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1 May 2014

It's all about the jacket...

When I went into the MAX & Co store in Mirdif City Centre, this jacket was the "thing" that I gravitated towards. I loved the colour palette and the embellished collar. It's one of those items that looks super expensive but turns out to be just about affordable.

MAX & Co is what I would call a "bridge brand". It's not high end expensive but it's not dirt cheap high street either. Think Reiss, and then deduct about £50 from the price tag.

It's been around for a while - it's MaxMara's baby sister - and I remember seeing the stock in Fenwicks Bond Street (which I think is their only UK location) and when I was bunking off Italian lessons during a stint in Rome.

It's all pretty dresses, great prints and the type of brand that comes into it's own for Spring/Summer. There's a good mix of basics and more "special" pieces.

I got store credit from the brand and I think the idea was to buy an entire head-to-toe outfit. Instead I recklessly blew it on the jacket and the blouse. *oops* :)  Still, no regrets!

Jacket: MAX & Co - they don't have an online store (I know, I know....it is 2014 right?) but they have stores around the world - Link!
Blouse: MAX & Co
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: ASOS - Link!
Bag: Celine
Sunglasses: Celine

I'll be back tomorrow....beauty post or duty free splurge reveal? Let me know what you would prefer :) 


  1. Such a beautiful coat! I love the stripes! Such an elegant twist!


  2. I love your style, you always look so elegant!

    Ellie xox


  3. Absolutely love the jacket on you Laura! It would so easily dress up any outfit! Can see you rocking it with a fab pair of jeans and little pumps/trainers too! ;)


  4. This looks like a very 'you' type of shop Laura! :) 10/10 for blowing it all on two items..I would have done exactly the same! Jacket is gorgeous - it's got that whole 'dress up dress down' kinda vibe to it hasn't it? can't wait to see it incorporated into some more OOTD posts :)

    Going online to check out Max & Co now.....

    Hope you're well :)

    lis x


    1. update...distraught...cannot purchase in the UK :( *sulking face x

    2. You can only find it in Fenwicks/Bond Street...so if you fancy a day trip to London ... :)

    3. I'm there in a couple of weeks :) I'm all over it! :)

  5. Great jacket. You chose well.
    Adela x


  6. I love this jacket, it's so elegant and Chanel-esque!


  7. Reveal the Chanel Shoes Laura!! Cant' wait!

  8. It's not typically my style but the embellished collar is drawing me in. I wish they had an online store as there are some pieces in the pictures that I'm loving.

    Raise The Waves

    1. Yeah I don't understand that at all really...in this day and age etc...I just sort of expect a brand to do the online thing!

  9. Love your blog. Beauty post!

  10. I have total jacket envy Laura. In love with the blouse too. You look gorgeous in them.
    Hugs xoxo

  11. Such pretty jackets! I love the detailing on the neckline of the one you are wearing!

    I have been shopping! : the beauty edition | http://theconsciencefund.com

  12. I love the jacket you picked out! From the photos everything looks amazing in there! I don't go to london often but I think this is a must the next time i've down there!

    amylou x

  13. Oops, I spot a few things I like!

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