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27 Jun 2014

5 days and counting...

I was a bit sad when the Sephora-OPI connection came to an end. That was always one range  I looked forward to hauling when I went to the States on holiday. It had cute names and great colours - Metro-Chic anyone? When I heard about the new brand - Formula X - I was a bit non-plussed and didn't give it much attention. However, this past week it finally landed in Dubai Mall Sephora and to promote it's arrival they gave out free manicures to anyone who loitered by the stand. My office is directly opposite Dubai Mall so I rumbled up some excuse and popped over. It would have been rude not to.

I got my manicure, which was applied using their "system" of Cleanse/Prime/Colour/Shine - i.e., a marketing concept to get you to buy 4 separate products - and opted for a gorgeous bright raspberry shade called "A+".

I politely ignored the sales assistant's recommendations for the cleanser/primer/top coat - and instead went for a couple of colours (Provocative, a pastel sky blue and Extraordinary, an iceberg grey) and "Delete", their nail polish remover (bought solely because it's one of those push dispensers and will make me feel all "professional" when using it).

But as much as I love the above, I am kind of lamenting the decision not to get the whole system. Why did I decide to be stubborn that day and refuse the sales pitch?

You see it's now 5 days later and if I took a picture of that same hand, featured above, you would be hard pressed to see any difference. When I inspect my fingers all I see is one tiny chip on the right index finger and a little bit of shrinkage. This is unheard of for me. I bash my hands about, hammer on a keyboard all day long and wash them about 10 times a day. Despite this, Formula X has gripped onto them, mimicking a gel.

Now you could argue that the reason it has performed so well is because it wasn't applied by me. The application was delivered by a professional and any good manicure will last a decent amount of time. But still, 5 days and counting...I am impressed!

I am going to play around with the other colours and the primer/top coats that I already have in my collection and let's see how they play out.

But let me ask you this - do you think the system is worth it? Any of you tried it and have something to report back? Oh and if you have any colour recommendations from the line please also let me know because I will definitely be paying that stand another visit :) 


  1. Oh interesting... like you I'm very hard on my manis so always on the lookout for ways to make them last longer. I love your frankness btw, makes me want to hug you.

    Nic x

  2. Gonna check out thw whole system today, will report back :)


  3. Love the colour!


  4. This is such a GORGEOUS Color! Definietly getting this from Sephora! Wow! This System sounds really good considering the manicure lasted so long! :-)


  5. This is amazing. With my busy lifestyle I rarely apply polish due to the fact that it looks awful by day 2-3. I love all three colors. I will be checking this out at my local Sephora for sure! Thanks!

  6. Well, I've just read this and I'm definitely bought in to the system (what can I say, I AM a sucker for a sales pitch!) Your 5 day and pretty near perfect manicure is pretty impressive. Like you, I spend most of my day typing and my poor nails don't thank me for it - I need to re-do them at least 3 times a week. This 4 step system is going on my October USA Shopping Trip List...now! It looks like they do a great selection of colours too :)

    Lis x


  7. Love Chemistry is a gorgeous shade, especially when layered on top of a pink cream shade. And it's constantly sold out in the US.

  8. I have this system and LOVE it. People always ask if I've had my nails done, as it always last 5-7 days. As someone who typically chips things after a day or two of computer smashing/washing dishes/digging things out of my bag, it's the best solution!

  9. The shades you bought are beautiful!! And a 5 day mani with only one chips sounds like heaven!

    She Likes to Shop

  10. Never heard of this brand before but the colour on your nail is lovely!!
    alicekatex ♥

  11. I really like the whole system! My favorite part is the base coat, I find that using that even with my other polishes and top coats helps keep my manicure lasting for longer. The remover is also really good, although it doesn't last too long. Love the color you chose!


  12. I have "The System" and do not regret purchasing one bit! It also plays well with other brands. I've had my current OPI polish on since Sunday and it's still going strong. This is basically unheard of for me as I also am constantly typing/washing hands/playing with my dog.

    Definitely purchase their system if you're interested! It's the only combination I have found that works this well.

  13. I've heard sooo much about these polishes, such a shame they aren't in the UK but to be honest, the packaging puts me off anyway, as ridiculous as that sounds haha x

    What Rachael Wrote

  14. I've heard so many good things about these polishes, and I'm just about ready to suck it up and purchase the system! I'm just so skeptical after the Red Carpet Manicure system damaged my nails and still chipped after two days. I'm not that hard on my hands — just computer work and basic hand washing! It shouldn't be nearly impossible for a manicure to last more than a weekend.

  15. I've heard so much...I am also skeptical of those sorts of things. I'm a die hard OPI fan, and I religiously use their base coat, polish, and the Seche Vite top coat. However, lately it has been failing me (ie, peeling on day 2) so potentially this is something new to try?


  16. My bestie raves about this range and says she keeps her nailpolish on for one week with no chips now! So I'll be checking it on my next French trip when I'm near Sephora.

  17. I totally agree that the 4 part system is just a gimmick to get you to buy more product. I love the lasting power of the polish, like you. Great post!

    Alexandra // http://alexandraowl.com

  18. I love Formula X nail polishes and I also find them incredibly long-wearing! Obsessed, which is a black cherry, is my favorite shade from the range. xx

    Hannah | everydayginger.com

  19. I absolutely love the A+ shade!! I will have to check them out when sephora FINALLY comes to Australia! They also have super cute shade names xx


  20. 5 days is seriously impressive! I wish the sephora site would ship these to the UK!! Love your ring btw!

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