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8 Apr 2014


My second passion in sartorial life (after pastels obviously) is scalloped edged "stuff". Tops, shorts, dresses, skirts...whatever....if it has scalloped edges I want it. Goodness knows why that edging gets to me but somehow it does. There's just something so feminine about it - I mean, you don't often see a man in something scalloped edged do you?

This skirt is therefore the stuff of dreams for me. I saw it on the Topshop site, bought it immediately and when I got my hands on it last week loved it very much. The fabric has a nice weight to it which means that the centerpiece (scallops!) will not curl over/under. This is an issue I had before with ASOS items but I'm happy to report that here we have something that just "hangs" nicely.

The only bummer is the length. It's short. As in, too short to wear in a lot of public places round this neck of the woods. I sort of wish I had sized up in that respect because a slightly bigger size often equates to a slightly longer length.

Sometimes I also wish Topshop offered their dresses and skirts with length options. I cannot be the only person that dislikes having 3/4 of my thigh on show!? I mean what's wrong with the odd slightly-above-the-knee length item every now and again, eh?

That aside, it's just such a lovely piece. Really. It's pretty and goes with practically any top you pair it with. I'll probably live in this when I go away in August (destination currently unknown but, fingers crossed, something relaxing possibly involving a beach) as to me this is very "summer holiday". I mean, it would have to be considering the amount of skin you have to get out to wear it!

Perhaps I have been wearing midi's too much lately... :)

Top: River Island - Link!
Skirt: Topshop - Link!
Nails: Essie "Borrowed and Blue".

PS. I am in a "using up old foundation" phase before I repurchase Clarins Extra Comfort and I have to say that MAC Studio Sculpt is really very good! In fact I think it's very similar to the Clarins in some respects - longevity, texture and with a slightly dewy finish. I have worn it for the last three days with the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder over the top and it's a definite thumbs up.

Hope you all had a great Tuesday and see you tomorrow (probably) with a beauty post. 


  1. Pretty sure I tried this skirt on yesterday! Does it have a slight triangle like cut into it at the side?! Anyways, I absolutely loved it! Not sure about your height, I'm around 5ft8 and found quite short! It was very hard to resist though! I'm hoping it come in stock maybe in the tall section and I might try it again!

    1. I haven't noticed a triangle but now I feel compelled to look!

      I am shorter than you (*sob*) at 5ft6/7 but the shortness is undeniable. A couple more inches and it would have been PERFECT. I'll totally wear it though :D

  2. I also love that cut but I haven't found anything I like yet!

  3. Oooh this is gorgeous! I'd like it if more places did slightly longer skirts, too - some of us don't want to flash our bums the whole time!

    Jess xo

  4. I don't know what you're talking about Laura, my Fiancé is always sporting his scalloped edged shorts and T-shirt! ha ;)

    Seriously though, what a gorgeous skirt, I'm totally with you on the whole 'why so short' topic - at 34 years old I can't get away with the bum skimming numbers I used to be able to back in the day! I may have to make a little exception for this skirt though! I love a scalloped edge too, that New Look top you recommended last year I've worn to death!



  5. This is gorgeous!! I love your outfits in general, they're always so beautiful!!

    Layla xx


  6. I think you look lovely :)


  7. You skin does look quite nice in this! For me that skirt doesn't look too short but I am in college and sometimes our judgement in lacking haha I do wonder what it's like to dress in a country much more conservative than America. I love seeing how you do it!


  8. I hear ya on the length, but the style is gorgeous! It really suits you. Love Studio Sculpt too - it is one of the only MAC foundations that gets on with my drier skin ( the other being face and body, and yes I mix the two sometimes, try it!)

  9. I'm trying to use up Studio Sculpt as well - forgot why I liked it in the first place :) Love the skirt, but I'm with you on the length, I'm a teacher so the last thing I want is a skirt half way up my legs when surrounded by kids who are only up to my waist in the first place!

  10. Love this skirt so much!! I am obsessed with scallops too :)

    A College Confession

  11. The skirt is super gorgeous! I'm like you Laura, reluctant to get out my thighs - at least you've got the climate for it!!!!
    Btw I tried to get hold of Essie Borrowed & Blue but realised it's from a previous range so have gone with Find Me An Oasis from the 2014 resort collection which looks pretty similar!
    Hugs xoxo

  12. Love this skirt. Can You believe that I have NO SCALLOPS in my wordrobe!?? That needs to change! :)

  13. This skirt is so pretty. Does it come in multiple colours?

    Been a lover of your blog for years, and so jelly of your clothes such an amazing sense of style!!

    Chloe xx

  14. I saw this skirt in Topshop the other day and thought it was beautiful. Now I'm really kicking myself for not trying it on! I think you look fabulous in it, shorter length and all!

  15. This is such a pretty skirt, it suits you so much.

    Jess x


  16. Have you tried the Tall section in Topshop? Lots of their items are available in a longer length.

  17. I love scalloped edging too! Topshop had LOADS of lightweight tops with this edging last summer and I reckon I bought every colour! I think it makes an outfit look so 'put together'. xxx

  18. What a beautiful skirt - I absolutely love it! I do completely agree about Topshop though - I am not particularly tall (actually quite short) and bought a dress the over day that I could never wear in front of my mother!

  19. Such a pretty skirt! Your hair looks so lovely too! x


  20. I would have a matching color band added to the top so it would be just a bit longer. A good seamstress could do it easily. It is a gorgeous skirt. I love scallops too!:

  21. I would have a matching color band added to the top so it would be just a bit longer. A good seamstress could do it easily. It is a gorgeous skirt. I love scallops too!:

  22. Such a lovely skirt! As I'm a shortie (5'4") the length probably won't be too much of an issue on me! I share your love of scalloped edges btw!


  23. I'm the same when it comes to anything scalloped! Such a pretty skirt! xx

  24. I so agree with you on the length issue. Midi length is so comfortable for work and flattering yet it is hard to find it in most designs.

  25. That skirt is so up my street! I love it.


  26. I love the edging on that skirt, tis gorgeous, as is the whole outfit really!! H xx


  27. I had to return a dress from ASOS last week as the scallop edge turned up and looked so stupid, so it's good to know that this is weighty as these look absolutely amazing. Although, I totally agree with Topshop doing different lengths! I'm really tempted to buy it two sizes up to try and get more length out of it.

    Do you know if it only comes in regular or does it come in tall as well as if it does I'm sold on it?

    Beth x


  28. Gorgeous photos!

    I love the skirt and how you've styled it - if it makes you feel better, you have lovely legs so nothing to be ashamed of! :-)

    Smaz Says

    Sarah x

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  31. Cute Skirt!


  32. Scalloped details are so dainty and lady-like to me. :)

    Maggie A

  33. Gosh! I'm obsessed with this scalloped skirt. So pretty.


  34. Love this! I'm really for the whole scallop trend but sadly I only own a cream scallop vest from Topshop, so I would like to increase my collection. I also love how you have styles it, perfect!

    -jess x


  35. Beautiful look !! Thanks for following me on bloglovin, followed you back :)