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7 Apr 2014


Do you ever have products that you are just not sure about? You don't hate them. You don't love them. You just cannot seem to make up your mind.

I saw the idea for this post on Stacey's blog and I immediately thought of a few products in my own collection that I haven't quite figured out. It's not that they are bad, it just that either:

a) I am too dense to understand how I need to work with them or
b) Maybe they are just not my cup of tea.

So here is the run down of the products that currently have me baffled.

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Cream - I picked this up in Kuala Lumpur after being seduced at the Fresh stand in Sephora. The cream itself has a lovely texture - rich enough to intensely moisturise but light enough for quick absorption. My problem with it lies in the scent. When you first slap it on it's a sweet burst of citrus. Once it "sets" though you start to smell odd. A reviewer on Sephora.com described it perfectly - you start to smell like "furniture polish". It does eventually fade away but there is a definite stage where you won't want to be around people. Heck, you don't even want to be around yourself!

James Read Liquid Tan - The James Read mousse I love. There is a silky type quality to the mousse - it's hard to describe - but it glides on and develops beautifully. The liquid tan is a different kettle of fish. Well, it might not be. It might be just as wonderful but I just haven't been able to cope with the texture. In fact the few times I have tried, the product has ended up on the floor, on the counter, in the sink, running down my arms....you get the story. One day, in the near future, I will master this! Perhaps...

Sarah Chapman Overnight Exfoliating Booster - I like Sarah Chapman skincare. I remember raving about it in a YT video many years ago. It's a great brand with a not-too ridiculous price bracket. So that's all good then. When it comes to the booster though, I am just not sure if it does anything at all. I like the fact that it's a light gel formula and I apply it up to 3 times a week (at night) to soften the wrinkles and even out the skin tone. I think my issue with this (and perhaps it's a bit silly) is that it's a VERY gentle formula. I have used this for a few weeks and I cannot say that there is any different in my skin in terms of tone. And the area round my nose still needs a bit of exfoliating help. It's just all a bit "meh".

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks - I have two of these, number 1 and number 2. They leave a light stain, have a velvet finish and the colours are bright and appealing. But boy do I struggle with the application/formula.

Both of them are very streaky to apply. I can never seem to get a nice even lip without injecting ALOT of effort.

Think of the Hourglass Liquid Lipsticks - okay they have a totally different price point and arguably, a different concept - but the process of applying it is seamless.  I think I might try these over a lipstick for a little bit of extra "oomph". I think then my shoddy applications skills may be easier to disguise!

Amazing Cosmetics concealer - right, I do actually like this. I do think the coverage is actually quite amazing. It's one of those "blank canvas" concealers that just wipes out your skin and gives you a plastic/fantastic finish.

I like that but what I don't like and what is turning into a bit of a peeve is the fact that I feel like it never actually sets. On a few occasions I have noticed it settling into fine lines around my eyes after 30-45 minutes and that just gets on my nerves. I don't want to feel like I have to set my concealer with powder (Matte under eyes? No thanks!) and even less so when I think of how wonderful Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection/MUFE Full Cover etc are on their own.

As I said, I like the coverage so I won't toss it aside just yet. I think the best course of action is to stop using it in that area of the face and keep it reserved for concealing redness around my nose. Yep, I'll do that.

Josie Maran Argan lip treatment - what a dinky little pot!

Yes I was totally seduced by the packaging and the look of the balm itself. It gives such a pretty light glow on the lips - that faint hint of pink that the likes of By Terry Baume de Rose also achieves.

The thing with this though is that while the packaging is unique and the end result superficially pretty, the "treatment" itself is distinctly average. I can't slag it off but neither can I rave about it. It's "okay". It's light, smooth, non-sticky and has a shine finish. It's nice. But nice won't make me repurchase!

- Whinge over! -

I do love a good product bitch sometimes. And I will always love the whole community aspect of people sharing what does and what does not work for them. I find it helpful. Yes, I always take into account different skin types/expectations/perspectives but the way I see it, the more opinions the merrier :)

So what are the products that you are just not sure about? 


  1. I read your post and y have the same feelings about some products i have in my beauty table. I never think post them, but you inspired.
    That lipsticks call my atention, so i hope you find how to use them.
    Love your blog!


  2. I was the same with the Bourjois lipsticks. When I swatched them I was disappointed and thought - these are nothing like Hourglass or Sleek. I find that you just need to lash on a thick coat though - and they are slower to set. Give then 15 minutes :) x

  3. I really want to try that tanning mouse you keep raving about, but I HATE self-tanning :( is it really fool proof???

  4. my most undecided product was the Moroccan Oil! I just couldn't tell any difference between it and any other oil


  5. I have a whole box of undecideds.every now and again I empty it and put it all back. It's alot of mac stuff mainly, colours that don't suit me.oh and stuff thst smells awful it won't have a place in make up storage.

  6. The Hourglass Ambient finishing powder in dim light. I wanted to love it so much since there was so much hype over it but for me it just didn't work. I ended up taking it back to get store credit and bought my much loved Narsissist blush/bronzer limited edition kit! I love your blog by the way. Would love for you and anyone else to check out my new beauty blog!


  7. It's so funny as some of the products you are not so sure about I was thinking of buying...now I'm not so sure!!


  8. Eeep, thanks for the heads up on the Bourjois lip lacquers!

    Georgina at itotallypaused.com

  9. This is a great idea for a post! It is rare that I actually hate a product, I end up just feeling average about so many things. Thanks for the heads up with these items :)


  10. Great post. Thankfully I haven't had too many disasters with products I've bought; maybe I'm not experimenting enough ;-)

  11. Well said Laura. I do lover a good product whinge every now and again, especially after paying for something! Bourjois Bronzing Primer. Love the smell. Just don't know how the heck to use it properly!??


  12. love this post! people always talk about things they love and things they hate - there is definitely a need for more of a middle ground discussion!

  13. I'm really unsure of my Guerlain Kohl powder in the prettiest cone-like packaging. It looks like a potion bottle and the top unscrews with a wand on it that applies the powder inside. I always get fall out and the powder itself doesn't seem that pigmented. I thought it might be good to set eyeliner but... unsure whether the fall-out is worth it considering I can just use an angled brush and shadow. The Guerlain IS an all in one-product so I don't know. Like you said, maybe it's me. I'm also not really convinced about the lip and cheek tints, particularly those that come in a tube, like Becca or David Sandler's. The colours are gorgeous but somehow I just feel that cream products apply better (more seamlessly) with fingers, such as the NYX cream blush in Tea Rose. When I'm in shopping mode, I want to find something more luxe but they just don't last. They're either watery, too powdery, too streaky, set too fast, and or all of the above. Moving on, other products are Volcanic Ash Root Volumiser by David Ash, my yellow Shu Uemura lip stick, and Chocolate Mint Tea. It's not quite as satisfying as hot chocolate and the comparison always follows...

    1. Correction on the Volcanic Ash Root Volumiser- by David BABAII

  14. I often have the same feelings about many products as I am often seduced by the packaging. Sad to say that most of the time if I am not sure if I like something I just end up tossing it. :(

  15. Vita Liberata Rapid 4-7 Day Tan Mousse!
    Although there is little to no fake tan smell and it dries in a flash, I simply cannot get this to go on streak free. I prefer using just a latex glove with most of my self tanners, like St. Tropez, and it works just fine. This, however, turns out awful using that method. It is not forgiving on any and all dry patches and it settles around my elbows which I almost never have a problem with using any of the other countless self tanners I have tried. My next course was to use a mitt (as the directions suggest) and I also made sure I slathered on some lotion and waited for that to dry before trying again. It didn't settle in my dry patches but it still went on streaky and dried funny around my elbows again. I was shocked to have recently read in a couple magazines and blog posts that his was a top rated tanner. I just cannot get it to work. It also leaves a more red-based tan on me. I'll be sticking to my St.Tropez.

  16. What a great post Laura! It's important to do these from time to time as it alerts us make up plebs - just in case we were going to buy that product.
    Keep em coming!
    Hugs xoxo

  17. I feel this way about my entire Burberry makeup collection. I couldn't resist them. Everyone was raving about them. They were pretty in the package. They are still nice to look at. But I apply them and think, mwah. they do nothing special for me. Scrap that, they do NOTHING for me. And none of the people who raved about them so much when they launched seem to use them as staples. As far as I'm concerned, Burberry makeup products are the Emperor's New Clothes of the beauty world.

  18. Yes I have a drawer full of products that were expensive, but just don't seem to work for me! At least with clothes you can try at home and then return them if not suitable, but with cosmetics its just money wasted if not right! xx p.s. love you to check out my blog!

  19. Ha! I love this post! "I am too dense to understand how I need to work with them" this is me to a T with a lot of things! My recent post is a classic example of this - the Macadamia Flawless hybrid shampoo conditioner affair, it still baffles me!! xx


  20. Luckily, I don't have too many products I'm undecided about. Generally, if I buy it and I'm not 100% in love with it, I return it. The only things I'm rather undecided about are my Wet N Wild eyeshadows (the trios - Walking on Eggshells and a taupe one), but since they're cheapies, I don't mind too much that I'm just ehhhh about them.

  21. im the same when it comes to products im a product junkie but half of them im a bit mehh



  22. Yes! I have so many products from REN that I don't like but because they're so expensive i cannot bring myself to throw them out. I think it's also because i don't have a set routine, I'm still experimenting and after all you never know when you may need a back up!


  23. I am undecided about my IT Cosmetics "Bye Bye Undereye" concealer and my Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette. The concealer works pretty well, I guess, but so many reviews made it seem like nothing else in the world could compare.. and I just didn't feel that way. With the Hourglass palette, it's not that I don't like it, but I didn't notice my skin looked any more amazing and glowing by using it. Ah, well.

  24. Oooh what an interesting idea for a post! The packaging of the Josie Maran lip balm is gorgeous.
    I'm "unsure" on Nanoblur at the moment, it seems to do the opposite of what it's meant to!? I must be doing something wrong haha. Can't figure that one out at all...

    Jess xo

  25. Thanks for the info on the James Read Liquid Tan! I'm going on a trip and want to tan up a little bit before I go because I'm looking white as a ghost from the winter.
    I'll definitely give this a go but watch out for the texture!


  26. very interesting post. I feel like just a little fraction of products that I buy works for me. I would say 2 out of 10 works.. That's a shame! And I am super picky with everything, I am surprised there even are products that I like. Its good to know I am not the only one with that problem :)

  27. I nearly bought the liquid tan but was worried about the application! Maybe you could try attaching a pump spray to it? That's how I apply the Fake bake flawless tan and rubbed in with a mitt its super easy! xx

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