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21 May 2014


I think there are two legitimate questions I would ask here:

1) Why do I always put my hand to my hair during every OOTD photo "shoot" and
2) Why the hell am I wearing so many clothes in May....in Dubai?

In answering question two I have one word: rebellion. If you took notice of the weather in this place then you would only ever wear one wardrobe and your clothes would never change. You have to adopt a slight non-conformist attitude sometimes otherwise dressing gets boring when you have lived here for a few years.

Right now we are transitioning into summer and generally speaking at this time of year the tourists are at the beach and the residents are indoors, transporting themselves from one air conditioned environment to the next. I like to think that this gives us some flexibility in what to wear - so yeah...look at my lovely indoor outfit! :)

The jeans and jacket are both River Island and this is not a sponsored post - I repeat this is not sponsored. I happened to go in to River Island after getting my hair blown dry and went on a bit of a spree.

The jeans are slouchy and perfect for casual dressing. They are supposedly a new slim cut boyfriend which means that your arse doesn't look hideous in them but that they feel comfortable and sit on the right side of baggy. I like to pretend to be cool and pull them down so that the waist sits on my hips.

The jacket is something that I have seen done by many (expensive) brands. It's a light summer jacket - akin to wearing a cardigan - and the feature that appealed to me was the gentle, flowing waterfall line at the front. It's one of those magic throw it on pieces that I tried on in store and actually said "oh yes" out loud.

I did hesitate in buying it for a second but after bagging it I am SO pleased that I did succumb. It's so comfortable to wear but will look great with shorts and jeans.

Jacket: River Island - UK Link! US Link!
Jeans: River Island - UK Link! US Link! (FYI: I got the 8...I'd normally get a 10 in jeans but with these you can comfortably size down)
Tee: COS - best t-shirts ever and half the price of Wang. So there.
Bag: Michael Kors - Link! (currently on sale)
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Shoes: Chanel

My nails right now are BarryM Rose Hip. Good God if ever there was a colour that I would buy it is this one. It's that white based baby pink that makes me salivate when I look at it.

Application is okay - you need a streaky as hell first coat and then a decent blob of a second coat - and I find that Barry M polishes generally come good in the end. This reminds me of Gelish's You're So Sweet You're Giving Me a Toothache (longest name ever) and I think the next time I hit the nail salon I will be opting for that for a more long lasting look.

See you soon! 


  1. The nail polish couldn't be more "you" if it tried.
    I'm rather jealous of you for living in Dubai but I can imagine how boring it would be getting dressed after a while. I may moan about Scotland's weather but at least I know I won't completely melt if I was to wear jeans and cherish the few days I can wear something that shows a little more skin. I still wouldn't mind a few days wandering around Dubai and accidentally burning layers off of my skin though.

    Raise The Waves

  2. The jacket is absolutely gorgeous. River Island have some really fantastic bits and pieces in at the moment - I'm not surprised you came away with more than just one thing!

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  3. Love these photos, you look beautiful. The jacket is so nice aswell.

    Jess x


  4. Laura I love your style.can you please tell us about your watch.I want to invest in one but I am confused.please tell us your model number.thankyou:)

  5. Ha I notice a lot of bloggers put their hands in their hair during photo shoots. Maybe its to look more natural? Whatever it is, it works.

  6. Such a cute outfit, love the jeans and jacket! and hand in hair is something I do as well, I don't know why I suppose because when I'm having ootd photos done it gets a bit awkward haha
    The Fashionista Bubble

  7. I love your style, your wardrobe must be full of lots of amazing things if you OOTD post are anything to go by!!

    Chloe xx

  8. I can't stop staring at those beautiful chanels!

  9. you should try Shellac in the colour Cakepop :)

  10. I love the drape on that jacket... it's perfect for cooler summer evenings - not that you have those where you are but I'm sure the A/C is even colder!

    xo, alison*elle

  11. Love the nail colour :] x


  12. I totally understand what you mean by rebelling the weather as I used to live in Florida and faced hot and hotter temperatures all year long. I ended up always dressing for the AC units, so a sweater, jacket, cardigan and any other cover was a always desired and a must as part of my wardrobe.

  13. Knowing how icy cold the air con is in Dubai I totally get that you need to add layers & your new lightweight jacket is perfect Laura! Love the whole look :)
    Hugs xoxo

  14. Laura you do give me a good giggle with your posts sometimes! :) I totally get it, air con is bloody freezing and I can't stand it! Love the waterfall coat! xxx Shaz

  15. Gorgeous images! Love the outfit, I need to get me some of those jeans! xx


  16. Lovely outfit and I need that nail polish, such a pretty shade! X

  17. Love the jeans and the bag! Definitely going to try on those jeans!

  18. Now that's my kinda nail polish.
    I love your profile blurb "it doesn't get any deeper", at least you're honest :-)

  19. great look! love that nail polish! xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.com

  20. Love that nailpolish! Perfect spring color. Also, that jacket is so perfect for rainy days here in the states:)

    A College Confession

  21. nothing wrong with wearing what you want! For me, there's something strangely satisfying about wearing jeans in hot/humid weather. xx


  22. very pretty pics :)


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