat is gorgeous and that balm looks amazing on you :) x

    Catherines Loves

  12. Love that coat! A Zara in an airport would be seriously dangerous for me...there would be a high probability of me missing my flight.

    Love the Revlon lip balms! I have a pink and orange/coral shade - I need to go pick up this shade as well. It looks so pretty on you.

    xx, Jen

  13. I was at Heathrow airport ages ago, so I had no idea of ZARA's existence there. I can imagine how many women were there grabbing the chance to buy clothes at lower prices :) hmm, need to get next ticket through Heathrow during sales :)))

    Loved your coat, you can't expect opposite reaction when you see ZARA , can you:) and thank you for sharing the beauty tips on creams. <3 xoxo

  14. I used La Mer in years past, and I think people are looking at it as a miracle-botox-in-a-bottle-brew. I think it made a difference in how my skin felt and look, so I definitely like La Mer as a preventative, and not fix-the-damage product.

    Oh and as a side note, rock coats and jackets wherever you are! People think I'm crazy for collecting moto leather jackets when I live in Southern California!

    1. I'm in San Diego .. so sure, jackets are a must .. anything below 65 is cold .. lol.

      Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  15. That is a fabulous coat! Such a bright and cheery yellow .. La Mer .. haven't gotten into it .. I'm not sure it's worth the hype as there 's so much good medical grade skin care on the market.

    monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  16. Zara with duty free prices sounds like a dream! I wish we had one in SFO!!!:) Beautiful eye-catching coat!


  17. Lemon on a coat genious this looks beautiful and covers the winter spring challenge when wearing and needing a coat lucy

  18. This looks absolutely beautiful! I wish I had a Zara close to where I lived, because I would be in there like a flash purchasing up a storm!
    Molly x


  19. I love that you went all out and paired coral lips with a bright yellow coat (in the dessert), the finished result is very chic yet fun!
    The Beauty Break // http://beautytimebreak.blogspot.com

  20. That coat is stunning! You really suit it :) xx

    D Is For...

  21. Oooo I love the coat! You have amazing style! Xx

    Olivia - cravemorebeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  22. Love the new layout! and seriously need the yellow coat, looks amazing on you x

  23. Ahhhhh this yellow looks amazing on you! Your hair is also looking lush!
    TINY TWISST - www.tinytwisst.com

  24. Love the new look blog :) And you look fly as always! :)


  25. I am sure your mom got the message about the Revlon matte balm's. :) I love those and need to buy more.

  26. New design? Looks good! Def will try out the Revlon matte balm.

  27. I may have spent way too much money in Zara Heathrow when I was there last week but no yellow coat in sight or you bet I'd have bought this too!!!

    As for La Mer, my sister swears by it and she's not one to buy into beauty fads so it must be good!

    - Elodie x

  28. Love the coat - love that fresh/spring pastel look!

    You got me so excited by the thought of Zara at Heathrow, but turns out my flight to Bahrain is from Terminal 5, boooo! Will have to save my pennies for shopping in Dubai :) xx

  29. Hello sunshine let spring begin with this coat!

    x Mieke

    Check out my latest post!

  30. How cute is that coat?! At some point, it'll be chilly enough to wear it. ;-)

  31. Laura!! You're adorable; we're all probably at the same level of vain-ness but some of us are still in denial, haha. Also, love the new blog layout - it's a nice change. Take care! :)

  32. Coat crush! Been searching for the perfect spring coat and this could be it! Such a happy coat!


  33. Love this coat on you, I also can't stop wearing it as it's such a great mood booster :)

    Greetings from London,


  34. Hi Laura,

    What size is the coat you bought?

  35. absolutely loving the new lay out laura! it's so smart and sophisticated and makes the blog even more of a joy to read! i really love this coat as well and considering i'm looking for a new bright spring/summer coat, i will add this to my list of recommendations! i think it looks great for perking up a plain and simple outfit! i also really need to try some of those revlon balms, i've heard nothing but wonderful things about them! :) X


  36. I wish yellow suited me as well as it suits you!!!

  37. Such a beautiful coloured coat! x

  38. Definitely need to try the matte balms! I gave one if the regular balm stains in honey and love it!

  39. That coat is AMAZING! It's the perfect spring jacket... Gotta love those Zara finds.


  40. I just have to say after reading your first post on the ASOS heals that were actually easy to walk in, I bought them immediately in black....THANK YOU! THEY ARE AMAZING! I am now considering how normal it would be to purchase three more pairs .......
    Follow my Fashion, Fitness, Happiness, Beauty Blog on Bloglovin!

  41. Amazing! very nice style! http://bellemelange.net/blog/

  42. I love the look. It always amazes me how yellow coat upgrade basic outfits with so much "chic" !
    I have a very similar one, and I usually wear it a bit like on the picture: with simple jeans and a grey top. I also really like adding my fave plum Zara bag to the mix sometimes (like here www.manigazer.com/home/plum-yellow) !

    I'd love to see other ways you'll rock it !

    xx, I.

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