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5 May 2014

White dress alert

As I have mentioned before, white is not a great colour for me. I am a stain magnet and someone that frequently dribbles her lunch on herself. I persevere because of it's freshness and simplicity. It makes me feel good and I feel like I can go anywhere in it - day/night, posh/casual etc.

The version worn today was a duty free purchase at Heathrow T3.

A Zara at the airport? Friggin genius I say!

This is one of those double layered dresses that are everywhere at the moment.

I love this style and the reason for buying this one is the casualness of it. It's basically a t-shirt turned into a dress and the layering, paired with the gathered waist, help prevent it look like a sack. I am 99% certain they do this in black but I cannot find it on the website. All I know is that it was just under £30, is a great length for in office/out of office and doesn't show your knickers due to a decent lining in the skirt.

Dress: Zara
Sunglasses: Prada
Shoes: Chanel (cannot take these off! So comfortable and they make me feel special)
Bag: Celine

I think this white dress wearing is the start of something.

Case in point, wore one yesterday....also Zara and also not on the website as far as I can see...

...and further evidence to support this claim is that I recently purchased a white ASOS textured dress after seeing Simone's blogpost on the black version.

I don't think I am quite yet done. I keep looking online, seeing styles I like and saving them to basket. The Arrogant Cat one is probably the next one on my list because it's unlike anything I have seen anywhere else.

My dry cleaner is going to continue to love me :)

PS. Did anyone spot my lighter hair in the first set of pictures?

This is it people! This is THE colour. We got there on session 3 and it's the perfect blend of cool and warm. I cannot thank Anthony at Pastels/Ritz Carlton enough for his excellent work. Let me know if you would like a separate blogpost on it - in the meantime I will be dousing it in deep conditioner and preparing a beauty favourites post!

Take care all!


  1. The second dress just looks amazing on you suits you so well, And THE hair is amazing laura. I know i can always live my live vicariously through you ;)

    1. Thanks Kelly :) The second one is actually one of my favourite things I have bought this year :)

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  3. I adore white in the summertime too, but it is so annoying for (mainly alcoholic ;) stains.

    You look fabulous, as always :) Currently sitting on an £80 Zara gift card and wondering what to pick - there's too much I love!


    1. ha yes....red wine/sangria....?? :)

      I just looked at the website in trying to find links and the new stock....ah it's absolutely lovely! Good luck deciding because there is just so much goodness :)

    2. Sangria. Yum.

      I know, right? Planning a trip tomorrow, so here's hoping I can actually decide on something!

  4. Your lighter hair part 3 is fantastic. And I love white dresses too!

  5. I am stalking a white leather skirt at the moment but can't find it anywhere. I might have to start looking at Zara for an alternative. ..Love the hair! And the Zara dress of course. Not too good with white either. It tends to make me paranoid about staining.

  6. Like you I adore white clothing, however, I to am the clumsiest person when it comes to wearing white! Most of my white items go into the wash / to the dry cleaners adorned with an array of food stains and make up accidents!

    I did notice the hair, it looks fantastic, really suits you!

    Lis x


  7. I'm a massive fan of white at the moment. You pull it off so well.

    Jess x


  8. I love white. It's so crisp and bright. Perfect for spring and summer. I love both of the dresses in the photos above and the suggestions.


  9. I absolutely love this dress, the colour looks great on you!x

  10. Your hair YOUR HAIR!! It's perfect :)


  11. love that dress from Zara!
    I have quite a lot of white items and love to wear them despite the fact that I spill my coffee very often haha

    xx Vivi

  12. Oooh, wow, it looks like you're *officially* blonde!! Hopefully, my turn next : ) I've been liking white dresses too lately and brought this one from Top Shop last week. It looks so nice on and the little cut outs actually seem to flatter (miracle!). I can't wait to wear it but I'm not sure how I'm going to avoid staining it, I'm so clumsy x http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/clothing-427/dresses-442/texture-crop-skater-dress-2709994?refinements=Colour%7b1%7d~%5bwhite%5d&bi=1&ps=20

  13. white is your colour. love you in white jeans too. :)

  14. Lovely dress!


  15. I need to get my hands on a white dress for summer, love your options! X


  16. Both the dresses look great on you and my god your hair!! It was well worth the wait as it looks stunning with your skintone!

    Raise The Waves

  17. I think white dresses looks gorgeous, but I don't look good in white ...unless I get tanned.

  18. Love white dresses! Wish I wasn't as pale though so I could suit them more!


  19. I love this dress, it's so pretty, looks great on you! I do love white dresses, I think I'm too fair to pull one off though!


  20. You look stunning :) I love white dresses, although a touch of fake tan might be needed on my ghostly complexion to pull this off!

    Sarah xx

  21. such awesome choices!!! I love the way you introduced the dresses and you pull them off amazingly :)

    ~Miki ( http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com )

  22. White dress is such a universal piece that can be worn (with the right accessories) for any occasion. You look lovely!

  23. I am in love with the first dress! It looks amazing on you! And you hair is amazing!

    <3 Kyla


  24. Loving the hair! I think it's perfect. Your new Chanel babies are darling :)

  25. I loove white dresses.

    Hope you get a chance to check out my blog.

    Maggie A

  26. The shirt dress is so pretty!! and I am in love with your shoes too! :D

    Summer Skin Saviours Part II: http://theconsciencefund.com

  27. Your hair looks fantastic! It is perfectly balanced and just works perfectly with your skin tone.

    I love both of those dresses, but I no longer allow myself to buy white dresses or tops. I've destroyed far too many with coffee/wine/general life stains that I just know it won't be worth it. I always try to be careful, but there is just something about a white garment that just attracts staining like no other.

  28. You look gorgeous! Loving the dress.. and the shoe.. and the hair. Errthang, really! :) xx


  29. I love that dress on you Laura! Your comment about the Chanel shoes making you feel special made me chuckle as that's exactly how I feel when I wear mine!!!!
    Hugs xoxo

  30. Please do do a post on your hair! I also have lightened hair and split my time between Dubai/London, it's so hard to keep it in good condition! Looks fab though.


  31. YES! I am so in love with white, especially when its an all white dress or flowy white top paired with white jeans/shorts/what have you. Unfortunately, I also am a magnet for stains, spills, dirt, whatever else can possibly muck up some clean white freshness. You've inspired me, I will persevere! xx

    The What's In Between

  32. Crushing on the first dress and THAT car! Now, if only the weather will warm up enough for a purchase like this to be justifiable!

    Effortlessly Excessive.

  33. Love white clothes - especially in summer :))

  34. I love wearing white especially in summer. Makes me look so much more tanned than I actually am (ah optical illusions! You are my friend)

    The Zara dress is lovely, I'm always on the look out for fab casual dresses and I'm a big fan of this one! You look great x

    Katy | Little Miss Katy

  35. I love that Zara dress, so pretty! xx


  36. Love white in summer, it looks absolutely gorge. You're so lucky to live somewhere warm!

    Love Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

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