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19 Jul 2014

China Glaze: the struggle is real

I got two new nail polishes this week - both old China Glaze releases and both absolute bitches to apply.

L-R: Spring in My Step and Flip Flop Fantasy...NB no filter has been applied here but the light has diluted Spring in my Step a little bit. 

Yes, even Essie “Fiji” seems relatively straightforward in comparison.

The China Glaze brush is too long, the formula too streaky and the multiple layers needed means there is a high propensity for major chipping within 48 hours of application. It’s a bloomin’ nightmare and I would typically be inclined to think “sod this” and toss them out. But, and there’s a big but, the colours are amazing.

You all know that Flip Flop Fantasy has been on my radar for some time. China Glaze is hard to find over here (there is a small, slightly manky looking selection in Woojoh/Faces) and whenever I have gone back to the UK I have forgotten to pick it up. FINALLY, it’s mine.

It’s a neon coral tone and the ideal toe colour for summer. I have attempted applying it on my fingernails but I did a rushed, botched job that was immediately removed. I’ll wait until I feel particularly zen one day and then re-try or more realistically, take it to my nail place the next time I get a manicure and put it into the hands of someone who will know how to handle it!

I am happy to wait a while until I see that on me though because I am absolutely obsessed with Spring in My Step and I will be wearing this for at least the next week. Complete with a little smudge on one finger ;) 

How do I describe this? Well, if Mod About You had a pretty peach sister, it would be Spring in My Step. It’s that perfect hybrid of pink/peach with an undertone so bright that it lifts and warms your skin. 

It has a lot in common with Essie’s Van D’Go and Model’s Own Beach Bag – both require a lot of counting to 10 when applying and a fair few coats to get streak free. I would perhaps tentatively suggest that Spring in My Step is a little brighter, a little more light pink, and to coin a phrase my mum would say, a little more “out there”. I really feel like this is the colour I have been waiting for.

Sidenote: my nails are in pretty good nick at the moment and I think this is down to a few things:
  • I haven’t been getting gel manicures.
  • I have been religiously applying a nourishing base coat every day – NailTek Hydration Therapy; and
  • I have been taking pre-natal vitamins. I am not actually pregnant (although it would be lovely if I was) but the side effect has definitely been a dramatic strengthen of the nails.
So this would be my current nail polish obsession. I think the next time I apply this I am going to try it with a different brush – at least that will give me a little more control in getting it on my stumpy nails.

I am a little mad to put up with this palava really but it’s all for the colour…it can’t be beaten. Having said that if you have a shade similar that you think I would like then let me know!


  1. Spring in My Step is gorgeous! I have to admit, I'm far too lazy to bother with it — anything that requires more than three coats usually smudges and is incredibly irritating.

    Your nails look fantastic!

  2. I love these colours. I have China Glaze's Pool Party on my nails right now it was an absolute b**** to apply...but the colour is such a gorgeous pinky/orange neon that I toughed it out haha. xx

  3. Are you trying for a baby? Fingers crossed for you xxx

  4. Those colors are gorgeous! But...I hate china glaze. Cant ever get it right. If you guys are trying, head to a chiropractor. It aligns everything and will get you preggers. Lol.

  5. Need to get me some of that Nailtek stuff I think....thanks for the tip! :) Love that colour btw!

    Lis x


  6. Love the color you have on your nails, too bad it chips too quickly for my taste :(


  7. Have Flip Flop Fantasy but not Spring in My Step. Fab colour but if it's too much trouble to apply I will perhaps pass! I do have the Models Own polish you mentioned recently reviewed and I do like it x


  8. For the streamlines try painting a matte top coat between layers of polish. It helps a lot and cuts down a few coats.
    Fashion and Happy Things

  9. Such beautiful colours, but that's annoying that you don't like anything else about them! I find China Glaze an alright brand but nowhere near as good as OPI or Essie.

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

  10. I share your same struggles! I love all the colors, but the formula and the fact that they dry to a matte finish really turns me off.


  11. I have the Flip Flop Fantasy nail polish, but I've yet to use it! Spring In My Step is gorgeous!!

    Krissy | www.sheetstoshimmer.com

  12. Spring in My Step shades look so beautiful. You should definitely try East Austin by Color Club, I think you'd like it! xx

  13. I have a beautiful China Glaze glitter topcoat; but find the long brush so annoying too :-(
    Laura | A Life With Frills

  14. Spring in my step looks so pretty : ) I'm absolutely obsessed with Barry M, Rose Hip at the moment!

  15. It reminds me a bit of Orly Cotton Candy although I don't think it's exactly the same-maybe worth having a look though. Looks like a beautiful colour but I just can't handle polishes that take so long to apply! I've never got on well with China Glaze x


  16. China Glaze is a bit high end but definitely one of my favourite nail polishes. The brush application takes getting used to but I absolutely love their colour range :)


  17. I have a polish from china Glaze that s exactly the same in terms of how irritating the formula is, it must take about 4 coats to get the consistency even! So annoying, but the end results are SO worth it. Such stunning colours!x

  18. The top one is such a pretty shade - perfect for everyday and going into evenings too :)
    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  19. Really gorgeous colours but I agree, the formula is a bitch. Every time I have used China Glaze it doesn't last one day on me before chipping.

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

  20. Good luck in the pregnancy department :D.

  21. Beauty products that I love but are terrible to put on...there are so many. For instance, The Falsies mascara by Maybelline is the best I've found, but you have to scrape 90% of the product off the brush before you use it or it'll cake up. But for some things...like bushy lashes or the perfect nail color...it's worth it.

    Happy Sunday!
    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

  22. Flip Flop Fantasy has been my go to colour few the last few summers! However, they recently reformulated (and changed the hue) of the colour, so its not as neon as it used to be! Such a shame as it used to be my perfect neon!

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