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15 Apr 2014

Keeping it simples

I think white jeans are going to be my sartorial motto for the week. Dubai suddenly got very hot and it's sweatsville all day and night. White jeans are perfect for staying covered whilst keeping cool. Well, sort of.

Everything here is standard stuff that I have had for a while - the only newish thing is those Topshop shoes I mentioned. Someone on Instagram said that they thought the shade of these beauties was a dupe for Essie Topless and Barefoot. I love that reference :)  I want to thank the "Recommended" item list that sits in the right sidebar on Topshop.com- without that I would never have discovered them!

Top: ASOS - Link!
Blazer: Zara (old)
Jeans: Zara TRF
Shoes: Topshop - Link!
Bag: Celine
Sunglasses: RayBan

Makeup wise I have been pairing it down this week. I was fannying around with makeup on Saturday and decided that I wanted to be "minimal". That decision has seeped it's way into this week as well. It's all powder foundation and oodles of luminous highlighter.

I have been giving Benefit's "Watt's Up" a whirl for the latter. After a few days of usage I am going to say this:

a) The colour is lovely - it's a champagne coloured highlighter that gives a candlelit (cliche alert!) lit from within glow. It's not the easiest to blend but once worked in (with fingers) gives a very other worldly look on the skin.
b) The longevity of this also rates highly. It's exceeds NARS Copacabana multiple in my opinion. It also doesn't crease so it's one that can be worn on the lids.
c) The packaging is infuriating. It keeps breaking and the sponge applicator that sits on one end makes me angry because it doesn't even work effectively to blend the product in.
d) Naff packaging aside I would recommend it for the overall impact on the skin. For a cream highlighter it is truly lovely.

Face: Laura Mercier Mineral Powder in Classic Beige
Cheeks: Benefit "Watt's Up"
Eyes: Benefit "Watt's Up" over lids, MUFE Smokey Lash and a teeny tiny bit of L'oreal liquid liner
Lips: Lancome "Gloss in Love" gloss in 200. SO BEAUTIFUL. It's just a clear/white gloss but really does a number on your lips.
Brows: Nothing....which is a mistake. NARS Bali needs to live on them!

I am not sure how long this current FOTD trend will last though as I have a Tom Ford makeover tomorrow lunchtime so the next time you see my face I may well be back to piling it on in a big way :)

Ooh and I will try and snap some pictures for a quick post early tomorrow morning regarding my hair because after a 4 hour session in the chair it looks just a little bit different :)

See you soon!


  1. simple but chic as usual. I like that lipstick too x


    1. It's the most amazing gloss. Do you have it? It's insanely pretty when applied

  2. I've always thought the packaging for Watts Up was just plain strange! I love cream highlighters though and have always wanted to try that one. But since I bought Illamasqua Gleam in Aurora my cream highlight craving has kinda been forever (aka a few months) quenched! If you haven't tried it you must! :) xx

    1. Okay, that is immediately going to be checked out! Thank you!

  3. I LOVE this look, Laura! You look like you just woke up glowing - one of those women that I would positively despise out of sheer jealousy :) And cliche, smiche - you really do look lit from within!

    I'll have to give this another go tomorrow morning. When I first tried it, it was a tad dark for my skin and had dried up a bit so it tugged at my skin. Lovely post!


    1. It's all makeup I am telling you :)

      It does tug a bit....it's sort of a dry texture which I like because it helps it last but it does make application a bit of a pain in the bum.

  4. I've never used a highlighter before, it looks lovely on you. I'm definitely going to add it to my list of things to try out.


  5. I own the Benefit Watt's Up and couldn't agree more with what you wrote above. Great product, horrendous packaging. Really difficult to travel with too as the lid comes off and the product gets easily damaged by everything else rattling about in my make up bag. Great post, as always

  6. You look so chic! I'm completely hooked on highlighters at the moment, they give a gorgeous glow :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  7. I love your style! You should do a post on your tips for buying clothes and cultivating your personal style :)

  8. I love how beautifully sophisticated your outfit is! Tbh when I first heard white jeans were making a comeback I had awful flashbacks to when I was younger, pairing them with an array of awful tops, covered in grass stains! haha, howver you have made me reconsider them ;] x


  9. Ah you always look incredible Laura, please give me your wardrobe?!
    I'm currently using a No.7 cream highlighter very similar to the Benefit one! Great high street alternative.

    Love Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  10. I really love your style and your blog is great!

    Ellie xox


  11. Gorgeous outfit :)


  12. Gorgeous outfit, love the highlighter too!

  13. Simple isn't always a bad thing. I really love this outfit.


  14. Your FOTD is gorgeous. With a capital G. Your skin, eyes really stand out.

  15. Love the outfit, I am very into neutrals lately. Also, just discovered Watt's Up myself and totally loving it so far!
    The 20-Something Project

  16. Gorgeous Laura! Can't wait to see the hair :)


  17. I love that outfit you are wearing, you look so beautiful, and you pull off white jeans amazingly.

    Jess x


  18. Thank you for reminding me I actually have that highlighter somewhere kicking around!! I don't think I liked it the first few times I used it but having read this I'm going to give it another go!

    Really like the barely there make up on you too :)

    Lis x

  19. Super classy outfit. Suits you really well :-D


  20. Your skin looks so glowy and gorgeous as ever! Love your nude heels xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  21. Love this outfit! I am so excited to see what your Tom Ford makeup is going to look like! eep!



  22. I do love white jeans for summer, and so glad someone is singing the praises of Watts Up! I've been a huge fan of it for years and everyone always overlooks it for high beam! xx

  23. Perfect spring look, I'd say!

  24. Great outfit :]


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  27. Gorgeous Laura! I do really like white-colored denims for summer time, and so grateful someone is performing the good remarks of H Up! Your epidermis looks so glowy and stunning as ever! Really like your naked heels.


  28. Have you tried MAC's cream colour base in pearl? It's such a beautiful highlight that I think you'll enjoy.

  29. Adore the OOTD Laura & your paired down make up is perfect for the sun, gonna give it a try.
    Hugs xoxo

  30. Such a beautiful look!

    Sarah x

  31. Stunning! Simple is always classic in my book! x

  32. Great outfit Laura! Simple but classy. Love your FOTD and actually, I think that your brows in this photo look GREAT! They make the make up look so light, effortless and youthful!!! x J

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. This look is simple elegant and classy! Love it. Xo, Alexandra

  35. I love white jeans in the summer and think your whole outfit looks really chic. I own the Benefit Watt's Up highlighter and love it, though I agree with you about the application - I had a couple of "war paint" moments before I got the hang of blending it properly. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

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  37. LOVE outfits like this! Definitely my style!
    I'd appreciate if you'd take a look at my blog! I just did a post on "The Truth About Perfection"


  38. LOVE the look!


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