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28 Jul 2014

Mini haul

I have already mumbled on about how the time I spent in the UK was focussed more on family and less on consumerism but even under challenging time-constraints I managed to squeeze in some mini acquisitions. ;)
26 Jul 2014

There’s a big hole in your jeans…

…yes Dad, I know. It’s meant to be there.
20 Jul 2014

Shame Tuck

The shame tuck: When only half your shirt is tucked in. A favourite look of fashion bloggers painfully trying to create casual nonchalance.
19 Jul 2014

China Glaze: the struggle is real

I got two new nail polishes this week - both old China Glaze releases and both absolute bitches to apply.
15 Jul 2014

Tom Ford Beauty haul and FOTD

You’d think getting sent the odd PR freebie would satisfy my appetite for makeup. But, no. It hasn’t at all. If anything I would say that it has increased my desire to buy ALL THE THINGS (as Simone would say).
13 Jul 2014

Jo Malone/Peony and Blush Suede

I am almost certain that this perfume will be used up within a month. 

I have been using it “liberally”.  And when I say liberally I mean I have wafted around town drenched in the stuff.
8 Jul 2014

Bobbi Brown CC Cream

You know what I struggle with when I see CC creams? Prioritization.

These creams are often designed to correct a tone – be it redness, dullness, sallowness. It’s all seems so very neat and distinct as a concept. But is it really? What if you have more than one correction requirement? What if your nose suffers from redness, and the rest of your face is dull? Obviously thinking of my own face here...
5 Jul 2014


So pom pom trimming. That’s my new thing.

It started last week. I went to see my friend Nikki’s new clothing line and the majority of her tops, shorts and playsuits come bedecked with pom pom trimming. That was it. I was captivated. Literally. I bought this pair, a playsuit and the pair I am wearing today...
4 Jul 2014

FOTD/NOTD (AKA waffle)

Today was a day for rummaging through the makeup drawers and retrieving some old favourites for a comfort zone FOTD. I love every single product that I applied and that makes me extremely happy!