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15 Jul 2014

Tom Ford Beauty haul and FOTD

You’d think getting sent the odd PR freebie would satisfy my appetite for makeup. But, no. It hasn’t at all. If anything I would say that it has increased my desire to buy ALL THE THINGS (as Simone would say).

My latest hit was the Tom Ford counter in Harvey Nichols.  I calmly approached and then did a little squeal when I walked away a few minutes later. In my bag was the Cocoa Mirage quad and the Naked gloss.

What is it about new makeup? It never fails to make me happy.

Cocoa Mirage

Right, first up, the quad. I have seen this many times at the counter and always skipped it. There is nothing in that container that cannot be duped. It’s a quad of neutrals and every brand out there has a choice of shades that are going to come close enough to justify not buying it. 

This is what I have always thought and when I read reviews everyone says the same thing. What they also say though is that the quality of the Tom Ford shadows cannot compare to anything else. It’s exquisite – silky, blendable and long-lasting.  This is a quad that you will use down to the pan.  And after using it for two days I am inclined to agree!

There are three matte shades  - a cream, a beige, a dark brown – and one warm dark chocolate shimmer. There is not one dud in this set.  And honestly I can’t say this about all Tom Ford quads. Golden Mink for example has two particularly metallic shimmers that I find very tricky to work with. With Cocoa Mirage though it’s just pigmented and smooth.

I like everything about this and have used every shade, every day. You only need a teeny amount of product on the brush to get coverage and colour.  It’s a bit of an indulgence but like everything Tom Ford the whole experience of using it adds a bit of luxury to a mundane day.

Today for example I mainly focused on spreadsheets but I made it fun by wearing very expensive makeup.

Naked gloss

I wanted to hate this. Okay, the price is ridiculous and the packaging merely functional but the finish is high-shine and long-lasting. 

Of course I chose a nude - a toasted pink-beige. The texture reminds me a little bit of Bobbi Brown's - a teeny bit sticky which helps the colour hang around for a decent amount of time. Colour wise I was happy with how pigmented this actually is. It's opaque and I think the stronger colours in the line would prove that more effectively. You can wear them on their own - without liner or lipstick - and you would still get some payoff. 

Now having said that, I don't think there is anything particularly remarkable about this. I believe these work out to be the equivalent of $45 and I would say that money is better ploughed into a TF lipstick. There you get the full experience - amazing packaging, amazing product and a real feel of luxury. Here, I just get a super nice gloss in a functional container. 

So it's a thumb kind of up review....no regrets but probably no repurchases either!  


So with all that waffle out the way, here's my FOTD from today. What you can't really tell from these photos is the fact that my skin has had a terrible reaction to a foaming cleanser. It's tight, dry , with little bumps all over that are incredibly itchy. For those interested it was a Bliss Foaming Face Wash. Caroline Hirons has already reminded me of my rookie error in using anything "foaming". In truth, it was the husband's and I had run out of my usual combo so decided to "give it a go". #FML

Face: Jouer Matt Moisture Tint and YSL Souffle E'clat powder. Bourjois Happy Light concealer (great stuff!) 
Blush: Laura Mercier Lush Nectarine
Eyes: Maybelline Colour Tattoo and Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage. Marc Jacobs eyeliner on the outer corner and L'oreal Miss Manga for mascara.
Brows: MAC Lingering
Lips: MAC Pure Zen lipstick and a dab of Tom Ford Naked Gloss

Thank you for reading as always!

I know I have been doing quite a few beauty posts lately – I hope that’s okay with you guys :) 


  1. Lovely shadow- it looks like a perfect shimmery brown on the lid.

    And I know what you mean about a good day of makeup to spice up staring at spreadsheets all day lol

    She Likes to Shop

  2. the eye shadow looks super pretty.thank you for reviewing the tom ford make-up,i've already heard so many good things about it.might be worth a try :)

  3. Your makeup is always spot on and beautiful. I've been going back and forth with the Tom Ford quads but the lipsticks are a definite purchase on my list. I'm sorry about the bad reaction...I'm having the same problem with jumping into the retinol world (big mistake), now I'm trying to repair.


  4. LOVE this look!! I succumbed to Cocoa Mirage a while back too, and along with Silvered Topaz it's my favourite TF quad.

    "Today for example I mainly focused on spreadsheets but I made it fun by wearing very expensive makeup."
    Could not stop laughing at this; I have a very serious job and this is my reality most days! LOLOLOL!!

  5. That lip color on you is stunning. I'm already putting it on my to-buy list! As always.. I will "buy now, blog later" :P

    Arielle Louisee

  6. I am slightly useless when it comes to make up and have become used to reading your blog for advice. You try so much and I trust your opinion. I don't buy loads of make up (I prefer clothes, shoes, bags etc.) but like to invest in good quality products. I am loving this review and as I don't have many eyeshadows I may as well go with the best. Thanks for this review (and all the others).
    Adela x


  7. Love your beauty posts, Laura! I'm so jealous of your skin - it always looks so flawless in your photos, even when you say it's misbehaving! I've never owned anything from Tom Ford's beauty line (my only Tom Ford is my beloved Black Orchid fragrance) but your posts really make me want to splurge!



  8. Laura, you are a glutton for expensive makeup!! Like myself:) never get bored!!

    TF - looks so pretty on the dressing table!


  9. beauty posts are my absolute fave :D
    damn you, I had already forgotten about the TF quad I wanted and now I want it again!!!!

  10. Oh those goodies look absolutely gorge! I love Tom Ford, my bank account disagrees lol
    Afeeyah xo

    New post ~ http://smilerrr.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/review-limecrime-velvetine-liquid.html

  11. Thats such a gorgeous lipsticks! & your makeup is pretty!


  12. I had tried a bliss face wash a few years ago and the exact se thing happened. I feel for you! I had just assumed it was an allergic reaction...but it was horrible. From that point on I stuck to balms and cleansing creams/milks.

  13. I miss your blog about make up. I'm so glad you're on a beauty kick right now with your posts. I find your reviews are better than most of the popular YouTube beauty gurus.

  14. nice picks, the gloss looks stunning on you <3


  15. I need the quad! It's so expensive, but I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet...

    Laura | Laurzrah xx

  16. That quad looks gorgeous!! I've had my eye on the Tom Ford cream contour kit (not sure exactly what it's called) for ages! It's so lovely and I've yet to spot and dupes for it! Hope your skin feels better soon! I've made that mistake before too, never again!!


  17. Your skin complexion is so pretty. Do you self tan?
    Nika's Beauty Land

  18. Yeah, keep the beauty posts coming. It's like the good ole days! :)

  19. Love the palette really want to try it out I have the Golden Mink but love the matte shades <3

  20. I so need both that quad and the gloss. I think my bank balance is going to cry lol.


  21. love love that lip gloss shade....but shine is really not my cup of tea!


  22. I'm exactly the same, I could easily spend (dread to think how much) on make-up and it never feels like a waste! There IS something extremely satisfying about buying new make-up (something men will never have the pleasure of understanding :) )

    Check out my blog: www.bellawinnie.com

  23. Gorgeous palette. I don't have anything from Tom Ford yet, but one day I will :) -Jina

  24. Just love your make up! Looks so natural and beautiful!

    Hope you visit me as well
    Best Jasmin

  25. Why do I feel like I need that quad, even though I already have so many similar colours?! Your makeup looks beautiful as always. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  26. beautiful makeup and I love your nails! :)


  27. I have yet to delve into tom ford palettes, what TF eye shadow quad is your fav? (And still available) awesome post, love abit of luxury!


  28. That taupe-y shimmery shade :O lovely!!


  29. Wow these are incredible Laura, I need them!

    Love Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

  30. lovely lovely

  31. The quad. Obtains just the sort of colours I love to wear. I've been tempted by the gloss but held off thinking I could buy a cheaper alternative but you've sold it to me!
    Hugs xoxo

  32. That FOTD is so pretty, thanks so much for sharing... love your make up looks. The Chanel perfection lumber always gives me the perfect base for my make up. :D