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30 Jun 2014

Rings and things

Thought of the day: I'm just never going to get over collecting little rings am I? 
28 Jun 2014

By Terry Densiliss - #foundationfail

"You look like you got your face wet and then dipped it in sand." 

That is my husband's review of the By Terry Densiliss foundation. Harsh but fair.
27 Jun 2014

5 days and counting...

I was a bit sad when the Sephora-OPI connection came to an end. That was always one range  I looked forward to hauling when I went to the States on holiday. It had cute names and great colours - Metro-Chic anyone? When I heard about the new brand - Formula X - I was a bit non-plussed and didn't give it much attention. However, this past week it finally landed in Dubai Mall Sephora and to promote it's arrival they gave out free manicures to anyone who loitered by the stand. My office is directly opposite Dubai Mall so I rumbled up some excuse and popped over. It would have been rude not to.
25 Jun 2014

Humour me here

Right, I am going to ask you to humour me here. I just want you to allow me one more post about those Clinique Soft Matte lipsticks and then I promise to shut up.
22 Jun 2014

Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipsticks

Clinique is a brand with huge nostalgia factor for me. I used to sneak into my sister’s room and play with her stash when I was at school and then when I went to university, ploughed a chunk of my student loan into their skincare routine.

I haven’t really kept up with their makeup releases so I was very happy to see a little bag waiting for me when I got home from work last week. I was even happier to see that inside were two lipsticks that were – and I mean this in the nicest possible way – a generic pink and nude.
21 Jun 2014

Rediscovering: MAC Studio Sculpt foundation

Seriously, how nice is it to rediscover an old gem? My latest love affair is MAC Studio Sculpt foundation. Very much an oldie but an absolute goodie.
20 Jun 2014

Breakfast at Mo's

You know you like a place when you first go there for a freebie review and then feel compelled to return for a paid visit.
16 Jun 2014

Sale Success

I had a bit of impromptu sales shopping this weekend. I entirely blame Najla for this. I was killing time before she got to the Mall and decided to just "have a look" in Harvey Nichols and Zara. This outfit is the result of that decision.
6 Jun 2014

The Debutante Dress

You're looking at a Personal Shopping Best here.
4 Jun 2014

Caudalie: A safe pair of hands

I somehow feel reluctant to talk about skincare. It's never easy to "sell" in a blogpost because that old adage of "what works for one person, does not work for another" rings spectacularly true. I also lack skincare knowledge - some blogger's have sponge brains to absorb all the data on those ingredient's and can whip out the science with ease when talking about products. My brain is more of a non-porous rock. And honestly, I really don't care why something works. All I ask is that said products work well, do not smell and are not too expensive.
3 Jun 2014

Life Lately #2

Wow! I have blogged with a woeful lack of frequency lately. Many apologies! I'll use this post as a bit of catch up to let you know what I have been up to!