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9 Apr 2014

OOTD instead of FOTD

Whoops! I said today I would post about beauty, didn't I? Well in all honesty I tried taking a FOTD post this morning and I looked seriously rough in all 43842934839 shots so let me try again tomorrow :)

Instead of a FOTD you get an OOTD.

It's a little snoozy - skirt/Zara jacket/sunglasses/standard uniform etc - but there are a couple of new things here.

1) The shirt. It has scalloped edges....ooh Deirdre Chambers, what a coincidence! 

It's Topshop and I actually bought it a few months ago. I love the little scallops down the front and around the collar. The only snag is the transparency of it. Stupidly I wore a white lace bra today which anyone who looked at me could probably tell. Next time I need to whip out the nude, plain textured one!

2) The shoes! Ah the shoes! You know how I am obsessed with the ASOS Spring Break model? Well to me these are the Topshop equivalent. Pointed toe, medium heel but most of all 100% walkable and comfortable. I should also add the obvious - they come in the prettiest pastel nude/pink.

I dressed them up today for work meetings but the intention was always to pair them with my Paige boyfriend jeans. I can't wait to wear those items together. Maybe tomorrow? :)

Blouse: Topshop - Link!
Skirt: Reiss - old
Jacket: Zara - Link!
Shoes: Topshop - Link!
Sunglasses: Prada
Bag: Celine Mini Luggage in Navy

As a side note I am 100% developing an addiction to getting my hair blown dry/out. It makes SUCH a difference and my naturally dry hair manages to hold this style for a good 4/5 days. Sure it feels like straw by that point but that's a minor detail...

This is one of those "treatments" that I consider really indulgent but something that I really want to get used to. My aim is to be like my mum who hasn't washed her own hair for about a decade and always looks so fabulous. :)

Apologies for the brevity of today's post - I promise the next one will be overly wordy and rambly to make up for it :) 


  1. I absolute adore that jacket. I've been stalking it online since you first mentioned it. I really think I *need* it. Lovely post =]


    1. As you can tell, I love it so I would urge you to get it. #enabler :) :) It's also pretty light to wear so great for the summer!

    2. Alright, that settles it. Officially ordered. Ah...as much as I love your posts they kill my wallet haha!

  2. gorgeous outfit, love the pastels :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

    1. Thanks so much Rachel. I really gotta mix up my colour palette at some point :) haha

  3. Hey, can you tell me what size you usually take and are ASOS ones true to size? I am so desperate to get those but nobody talks about size :( You look lovely btw!

    1. This is a bit tricky! I am a size 5 with a wide foot and both brands fit me absolutely fine. There's a little bit of give in both as well which makes them comfortable to wear.

      I do have a friend (also Laura!) who has both these shoes and found them a bit snug. Not impossible but I think if you are a half size, go up rather than size down.


  4. Love the coat! I used to religiously watch all of your you tube videos, why did you stop them? Glad you are blogging though!! :) x


  5. i love a good blowout!!! You look fab in these pics!

    xo Patricia


  6. I would love a blowout on a regular basis but I know fine well I would get addicted so I never go for one. I don't think my bank balance could handle such an addiction.

    Raise The Waves

  7. This jacket is so beautiful! Zara is so on point at the moment!

    Chloe xx

  8. My ASOS spring break shoes arrived yesterday, love them....thanks for the recommendation. I wished I lived in a climate that was warm enough to have your wardrobe!

  9. love the shoes! so pretty for spring. xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.com

  10. Since this outfit looks so gorgeous...we will forgive you for your error!!


  11. I learnt how to blow out my own hair this winter out of necessity, curly hair is not a nice thing to have in freezing (literally) temperatures. I did it once a week and it stays nice and straight, with minor straightening iron interventions in the morning. Also once a week, I use oil at night a deep conditioner after washing it, so it doesn't dry out too much :)

    (and I like white under white, it's a nice pop to a semi transparent shirt without clashing with it like a coloured bra would. I hope the fashion police doesn't see this)

  12. Oh you look so chic, I love all your Outfits! The jacket and the blouse are extremely adorable, I'm in love with them, really *_*
    Have a lovely night!


  13. I really love this blouse, the detail on the collar is so classy, yet simple.


  14. wow you look incredible, i literally love everything about this outfit, you look so elegant and classy.

    Jess x


  15. Such a girly outfit! You look fab as always, Laura.

    xo, alison*elle

  16. I have no idea how you manage to make such girly and potentially young looking items so mature and fresh! I would look like a 4 year old in these items haha


  17. Love the skirt and shoes...perfect for spring!


  18. My mum is addicted to the blow dry too. In fact, she has been known to turn down invitations because her hairdresser can't fit her in beforehand! Somewhere down the line, the possibility of doing her own hair just ceased to factor in her thinking. Love the outfit - so pretty and feminine. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  19. Gorgeous shoes, such a nice heel height without being ankle breaking!



  20. I love this whole look, those shoes are to die for! I'm trying to save for a pair of Valentino heels but I keep seeing things I love on your blog & it's killing me!!!!
    Hugs xoxo

  21. Love your outfit Laura! Did your blowdry your hair yourself or get it done in a salon?

    Demi x


  22. Oh my god I need those shoes!!! You are not good for my shoe addiction or bank balance Laura!! ha! :) I've just seen your OOTD with the Paige jeans too - great combination!

    I know what you mean about multiple FOTD snaps, I tried yesterday morning too.....miserably!

    Lis x


  23. Love this Zara coat and your outfit is so pretty!


  24. You look lovely, such a classy look :)


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  26. haha, loving the Muriel quote! Definitely said it out loud in an Aussie accent :)

    That shirt is really pretty.

  27. Do you think this coat could be worn in the fall or winter? It's too beautiful not to purchase, but it's already hot in the Carolina's ... Still just love

  28. You always look so classy. Also love the obsession for scalloped anything! I'm the same :)