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24 Aug 2014

I'm in the Maldives!

There are only so many beach photos you can take and there is certainly a limit to how many you can shove in people's noses but I fear that I am going to exceed the acceptable quota over the next few days.

I am currently on an island in the Maldives (LUX) and it's one of the most incredible places I have ever been - picture postcard incredible. I am only here for a few days but I intend to make the most of it in my own way by following an itinerary similar to the one below:

9am - Breakfast. Go down to the buffet barefoot - because nobody seems to really wear shoes on this island (thank God I didn't bring heels).
10am - Get in the sea right outside the villa, spot baby sharks, get slightly unnerved by baby sharks and retreat to the lounger. Repeat the sea/lounger movement for a few hours.
1pm - Go for a walk or bike ride, grab an ice cream at the free ice cream station and take 49454954 pictures of the beach.
3pm - Nanna nap.
5pm - Sundowners and sunset watching. Comment on how "big the sky is here" and marvel at your stupidity.
7pm - Get ready for dinner. Due to the casualness of the island get ready means that you put on some concealer and mascara.
10pm - Have a shower in the bedroom's outdoor bathroom and convince self that creepy crawlies are really okay.

Bed. Repeat next day.

I mean.....just beautiful! I wish I could properly capture the sky at night. I have never seen stars like it in my life.

On a superficial note, my only complaint is that my hair has not understood the memo on salt water. It is meant to transform into gentle waves but my hair has interpreted that as frizz with an extra side of frizz. I didn't bring many products at all so along with the no makeup policy I seem to have adopted this week I'll throw in Monica from Friends Barbados hair as well.

With that point in mind, I wore a big arse hat for my walk and sundowner excursion today. This was an old purchase from Reiss but I always knew it would come in handy. The tunic/cover up is one of my favourite ever purchases from Zara - I really feel like I could go anywhere wearing this.

Hat: Reiss (old)
Tunic: Zara (old)
Shoes: Carvela (now sold out)
Sunglasses: Celine

I am trying to think of other posts that I can write while I am here - I don't want this to become some nauseating beach photo diary - so expect "something" else this week in between the holiday stuff.

Hope you are all well!


  1. Wow, beautiful!!!
    I dont mind seeing more beautiful sunsets and beach pictures :)

  2. looks fabulous!! Once you get home let us know about the resort, I am looking to plan a trip next spring. I'm with you on the baby sharks, yikes! lol

  3. So sorry that I didn't go here on honeymoon, it was a huge regret after. Looks like paradise. Enjoy every minute x

  4. this looks and sounds like the perfect holiday!
    alice x


  5. oh my gosh! such an amazing place! always wanted to go there


  6. wow! great pictures:)


  7. WOW, your photos look amazing! Very jealous xx ps. love the hat!

  8. Looks incredible! I hope you're enjoying yourself!


  9. Oh wow it looks beautiful! wish I was there right now, have an amazing time xx


  10. Beautiful post! My fiancé and I are currently trying to plan a place to honeymoon. The Maldives are on our list. Hopefully you post more on it, I'd love to see more pictures. I hope you're having a wonderful time - Which I think that you are.

    All the best.

    | https://www.thearchetypelife.blogspot.ca |

  11. I never get tire of beaches/sunset photographs....keep 'em coming!! ;)

  12. This is my dream holiday destination... please keep the photos coming :)

  13. Magical place!

    Sophia || sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  14. So beautiful! Definitely going on my bucket list.


  15. Brings back memories of my Honeymoon! And today is my Anniversary too ! Your day sounds similar to how I spent mine. Totally with you on the Outdoor bathroom thing :-)

  16. I don't mind photos of beautiful beaches! It looks beautiful, hope you are having a wonderful time xxx

    Blog This With Hannah

  17. It looks beautiful, I would love to travel there one day!

    Laura | Breton & Blush

  18. Perhaps skincare or SPF post? Even things you brought but didn't use!

  19. Wow .. so beautiful! Don't hold back on the beach photo's .. I could look at them all day!

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  20. Goodness - have a great time!


  21. More photos please. Looks fabulous. Enjoy

  22. OMG! This place is heaven! Take me there!



  23. I can't take enough pictures of nature either haha especially when it's that beautiful ♥ looks like a lot of fun. enjoy!
    x Rita

  24. Beautiful settings! enjoy!

  25. oh wow! i really want to go there for our honeymoon.. ok scratch that. I ...really want to go there for our honeymoon but the husband is meh about it then used the "but we'll be away from baby that long and really far away" so obviously i said OK let's think of some place else.

    i had a dream about you but i promise i am not creepy. so i'll wait for the next post and see if my dream is somewhat true :) Enjoy Maldives!

    I'm currently living my (beach) life vicariously through you! hahahaha


  26. I am beyond envious right now! Sun, sand, salt and repeat is the way to go. Loving this!!

  27. Your photos are amazing, I am glad to hear you are having a wonderful time H xx


  28. So, so SO jealous!! I would absolutely love to go to the Maldives. My fiance and I are hoping to add this to the honeymoon itinerary; although we actually have to get married first. Love the pictures of the beach - keep them coming! Hope you have a fabulous time xxx

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive.

  29. Beautiful picture :) I'm so jealous of You daily routine at the moment ;)

  30. Oh this makes me want to go back to the Maldives again, the snorkelling & sunsets are amazing. Btw I love that episode of Friends!!!!
    Hugs xoxo

  31. These photos are beautiful :)


  32. This looks divine! I want a beach holiday right now. So jealous!


  33. It looks STUNNING! I'm going there in 19 days (i'm on countdown!)
    Loving the hat - so stylish. Enjoy your break and now I definitely won't be packing heels!

  34. Beyond beautiful... that's what heaven looks like! Xx

    Olivia - cravemorebeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  35. Ah I'm so jealous! My husband and I honeymooned on one of the tinier islands and your photos bring back such lovely memories. I remember the baby sharks and feeling overdressed in any footwear other than flipflops! I recommend the beach barbeques under the stars and the boat trips to look at the dolphins. Hope you have a wonderful time. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  36. The sunset looks incredible, beautiful photos, enjoy the rest of your time there! x


  37. Wow, it looks gorgeous - I've always wanted to go. Love the photos, especially the one with the drink/sunset in the background. Your hair looks completely unfrizzy! Haha

    Laura | Laurzrah

  38. I'm totally jealous right now, but there's something very soothing (and nosey) about seeing peoples vacation photos...so keep 'em coming! x

  39. Your pictures are incredible! I really want to go on a beach holiday now!


  40. Please post more info on hotel and the experience. In dying to go to Maldives, but since it's in BFE for me (from Texas), I'm terrified of spending the $$$$$$$$ and be disappointed. I'd love to see hotel pics and your thoughts on it! :) Feel free to post more pictures of the beach, whoever complains is a beach. (Couldn't resist!)

  41. We don't mind more beach photos. We want to all live vicariously through you! :)