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31 Aug 2014

The Blush Tag

Well here we are again. In the makeup tag territory and spending an agonizing amount of time thinking of the right answer to each question. The focus this time is on blush, a product that I have always had an appalling weakness for as the first picture in this post will tell you.
30 Aug 2014

It's all over

The holiday is over. It’s now time to do all the holiday washing, stop my skin from peeling and curse the reality of going back to work.

Still, at least I had a great time. I can’t think of any destination I have ever been that had such a total lack of pretension. Relaxation is the priority and as a result everything follows a leisurely pace. 6 nights here was a great tonic.
24 Aug 2014

I'm in the Maldives!

There are only so many beach photos you can take and there is certainly a limit to how many you can shove in people's noses but I fear that I am going to exceed the acceptable quota over the next few days.
18 Aug 2014

Bookmarked #1

I want all the things and I would quite like them all now. However, this is not always justifiable so I have ploughed my efforts into devising a wishlist instead.

I had a lot of fun doing this - possibly not as much fun as actually buying/trying the selected goodies but who can resist a bit of fantasy shopping every now and then?

Here are the products that I currently have bookmarked!
17 Aug 2014

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting lipstick/Rebellious Rose

There’s nothing like a good lipstick to kick off the week on a positive note. Meet Rebellious Rose from the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting lipstick.
16 Aug 2014

Thumbs down

Isn't it disappointing when you pay through the nose for a 5 star hotel and get a rubbish experience in return? Simone and I only stayed at the St Regis Saadiyat Island for one night but I can't say I would be in a hurry to go back and I would definitely not recommend it to any of you. This is especially odd as I have been to this hotel so many times before and always had a fantastic stay. Now though the seem to be consistently over-occupied and drowning in complacency as a result.

This is obviously a very #firstworldproblems thing but we both have full-time jobs, work hard, and occasionally like to splash out on something luxurious. I had such high hopes and am gutted that the service was so poor.
11 Aug 2014

Oversized OOTD

What caption shall we award this photo?

Am I eating my hand here or am I giving someone a rude hand gesture behind a smug smile?
9 Aug 2014

A #fotd and sunglasses winner!

I haven't got anything new to blog about right now so why not whip out an old favourite?

Hello MAC Antiqued - a warm coppery rust brown and a must-have. This is an intense colour that delivers in a very wearable way. I swipe it all over the lids, under the lash line and am always happy with the uplifting result. Its a real eye "popper". (Horrid expression, many apologies)
6 Aug 2014

The Lip Product Tag

As I watched Zara’s Lip Product Tag video last night I thought to myself: “I am totally blogging that”.

I love lip products. I love buying them, wearing them, looking at them and just generally boring anyone around me by talking about them.

Now to warn you, I have cheated slightly in answering the following questions. In some categories it’s not as simple as choosing just ONE (gasp/horror!)  – I need options.
5 Aug 2014

Feeling blue

Well isn't this an unimaginative outfit? Not only have I stayed within one colour palette but I also haven't even attempted to peel off my new ASOS jeans.
3 Aug 2014

NARCISO - by Narciso Rodriguez

Here were my first impressions about this new release from Narciso Rodriguez...

I love the elegant bottle. There’s something brave about opting for such a simplistic approach and it contrasts starkly with wacky shapes and bright colours that can typically be found adorning your local department store. There everything is competing for your visual attention and strangely NARCISO will probably stand out more than any of the others due to its singular colour palette and simple font usage.
2 Aug 2014

New Ray-Bans and a giveaway!

I am a sunglasses hoarder. I wear a pair every single day and I will admit to buying them on a pretty regular basis.
1 Aug 2014

Holy Fan Brush

This is the post that I warned you about – the one where I talk about a make up brush. It’s embarrassing how long I tried to think of an interesting angle to pep things up and entertain myself during the writing process. On this occasion I failed and decided to just lay it all out for you.