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13 Jul 2014

Jo Malone/Peony and Blush Suede

I am almost certain that this perfume will be used up within a month. 

I have been using it “liberally”.  And when I say liberally I mean I have wafted around town drenched in the stuff.

Back story

I received this little goodie last Thursday and did a little squeal when I saw it because this is a much-hyped offering from Jo Malone that many a big YouTuber has recommended.

I was so excited to finally try it because when I was listening to people rave about I faced one distinct challenge – what the hell does it smell like? Okay, it’s going to be a musky floral but seriously what the hell is Blush Suede when it's at home?

Well now I know. Whether I can describe it accurately or not is another matter so this is my ineloquent fragrance journey in words:
  1. Spray so much perfume you create a cloud around you. Immediately smell crisp fresh apples.
  2. Let perfume sit on skin for about 20 seconds and sniff hard and continuously so that you can follow it as it transforms on your skin. Do this so much that you successfully annoy people around you with numerous short, sharp inhales.
  3. Detect florals and start worrying that you are going to end up smelling like a generic Granny.
  4. Feel reassured as a light musk base starts coming through to add balance.
  5. Enjoy the light leather dry down that comes after a couple of minutes and lasts for about 4-5 hours. 

I wouldn’t say that this is a complicated fragrance but I would a repeat a word that I say above - it’s really nicely balanced. It’s not overtly musky nor too floral – it’s just warm and understated. It’s the sort of scent that you’ll like but you won’t be sure exactly why. A little frustrating and addicting at the same time. 

You can of course layer this to add more complexity and Jo Malone recommends Pomegranate Noir (PN) – one of my all time favourites. I am passing through duty free at the end of this month and I think a little 30ml spray version of the PN will have to be purchased. I can’t wait to see how a deeper, more masculine fragrance pairs with this one.

Have you tried Peony and Blush Suede

PS. I bought a dress today because it was featured in the Daily Mail. My reasoning is that Beyonce looked really good in it....although when does she ever not look good? 

Said dress is here - Link! - and I'll be wearing it very soon because while I thought stripes would make me look huge it's actually amazingly flattering! *high five*  

Hope you are all well! 


  1. This is a very accurate description of this perfume! It's so hard to pin point what it is about it that makes it smell so blummin' lovely however I think your fragrance journey hits the nail on the head! :) I love this perfume, I used mine up this week, it's very easy to plough your way through! It almost has a 'powdery' scent to it doesn't it? You're right...describing it is very difficult!

    Dress looks great too, keen to see it on you, stripes thataway (made up word?!) normally scare the bejeezus out of me! Its a gorgeous design though :)

    Lis x


  2. This has become one of my all time favourite fragrances. I actually bought it for my nan when it launched because it just sounded like a fragrance for an "older" person but then she used it and I fell in love and bought my own. It's beautiful x

  3. Loving your description of this perfume...I think you described it exceptionally well!!!
    I have also had my eye on this dress...it looks so so pretty on x


  4. 'What's blush suede when it's at home?' really cracked me up!! I've smelt this in store a few times and absolutely love it! It's currently top of my fragrance wish list!


  5. I had the tester of this with my Nutmeg and Ginger fragrance as they were recommended as two to combine, both are beautiful on their own but together are amazing. The combinations are definitly a selling point to Jo Malone!


  6. Mmm really want to try this 💗💗💗

  7. I was torn between Peony & Blush Suede and Blackberry & Bay for my first JM fragrance, but I think you may have just twisted my arm on this one ;-)

  8. This, along with 'Vanilla & Anise' was my order Jo Malone scent! The perfect hybrid between the sweet floral and soft musk! x

  9. I have asked for three samples of this exact perfume scent. I've used up all three samples within 4-5 weeks...I think it's time I buy it.

  10. Gonna have to sniff this one out. I know the exact dress you're talking about as I saw the DM feature, it looks very flattering - can't wait to see you in it!
    Hugs xoxo

  11. I use to work for Jo Malone so I always find it interesting to read reviews on their stuff. I hope they have changed their formula...as the fragrances never lasted on the skin..and that was one of the biggest complaints we use to get...

  12. When I first tried this I thought it was quite bland compared to their other offerings but it's really grown on me. I love the idea of pairing it with pomegranite noir. X

  13. "What the hell is Blush Suede when it's at home" made me actually chortle. Love your writing Laura!

  14. dying to try. I've heard so many rants and raves, but haven't smelled it myself yet. so good to know you love it!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  15. I so desperately want this fragrance now. But they're so pricey so I'll have to wait til my bank balance allows it. And you've done an absolute lovely job describing it.
    Fashion and Happy Things

  16. I love this one! It's girly, but not excessively sweet. My favourite is blue agave & cocoa though :)

    Laura | Laurzrah xx

  17. Great description of the fragrance. I agree that it always seems so silly in magazines when they try to write about how different fragrances smell...but I think you captured it!

    I've never been one to layer fragrances, and I'm not really sure how to do it. Does anyone have tips?


  18. I LOVE that perfume! I got it about a month ago. I made a beeline to that particular one, having also heard all about it on YouTube and such. Mine won't last long either, that's for sure. I will definetly be buying the big bottle next time.

  19. You just have a way with words! Loved your fragrance journey, need to try this now with every perfume.

    My Most Coveted| A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  20. OH MY GOSH. This perfume is just so addictive. How is it looking, run out yet?!

    I blogged too - http://www.thenextactivity.com/2014/07/looks-like-im-in-love-with-jo-malones.html

    In love.

    M x


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  22. Your review gave me the final push to buy it, I tried this cologne for 1 month approximately and my feelings towards passed from hate to love, I blogged about it: http://peoniesncream.com/jo-malone-london-peony-blush-suede-cologne-from-hate-to-love/
    Now I want to get through the next step of layering! If you already made it using Pomegranate Noir, please blog about it, I'd love to hear your experience.

  23. I think the scent is so nice :D
    ~Pauline @ NYX Philippines

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