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28 Jul 2014

Mini haul

I have already mumbled on about how the time I spent in the UK was focussed more on family and less on consumerism but even under challenging time-constraints I managed to squeeze in some mini acquisitions. ;)

Target number one: Superdrug. I sped-shopped through here. It was done under pressurised circumstances where your husband and Dad are waiting outside. This requires focus and to GTFO as soon as possible.

So I went for the essentials: polish and tanner...

These three colours from Barry M have been on my hit list after reading your recommendations. Huckleberry (an incredible dupe for Essie's Borrowed and Blue), Coconut and Almond are my newest favourite colours.

If I had to single out one shade for special treatment it would Coconut. It's that perfect soft white that I have been looking for. I admired it on my nails all the way back to Dubai.

Now the tanner, well gradual tanner - Dove Summer Glow.

I have been informed that this is possible to get in Dubai (Lulu's supermarket) but seeing as it was right in front of me and half price I decided to pick up two bottles of the stuff. I like the concept of gradual tanner - a product that does just enough to take the edge of super pale office tans.

I did also get another tube of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in my frenzied spree but that stuff is not blogworthy - it's just a life essential.

Now onto duty free. I bought a 40mm lens for my camera (AMAZING) and a lipstick. I really tried to find something else worth buying but there was nothing that got me going. The lipstick is a little bit special though - formulation wise. It's from Estee Lauder and is a Pure Color Envy in the shade Rebellious Rose. This is one of those sophisticated hues that makes me feel "together" when I wear it. I slicked it on just now and this is definitely FOTD worthy :)

Now I am back home in Dubai. It's bittersweet - I think this is the first visit back to the UK where I have actually felt a deep longing to relocate back there. The UAE is such a transient place and you can't help but think where your next move will be. Asia, America, the UK? Who knows, maybe in a year or so Superdrug hauls will become a weekly occurrence :)

See you all tomorrow!


  1. Completely agree about the Collection concealer being a life essential - it is just so darn good!

    Beccy : Bluebell & Bumpkin

  2. I made the mistake of buying three new nail varnishes last week (all from the BM Gel range I hasten to add!) and I can't try any of them yet as I'm currently using a nail treatment on my nails for four weeks to make them less of a mess! I'm in my last week at the moment and it's like the worst torture!! I keep looking at the lovely bottles of colour and Coconut is one of them! It looks great on your nails! :)

    Lis xx


  3. Nice products. I love those nail polishes.

  4. The lipstick shade looks amazing... I have vengeful red (amazing name), and they're very nice!

    Laura | Laurzrah xx

  5. Those polishes are high on my list of things to get on my next UK trip. I always have a bottle of Dove gradual tanner in my bathroom it's one of my essentials :-)
    p.s. Know exactly what you mean about UAE being such a transient place...

  6. Those nail polishes are gorgeous. I used to use the Dove gradual tanner, but the scent was too funky for my taste :) x


  7. I love that tea cup and your writing! And the polishes ain't half bad. Shame, no duty free Chanel this time :)?

  8. I really want to try that Dove gradual tanner!

  9. love the colour of that nail vanish!!

  10. I already bought Barry M Rose Hip because it looked so good on your nails... now I obviously need Coconut as well! I have the Pure Color Envy in Impassioned and I really love it, interested to see how you get on with this one. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  11. I need those three barry m's, why haven't I picked them up yet!

    Hannah Heartss x

  12. I'm loving white nails this Summer and the 'Coconut' shade is right up my alley. x

    Nerve Wires

  13. I love the Dove Summer Glow but I always get a bit carried away with it in summer and the new Barry M colour range is great too, I'm currently using Rosehip on my toes and it's such a gorgeous colour.


  14. Love the look of the lipstick! You got some lovely things! x


  15. ooh nice!


  16. I love those Estee Launder lipsticks ~ definitely worth the price .. so far, I have two :-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  17. Barry M have incredible ranges, and price! The quality is great, too! Have yet to try the three you bought but my favourite would seem to be the Almond shade!

    BerryBloomXO.com | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

  18. I still have yet to try Barry M... those polishes are gorgeous, Laura. Hope you do end up making it back to the UK one day :)

    xo, alison*elle

  19. I really want to get a barry m nail polish but sadly I can't find any here :( Love the colors and that lipstick looks amazing!


  20. I love the polishes you've picked, such gorgeous colours!

    Ciara x | Ciara Pocket

  21. Loving the coconut colour!
    TAKE ME T DUBAI! miss that place! although it will be sweltering temps! Get ready for steamed up sunglasses and frizzy hair!

  22. Wow those really are the best three shades of nail varnish...I love the Barry M gelly range as it makes my nails look as though they have been done professionally...and who doesn't want some estee lauder lippie:)



  23. I think I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and pay Barry M's massive shipping fees to the States. I have wanted to try Barry M for so long and coconut is about to toss me over the edge!
    Fashion and Happy Things

  24. I adore the little Barry M nail varnishes! I have the almond one it's definitely my favourite colour for the summer so far! :) I'm tempted by the other two colours now though! They make such a cute trio :) Steph x

  25. I think I need that nail polish but I'm a little worried I'm too pale!
    Imogen's Typewriter. <3 

  26. Move to Australia but then we don't have superdrug :)
    my mum told me once, you'll always find yourself where you need to be no matter what :)

    wish we have barryM here.. maybe we do but who knows haha


  27. i felt that way in london, too, but i also thought i'd be back in no time (perhaps as a permanent resident at some point... we can all dream!)

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

  28. Love the nail shades, I've never tried Barry M, whats the longevity like on the nail - does it chip?
    Hugs xoxo

  29. the nails look fab and so does that Estee Lauder lippie!

  30. Those nail polishes are stunning! Barry M nail polishes are at the top of my shopping list for when I visit the UK one day.

    Hannah | A Lovely Look

  31. totally know what you mean about the whole GTFO shopping under pressure thing, I travelled Europe with my fiancé and his brother. So many Sephora trips under pressure, always harder when you don't speak their language! I love the polish colours you picked I think i'm in love with the almond, mainly because you can get yourself through any season with it, especially teamed with the coconut.

    Jacqueline xx


  32. I'm glad you tried that range of lippies, I knew you'd love them. I only have one, it's called Desirable, and it's just amaaaaaaazing xxx

  33. Laura I might just faint if you move back to the UK!

  34. Nail colours are gorgeous!

    ♡ Heidi || www.thebritishteen.blogspot.com/ ♡

  35. I love the Barry M Gellys, will have to check out those shades next time!


  36. Love your Superdrug hauls! If only we had that Collection concealer here in the US. :( I always hear raves about it.

  37. I know it was just to decorate this post but those radios are EVERYWHERE! Everytime I see one it makes me want it more!
    Your nails look so lovely! Im not a massive fan of Barry M nail polishes but these shades look amazing :)

    Emma Louise xx


  38. love the colour of the nail varnishes together, so nice! the gelly nail varnishes by BarryM are so much better than their normal range!
    alice x


  39. I want to try those nail polishes!
    I am enjoying so much your blog, thank you Laura :)

    Distrito Belleza

  40. I wish I could work in Dubai for a couple of years - seems like it would be such an interesting experience. But opportunities to do so are very rare for a Canadian :(

  41. I just fell completely in love with the Berry M nail polishes!!
    I love all those colors and i would pair them with a matte finish..
    I would never change my nails!! <3
    Thank you!