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29 Apr 2014

Bright stuff

I think I have a thing for scuba. 100% polyester and fabulous. It never wrinkles, always stays structured and if you look on ASOS, comes in any number of hues at good prices.

This one was a bit of an impulse purchase. I loved the shape of it more than anything else: just above the knee, full in terms of volume and with cool box pleats. I knew it would be bright as it was classified as a neon but blimey....it's bright!
28 Apr 2014

Brushes and Bases

I am in love with a brush. Oh dear.
26 Apr 2014

Mon Belle

Finally a bit of greenery in my background! I am in the UK for a whirlwind weekend (fly back to Dubai tomorrow) and as I packed light I have resorted to wearing this exact same outfit two days in a row. No shame there - except the jeans are white and definitely have a few iddy biddy stains on them by this point :)
22 Apr 2014

Lighter part 2

Taking dark hair to blonde is a commitment. And a time-consuming one at that.

When I last talked to you all about this I had lightened the base and added some balayage and ombre to break it up. The plan was to be sensible and return to the colourist's chair in about a month for more balayage.

Well, you know me, I couldn't wait. So I made the appointment (MUCH) earlier than planned, made an apology to my hair and toddled back to Anthony at Pastels/Ritz Carlton this weekend.
21 Apr 2014

Playtime with Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer

Tom Ford chose a slightly misleading naming convention for these products. I say this for one simple reason: Lip Color Sheer's are not actually that sheer. This just isn't the lip product that gives you a hint of colour - in some cases it's a great big burst of pigment. And I for one, am happy about this.
17 Apr 2014

The Time is Meow

How awesome is this tee? I mean really! It's so awesome that I am going to dedicate a post to prattling on about it.
15 Apr 2014

Keeping it simples

I think white jeans are going to be my sartorial motto for the week. Dubai suddenly got very hot and it's sweatsville all day and night. White jeans are perfect for staying covered whilst keeping cool. Well, sort of.
13 Apr 2014

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

Impartiality pretty much went out the window with this one. I could have easily written this review before I even ripped open the packaging. You know my love for Black Orchid runs deep so any diffusion version is automatically going to result in a positive review.

11 Apr 2014

FOTD ft Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder

I cannot tell you how many face pictures I had to take today. It's too embarrassing. I am going to blame TOtM for the fact that my face didn't work - as opposed to the makeup. Because that bit I liked!
9 Apr 2014

OOTD instead of FOTD

Whoops! I said today I would post about beauty, didn't I? Well in all honesty I tried taking a FOTD post this morning and I looked seriously rough in all 43842934839 shots so let me try again tomorrow :)

Instead of a FOTD you get an OOTD.
8 Apr 2014


My second passion in sartorial life (after pastels obviously) is scalloped edged "stuff". Tops, shorts, dresses, skirts...whatever....if it has scalloped edges I want it. Goodness knows why that edging gets to me but somehow it does. There's just something so feminine about it - I mean, you don't often see a man in something scalloped edged do you?
7 Apr 2014


Do you ever have products that you are just not sure about? You don't hate them. You don't love them. You just cannot seem to make up your mind.

I saw the idea for this post on Stacey's blog and I immediately thought of a few products in my own collection that I haven't quite figured out. It's not that they are bad, it just that either:

a) I am too dense to understand how I need to work with them or
b) Maybe they are just not my cup of tea.

So here is the run down of the products that currently have me baffled.
5 Apr 2014

The Zara Mint Green Coat and NOTD!

Say a big hello to one of my favourite items of clothing at the moment!

I tried this on about 3 times in Kuala Lumpur, each time trying not to love the colour or the unique jacquard fabric. It's one of those magical items of clothing that seems to look good with literally every single thing that you wear. So I gave in and I bought it. As I said before, Zara ruins me this time of year.
3 Apr 2014

Bobbi Brown Art Sticks

Every brand under the sun has some kind of fat lip pencil on the market so you might think that Bobbi Brown Art Sticks are a bit of a dull release.

I get that - we have seen it before - but there is something unique about these and I think that it's all in the texture.

These are creamiest, most pigmented, wearable and long(ish) lasting lip pencils that I have tried. And I have tried Clinique and NARS.
2 Apr 2014

Tarte "Natural Beauty" blush and OOTD

Meet my second Tarte blush, a strawberry shade called "Natural Beauty". It's pigmented, provides the perfect flush and has staying power that is fully deserving of it's "Long-Wear" title. It was a purchase encouraged by many of you and I just want to say a big thank you for introducing me to it!